Big Increase In Rainfall In Italy This Year!

Don Croft
13 Jun 2008 12:07
Subject: Big Increase in Rainfall in Italy This Year!
We know that there are many dedicated and very busy gifters in Italy and this is apparently one of the things they accomplished:

Good work, folks!!


13 Jun 2008 13:21
Subject: Re: Big Increase in Rainfall in Italy This Year!
¡Ottimo lavoro amici!
The gifters in Spain have also managed to defeat the persistent drought there. They are catching up to the rest of Europe at a very quick rate! They also report no heat waves this year, which is a BIG change from the 40º C that Iberia had been suffering over the past years. Instead of 40 its 15 – 20 º C. Also I’ve noticed in the Spanish forum that some Italian gifters have joined and are providing advice and inspiration to the newborn spanish gifting “movement”, grazie,

Don Croft
13 Jun 2008 14:31
Subject: Re: Big Increase in Rainfall in Italy This Year!
That’s awfully encouraging, Ale, because the Italian gifter who gave me that URL said that clever fakers have seduced all of the young gifters away from orgonite, not unlike what nearly happened in the US in 2002 and early 2003. I’ll let him know that some Italians are taking advantage of the Spanish forum now

The nice thing about territorial gifting is that we can track specific results relative to surrounding areas. We aim to heal the remaining HAARPified region of the American Northwest (Western part of NOrth Dakota) shortly, for instance, to build on Steve and Dooney’s resounding success in nearby Montana, which is upwind of the persistent drought area. One of STeve’s patients, who travelled 600 miles from the Montana/N.Dakota line for a ‘quantum healing’ treatment, is a farmer who said it’s lately been raining a lot where he lives. He took back some towerbusters to gift some local death towers.

The fed drought maps are updated monthly and are more or less accurate, apparently. The remaining drought region of the Desert Southwest has been one of the two places that the psychics said that the world order created that big desert from in the 1500s: the Central Nevada Basin, just north of ARea 51. The other one is in Mexico, south of Tucson.

Climate gets gentler after gifting, which is in addition to temperature statistics. When we got to Florida, for instance, the temps were not extreme but it just felt uncomfortable but a year later the temps hadn’t changed a lot but it just felt a lot better. Since it’s a coastal area I doubt this was on account of changes in humidity. We’ve noticed this effect everywhere we’ve lived and gifted over the past seven years, since the death towers were thrown up worldwide/

A reminder for our readers who live in areas where tornados touched down in the recent nationwhide HAARP offensive: no tornado has ever touched down within twenty or thirty miles of an orgonite cloudbuster, as far as we know. Also, ordinary neighborhood death towers are apparently used in these HAARP offensives. We discovered that in Florida.


Don Croft
13 Jun 2008 16:22
Subject: Re: Big Increase in Rainfall in Italy This Year!
Got the following just now from Je Serrle who hosts the Spanish gifting forum:

Don, Yes, Vittorio and Davide from Italia are helping me a little in the spanish gifting and cloudbusting forum (spanish is dificult for they)
and Alejandro form Chile too. And i am very gratefull ! All the best ! Je. -

Manfred Hotwagner
18 Jun 2008 13:56
Subject: Re: Big Increase In Rainfall In Italy This Year!
Congrats to the Italian gifters!

Just a few lines for information:
Italy also receives a lot of orgonite from Germany.
Gerhard and Richard who are also members of Georg´s German forum made various travels there since 2005, mainly targetted at big arrays and military bases. The last one happened this spring.
The weather manipulation in Italy has also heavy effects on the countries more the north.
Italy seems to be in a key-position.
This year we had also much more rain in Austria and Germany

Here is one of their impressive photo-reports of their expeditions to Italy.

The following map is an overview of their activities:
Small red dots are gifted military bases
Big red dots are gifted big arrays of death towers.
Blue dots are sea gifting

Well, and the black dots could significate a lot of fun for Italian gifters, if they haven´t had the fun already. These are big arrays that haven´t been done yet by the two Germans.


27 Jun 2008 12:07
Subject: Re: Big Increase In Rainfall In Italy This Year!
thanks a lot to John Connor and Loveheart for massive gifting here.
many, many rain blessed all italy and part of europe till last month, and many CB’s are builded and others on progress.
works are going very well, now, and confirmations for orgonite’s newbies are easy to see.
thanks to all gifters!!!