Beware Of New Predatory Triad Cloudships

Stevo and I have been getting attacked almost constantly since the beginning of the year, along with Carol, Don and Hawthorne, and we have been getting in the chat together to help each other. The other night we were chatting and found once again that we were all attacked in the same way on the same day. It seems that TPTW (The Powers That Were) are getting really desperate, and are also having a hard time launching a hard attack on our little group without either a large concerted effort and/or close proximity. They seem to be conserving energy by unimaginatively attacking us all together.

Lately, it’s been ships over the house. A few days before last week’s mid-week chat, Stevo and I noticed two strange clouds over us. They were kind of lenticular-shaped, like the Lemurian cloudships, but not fully formed lenticulars. They also had edges that looked just like the rippled clouds produced by HAARP waves. Also, it was very windy that day, and these clouds didn’t move or change shape for more than an hour. We boosted the clouds for a while and then continued on with our gardening. A few days later we did the chat and I mentioned the clouds to the group. We looked at the situation, realized we were all getting attacked the same way, and took a closer look at the cloudships. The funny thing was that the clouds didn’t really feel “bad” when we saw them in the sky and we first thought they were real Lemurian clouds. In the chat, everyone got the feeling that the cloudships were Chinese Triad-based, which would make them the first Triad spaceships we’ve ever seen.

Okay, yeah, science fiction – welcome to my life! Stevo saw that these ships actually have orgonite in their construction to help mask them from our etheric vision. I don’t know how they can stand to be in the orgonite environment but the Triad folks are being very sneaky. They also have the help of some immortal beings who can sneak up on us and put energy cords in our chakras. So once we were able to see the ships, the cords and the beings we boosted them out of our space. When we get attacked like this, it’s usually much easier to fend off the attacks when we get together in a group. We benefit from each other’s energy.

Two days after this revelatory chat, Stevo and I were out walking the dogs and saw three huge cloudships over us. We sat on a bench in our front pasture and boosted. One by one, we broke up the clouds and the dark ships that were in the center. It was interesting because one second the dark center was there, the next it was gone, like the ship shifted out of this dimension, and the white part of the cloud would just break up and disappear. The last one was the biggest, and as we boosted, the dark part of the cloud suddenly became very angular looking, not at all like a cloud and much more like a ship. It was really weird. I’ve been seeing this kind of stuff for years now and it still amazes me. The funny thing is, the whole time we were boosting these clouds, an authentic Lemurian lenticular was hanging around off to the side. We could really see the difference between the fake Lemurian clouds and the real one.

Anyway, if you see some lenticulars, check the edges for HAARP waves. If you see ripples, boost those clouds until they are gone.


Thanks for sharing this Dooney!
It’s great to hear someting about the most hidden dung heap in the Constelation Of Dung Heaps, the Chinese Triads. It’s always good to see parasites exposing themselves like that as it’s clear sign they are getting desperate. This is specially significant when that particular group is the most secretive of them all. I bet they’re extra-sensitive to exposure too [Image Can Not Be Found]

So they are using orgonite in their vessels… As it’s my understandment most fear/hate-based beings have technology which is very vulnerable to orgonite, it’s getting clearer the Chinese Triads are a parasite of a completely different order from the Western “types”.
They are not “better”, of course, to me they are different in the same way that you guys once found out some dark entities could go to 5th and even 6th dimension. I don’t think there is any doubt these Triads must be the head honchos of the parasitic, cancerous, blood-sucking, inhuman, slave-making “matrix” that’s been around for far too long. And now they are exposing themselves, “leading the line” so to speak.
The words coming to my mind are “end game” [Image Can Not Be Found]


edit: I would like to add that I’m fairly sure they can’t stand orgonite just about as much as all parasitic beings. If they would not be affected by it, they would not have countinued UK/US/Israel’s (and associated subsidiaries) constant harassment of gifters!
Still, placing orgonite on the ships is quite a trick they pulled. I’m glad Dooney brought this to attention, as well as the means to counter them.

I always call Dooney, ‘Coach,’ because that’s what she’s done for hundreds of individuals over the years: teaches them to fight back when under attack by the various psi corps and/or other predatory agencies. If it weren’t for the fact that all predators are vulnerable to us in the etheric realm I think we’d all be dead or in the Gulag long before now.

