Benevento - last Sunday we went to Benevento

Hello everyone,

last Sunday we went to Benevento, one of the five provinces of my region, Campania. It takes one and a half hours to get there so we decided to go because we were sure that we would find weather control arrays. Besides, we wanted to extend our gifting in the region and create the same conditions that are bringing generous rain where we live.

Those who know about my interest in gifting agree with me when I say that the return of good rain is due to our efforts because they have seen the difference with the past when rain meant few drops, perhaps for months.

On our way to Benevento we had to go across the province of Avellino and were just amazed to see the effects of our gifting at Montevergine which is the mountain overlooking the town: natural and beautiful cumulus clouds were forming all the time over it, just the way I see everyday from home. This is really incredible and the difference from the past is overwhelming: I believe that Montevergine was the main center for climatic control because since we gifted it we’ve been having the most beautiful and natural rain for years. For example, one of the phenomenon that I had completely forgotten is rain with the sun, which used to be just normal in the past.

As soon as we got to Benevento, we spotted the array on a hill top, but decided to see if there was more outside the city so we went to Castelpoto where we busted this electric power station with a small antenna:

After the gifting we returned to Benevento and started to gift the hilltop antennas:

As soon as we had buried the first devices it started to rain:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take the photos of the other antennas there. On arriving to the city we had spotted a weather ball but couldn’t find it anymore so we decided to go outside the town again to see how to get there. In the end, we managed to reach and bust it heavily:

We found out that it belonged to the M.A.R.S. project:

We also gifted the main towers in the city which was a bit tricky. Especially this one:

While my socio and a friend who was with us were burying some TBs, a pyramid and a couple of disks, I went to the other side and placed five TBs which happened to be right in front of the police station.

We took care of these towers too just outside the city:

Since we gifted Benevento we have seen a clear change in the sky and I’m sure the new energy has connected to the one in Avellino because we’ve had a couple of days with unusual deep blue sky. Besides, yesterday was a day of absurd chemtrails with spew planes coming from every direction, but they didn’ manage to do anything because the sky kept on remaining clean, so our trip was a success.

Benevento is a very ancient city. It was the main center of the Samnites (that part of Campania is called Sannio, btw), an old Italic population which was conquered by the Romans. Originally its name was Maleventum (bad wind or bad event) but after the Roman conquest it was named Beneventum (good wind, good event) and is also famous for the legend of the witches dancing around a walnut tree. I found this link which explains what it is all about (there’s also a photo of a Roman obelisk): … benevento/

A big boost for Friederike, Georg and friends,


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