Be Prepared

As soon as I revisited past experiences gifting with orgonite with plans to do much more tower busting, the boogers immediately tried to stop me. I started having random anxiety attacks prompted by nothing specific, severe episodes of insomnia, strange glitches with my computer as well as my phone, freaky dreams, abrupt and unexpected ruptures in family relationships. driving home from the store someone took a sharp turn cutting across my lane to go onto a side street. I missed hitting them by inches! ( I should have hit them, being in the right I could’ve got my headlights replaced. HA!) It was actually pretty bizarre. It reminded me of an experience Carol Croft had when a young driver blew through an intersection in attempt to t_bone her car. She said that she psychically heard the driver;s “handler” directing him. One nasty psychic booger tried chanting, “death, death…” at me until I psychically screamed and swore back at her to get the f*** away from me. I highly recommend reading Don Croft’s post, General Gifting Recommendations, so you can see what this is like and what gifting is doing way beyond creating nice personal environments