So, as you might have noticed, the sewer rats have to rely on hiding, disguising themselves and misdirecting our attention. Group work is a powerful tool for working through these deceptions and finding the suitable targets. Her psychic mate, Stevo, who I refer to as ‘St.’ after Doc Batiibwe in Uganda started calling him that in the chats, years ago, actually introduced a new, descriptive term for them during our effort last Sunday: sewer trout, heheh. Carol and I decided not to eat fish for dinner that night.

We usually hesitate to post about this stuff because we don’t want to stretch our readers’ credulity to the breaking point but ever since it became evident to us that the corporate world order are no longer capable of genocide or World War Three we stopped doing the larger group chats. I think that was a couple of years ago. Many who had been participating in the large chatgroup effort over the years began doing it together in smaller groups not long after that. Carlos in Portugal and Francisco in Spain are doing it, for instance. I call them, ‘The Iberian Kikundi,’ [Image Can Not Be Found] and Carlos is quite psychic.

We met a fellow in Tacoma yesterday, Ian, who has always been a strong, natural psychic but he’s personally never met anyone who acknowledged it until yesterday. He promised to outline, for us, just how the National Security Agency and other sewer trout are hacking each of us who are on the front lines throughout the world. Exposure is better than bullets for defeating the ancient parasitic corporate order, in case you haven’t noticed. It was nice to see yet another natural psychic ‘come home’ and we’ll be doing a lot of work with him. He’s a world-class internet maven. I’ve always known that the best hackers and IT guys are psychic. Psi ability and computer work produce a curious synergy, after all. The internet is probably an etheric technology.

Years ago there was some news about how the stealth aircraft are painted with a material that is a combination of catalyzed resin and metal powder and this is a factor in the aircrafts’ abiity to avoid radar detection. Oronite probably is invisible to radar because it absorbs and transmutes nasty energy. Radar is nasty energy.

The Chinese are pragmatic. The Chinese heirarchy, even though they’re ‘materialistic communists,’ are no different and they know that to dominate the world’s money and trade (nobody can control it–the present Babylonian banksters discovered that) is preferable to controlling the thoughts and beliefs of the masses and they probably laugh at the secret-handshake idiots who are now failing to do it in the West. Chinese people have more real freedom than anyone, right now, because they have relative economic freedom. They clearly accept that they simply may not criticize the government in any way. Ai Wei Wei chooses not to go along with that assumption and he’s popular in China. The real state of the government’s waning power is seen in the fact that they’re unable to destroy Ai Wei Wei. This is a first in modern Chinese history, in case you didn’t know.

Being pragmatic, the government (an extention of the ancient Triads, as far as we can tell) might understand that since they can’t stop the tide of Chinese freedom they may as well do their best to stay on the good side of the masses for the duration. Meanwhile, they’re obviously getting rich from the growing prosperity of China. This is only a generation after Mao Tse Tung, who many believe was an agent of London, did his best to destroy China and decimate the popuation to a ‘manageable’ size, which is part of the old Babylonian world order’s modern mandate.

The recognition of China’s obvious dominance in the world isn’t a popular notion in the West. Even a few EW contributors are still sincerely beating the doom/gloom drum, insisting that the economy is about to crash (this claim of our imminent demise is the same as it was four years ago, in spite of evident growing prosperity in the West), and that the nuclear bombs will soon drop on all of us. None of the touted economic experts in the media or in the alleged underground news ever seem to notice that China is obviously now in control of both the financial infrastructure and the old corporate order itself, preventing them from having their deadlest wishes granted any more.

