Big change in Msoma

For the moment there is a greater change in the vicinity of Musoma town and the sub bub areas , in fact Dancan and his team in the recent past had done a though work in gifting this town which is situated by the shore of great Lake Victoria. In fact I got several people in this area whom really had known the impact of the orgonite. Up my discussion with them, they told me that, they had learn, more on the orgonite from Dancan and Eliud.
I even learn from them that the fishing industry boomed up in that town immediately after the introduction of the orgonite by our people, even the population of the fish had even tripled the number after the introduction of our known product the orgonite.

Right now am in Musoma to check the stability of our jailed guys.

Mrs O

For the last few months our further concentration in Msoma mission has greatly increased in improving their livelihood in both fishing and in agriculture. To start with, the fisher men have greatly experience a greater change. In fact it’s true that during these season the production of fish had been very low such that some of the fishermen had been moving to other place like Mwanza, Ukirewe, Migingo and Ugingo, but this time greater production have made none of them to move away, they decided to put up in our shore of Msoma because of the good catches that could effectively maintain them.

The zappers which we had distributed in these places have greatly help many people to control diseases like malaria, snake and scorpion bites, in fact our people have got good support for he works that we have done in these areas.

In the agricultural sector much improvement have been marked for most people besides fishing and doing other business , they have embarked on farming, previously they were growing cashew-nuts, cassava, but right now they are growing also maize and the finger millet at a lower income expenditure because of the mbolea they are using. Some government officials wanted to intervene and cause some trouble by demanding to know the source of the orgonite, but we managed to maintain them. In fact after seeing how far we have gone with the work and the positive outcome they gave us a chance to go ahead but with some restriction. So far we are seeing a greater improvement and I believe that very soon we shall dominate and our kikundi will have a big step.

The work which we did in Lake Victoria around the ports of Kisumu, have yield much fruits. Since for the last few days the report which we have got is quite encouraging. Fishermen are very happy for the good catches that they have got, the water had been purified and is very clean for both domestic use and for the multiplication of fish.
We got one fisherman Uganda and told us that he had heard about the orgonite in their country and he told us how far people in their country now like to fish in the areas where the orgonite have been gifted.This also gave us pride that even the works which we had done in Uganda have done a great work
Also for the last two week rainfall around the place had been a history but our four days works in Lake Victoria have done a great thing for now and even this evening it rained in a good torrent.
We also got some areas in the Lake Victoria who have not received the orgonite like the Usenge beach and w used the boat to reach those places. In fact all that we did will result in a good development.

Yesterday vi did gifting in lake Victoria I was making the wates to be clear because its for a quite a long time before I do gifting there in kisumu dirty waten makes fish to more far a way from in the lake hence fishing does not take place Fishermen are happy because they will not More farin far in the lake to do gifting fishermen cautioned those who wash motor engines such as vehieles to stop washing arou in the lake because they make the water very dirty Gifting we did around the new tower we put the orgonite around them (the three big towers) and this will help kisumu town that post of two days a go is how we did gifting in the past and there were some people in kiumu who wanted to see that report
Mrs O