Big Sylph Over China!

Gare Clement flew over much of China to Hong Kong from Thailand, yesterday, and sent me this note to post on account of the usual overt hacking:

Here’s what happened, please post for Me as I wasn’t allowed to access EW in CHINA and not sure when I will be able to do in CANADA.

We were about 2.5 hrs north east of Thailand, guessing over southern CHINA. Or [his son, Orgone] always grabs the window seat, Mommy in the middle so I’m usually in the aisle. Mom and Or just went to washroom so I instinctively was prompted to slide across the seats and open the shade. Time was about 5:30 pm so it wasn’t to bright out, airlines always want all window shades closed when it’s bright out.

Soon as I open shade wow there is a big Sylph right out My window and slightly below Our jet! First Sylph I’ve ever seen from above looking down on it, was magnificent! No time to grab a camera in the overhead compartment and We were flying over 500 mph so it was just typical that I listened to My prompting to open the shade exactly when I did. SomeOne must have spread Orgonite in that area as the sky opened up for several miles and many blue patches could be seen.

Take this as very good news and to see My first Sylph from above looking down on it while over CHINA was very good news!

Also want to report that the zapper I was wearing when passing through security got Me in CHINAs BLACK BOOK. The security personal was particularly concerned about the Orgonite block in the T, then THEY found a second zapper in My carry on pouch that I like to keep handy for Mommy and Or. THEY made Me remove both batteries and told do not wear them in CHINA! Lol, there is a BLACK BOOK kept at each security checkpoint and wrote My name and passport # in it along with some comment about the zappers. This info will be transcribed and will come up every time My passport is scanned into a CHINA CUSTOMS computer.

Clear skies showing up in CHINAS largest cities now! There is no question wired of Orgonite is spreading!