There’s a huge vacuum in history education in the West and that’s around the subject of the Islamic, Byzantine and Mongol civilizations in the past couple of millenia. I’ve always had a keen interest in the history of Islam, even long before the US Government blew up the World Trade Center and blamed Muslims for it. I still don’t know much about Byzantium, other than what Hyperion generously explained to me but I’ll get to that, soon. I’m currently getting through a book about the Mongols and Genghis Khan’s legacy and that’s been helping Carol and I get more background that seems to relate to how the dark masters operate. The Triads, as the coach pointed out, are evidently their enforcing arm and the Li family, which is dominant in the Triads, included many Chinese emperors from ancient times. Dr David Li is the one who conned the stupid Western financial operatives into crashing the West’s economy five years ago, by the way. He’s did it while he was an executive officer of some big Canadian bank and right afterward he showed up as a high banking official in China, haha. I think Joseph Farrell was the only person who drew public attention to the significance of this.

Many years ago it became apparent in our chat efforts that the dark masters are the same individuals whom the theosophy/masonry/rosicrucian–brainwashed chumps call ‘The Great White Brotherhood.’

The dark masters in the Gobi may have something to do with the Mongol civilization that followed after Genghis Khan but that’s just a guess right now. There are ruins of a civilzation buried under that desert, by the way, and nobody seems curious to know who they were. Western academia is now worse than Hitler’s, though.

Speaking of Hitler, the nazis were desperate to find information in Tibet and Alejandro once shared some info with me that may link the Mongols with the uglier aspects of Tibetan Buddhism. That’s been in my wait-and-see file and, in fact, the only Mongol Khan who seemed to have a taste for intrigue and dirty magic was Kublai Khan. The rest seem to be straight-up, overt warriors and some were Christians (Armenian-influenced), Muslims or ‘conventional’ Buddhists. I need to read that other book soon, I think. The Vryal, who some believe originated in the East, are seen publicly as the international SS, who actually didn’t lose the war; they simply joined forces with the London-based sewer rat agencies and the German corporations never missed a beat before, during or after WWII; the German people lost the war and got mercilessly flogged by the US, France, Britain and Russia, after.

The SS and the worst of the WWII German corporations (arms manufacturers and chemical companies) are more prosperous than ever and seem to have been given Argentina after the war. Those corporations, even during the war, had and still have American and British board members–the Rockefellers are prominent, for instance.

I share The Hitler Book (out of print) as a fee PDF download on EW as a good introductory book for those who are interested (everyone should be interested, in my opinion) and there is more up-to-date information in contemporary books by Joseph Farrell and Jim Marrs.

The most fun for me in chat efforts is helping you psi mavens tear through the false visions, disguises, misdirects and other manipulations and getting to know who is actually trying to harm us. After that we usually get a lot of help from the unseen host to take them down, perhaps because these poisonmongers and parasites do as much harm in the etheric realm as they do in the physical one. We assume that the etheric realm is more significant because nothing happens in the physical until the groundwork has been laid in the etheric. This the basic principle of mind control and politics, for instance.

Thanks again for posting that, Coach. I don’t know exactly why we get targeted together but at least it gives us opportunities to work together. I think that group effort, sans unbridled egos, is the most productive. It’s usually productive financially, too–at least for D&S and Carol and I: our businesses usually go into a slump during the assaults but bounce back after we find and disable the assailants, who are all evidently expendable to the top rats. The top rats (‘Immortals’) are more durable but are weakening at the same rate that their layered, parasitic world order is weakening. The East AFricans on EW demonstrate that selfless group dynamic constantly for the rest of us. Asante sana mabibi na mabwana [Image Can Not Be Found] (thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen).

I want EW to have these occasional, reported examples of how grounded psychics can contribute to our general awareness, too. I always assumed that Reich was quite psychic or at least very sensitive to subtle energies. He’s the one who initiated the now-thriving energy-healing ‘industry,’ even though almost nobody who does this work will acknowledge that. There wasn’t an internet in his day and all of the commercial publishing was done by ( I think) five companies, all of them strongly regulated by the corporate order. Before the internet there was also censoring, at least in the US. The public burning of Dr Reich’s published work is an example. The sudden demise of Thomas Paine’s considerable and selfless legacy at the hands of vicious clergymen is another.

I think Reich didn’t understand that most people don’t see what he saw in the atmosphere, at least not in his day. The academics and scientists who were drawn to him were generally the least able to see or sense subtle energy but the workmen he employed had no trouble seeing or sensing it. His main appeal was to the academics and scientists and he assumed that these were the only ones who were capable of bringing new awarenesses to our species. I think EW demonstrates that regular, ordinary folks are the ones who have always been responsible for the real progress of humanity. This might point to the fact that each individual has vast capabilities. Muhammad asked, ‘Dost thou reckon thyself a puny form, whilst within thee the universe is enfolded?’

The less corporate/clerical programming one has, the more likely he/she will exploit these capabilities for the benefit of all. It’s natural for us to want to help others, after all, but this is only possible when we suppress the desire to only help ourselves. Reich, in spite of his admitted flaws, was always driven to improve our collective lot. All of us are flawed but even one or two of our flaws can be assets in this spiritual/etheric war. It’s sort of like street fighting: the ancient orders’ rules are arbitrary and change all the time so only chumps fight by their rules, as in courtrooms and on battlefields.

I often ask our readers to always put what they read in the wait and see file when it doesn’t fit their personal belief paradigms. I trust that they’re confident that what we present in our postings is sincere, without any hidden agenda, is free of filthy corporate/clergy dogma and requires no acceptance. This is how discernment should operate for anyone: if it smells right, it probably is right but if it stinks, no matter how pretty it is, then keep it out of your head and heart.


The other interesting thing that we have found in dealing with the higher-ups who are actually commanding these cloudships is that they are using transparent energy to fool us. For example, in a chat yesterday, I felt that Don had a cord in his 3rd chakra. I could feel it, but I couldn’t see the dark energy that usually accompanies an energy cord. Stevo looked at it and he saw that there was a cord there, but it was transparent. So that’s why I could feel it but not see it. I took care of the cord just like I would any other cord, and we began to realize that this is another tricksy thing they are doing to keep our attention away from their nasty deeds. You really do have to keep an open mind and open heart when dealing with these wankers because although they lack imagination, they are very persistent. We have found some other transparent energy constructs that they are using to slow down our businesses and attack us financially, so we are learning how to recognize this energy and deal with it (an etheric hammer works great!).

I think we are able to deal with these energy shifts they throw at us because we use our imaginations as much as possible when boosting so that we can create our reality in the moment. If we couldn’t shift our awareness, use all of our senses and stay positive I don’t think we’d be as successful as we are at fending off attacks. One tool that we use often is humor. The more we make fun of the wankers, the lighter the energy, and they hate it when we laugh at them and call them silly names. It helps us to overcome fear which is their biggest tool. Keep your heart light and don’t give in to fear in any form. It’s much easier to send out Love energy when you are laughing. [Image Can Not Be Found]

~ Dooney

P.S. For an interesting story about orgonite and pyramids, [visit my blog

“One tool that we use often is humor. The more we make fun of the wankers, the lighter the energy, and they hate it when we laugh at them and call them silly names. It helps us to overcome fear which is their biggest tool. Keep your heart light and don’t give in to fear in any form. It’s much easier to send out Love energy when you are laughing.”

Within that larger context, I suggest it is no accident that the ogonite HHG, the Holy Hand Grenade, takes its name from one of the most beloved comedy films of western civilization, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Keep your heart light, right?

Beautiful Jeff! From my experience I agree COMPLETELY with the use of humour and complete and genuine belly-laughs as a way to enhance the effects of putting it all into proper perspective. I would even hazard a guess that genuine humour and JOY somehow magnifies the effect of orgonite but I have no scientific proof to back that up…

Last weekend we had a human-like creature on our island in Hong Kong that was an amazing example of a soul-less parasite. Both my woman and I looked at him in the crowd and we laughed and laughed. she called him a vampire (because English is not her first language) and as the hair on the back of my neck stood up and so did hers looking at him…I simply said “that guy is NOT human!!” and we both laughed and laughed and laughed. It was like we were laughing at the “killer rabbit” from the movie Quest for the Holy Grail (where HHG comes from). The guy was basicly a “killer rabbit” deep down and is only powerful because other people GIVE him this power. I think most of what we are all dealing with in the triad dept etc etc are “killer rabbits”. My feeling is that when you laugh at all the killer rabbits…just what are they going to do? NIBBLE YOU ON THE BUM?!?!? I tend to “moon” them…but that’s just my style…