Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008

08 Jun 2008 00:09
Subject: Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008
I met some of the illuminati today along with myself and the other 100 plus person protest outside the super secret 2008 Bilderberger meeting being held this weekend in
Chantilly VA, a few miles from Dulles Airport and maybe 30 miles from D.C.

Madeline Albright and I exchanged eye contact as she was heading into this afternoons round up of the criminal elite.
Do you think she knew I had my reptile repellant on me ? Wink
The 10 minutes of bull horning her name actually caused her to leave the meeting after being there just 15 minutes !
It was a who’s who of the worlds most 200 powerful people.
I took some photos and video and will add them soon enough, but thought you all should know that
I had plenty of Orgonite with me all day and we all made history.

In 50 years of secret Bilderberg meetings there has never been a group of 100 plus bull horning them and calling them every name imaginable.

It was amazing actually that the Fairfax county p.d. let the us all make so much noise and for over 8 hours, we have to give them some credit for not stepping on our first amendment rights.

The lines were drawn though and no one was allowed onto Marriott property lest they wanted to get arrested, so we stood back along a sidewalk going up and down one edge of the grounds.

One good thing was their were no agent provocateurs to muck the protest up and everyone was really nice and not at all beated down by the Bilderberger globalist agenda.

I even met Alex Jones who was on hand to bullhorn the elite for 30 minutes at the tail end of the day. That was cool seeing him. He did let everyone know he wasn’t a central figure in the truth movement and that as individuals it’s on us to share the knowledge to help people as they begin to wake up, so that was encouraging.

Most of the folks I met were chemtrail aware, some were even death tower aware and even some are aware of reptoids being the behind the scene players in the Bilderbergers
new world order agenda.
There was a lot of video taping of today, so I’ll post the links to some of them once the film makers get their tape uploaded.

I’m glad I was there Orgonite in hand and even though there were just 100 people or so along with me. We made a HUGE impact with our voices and our determination to not give up to their plans and most certainly disrupted their day long events.

I hope you all get a sense of how inspiring it was to be around so many like minded people who challenged evil in it’s face today like I am.



hat tip for making this video Cool

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08 Jun 2008 16:48
Subject: Re: Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008
Sunday June 8,2008 Chantilly VA , the last day of the Bilderberger cabal meeting.
The freedom lovers were back out in numbers to give the departing scum a just send off.
I almost ran into the old drac himself Vernon Jordan as he left driving his own car, literally, Vernon and I exchanged stares as he did a fake swerve as if he was going to hit me while I was taking his picture or was he trying to hit me ?
Did he swerve at me, because he remembered me from Martha’s Vineyard when I asked him about his law client Ben Mafouz, the Bin Laden’s money man or was he just reacting like a deer in headlights to the reptoid repellant I was carrying in my pocket ?

Either way, Vernon was visibly upset with me and the 100 plus turnout of truthers that were there to confront the globalists as they plotted their upcoming attack on Iran and the demise of the us economy.



Veron Jordan’s Car that swerved to hit me. Obviously I would have had his mug in the photo if I wasn’t concerned about getting hit by his bumper.
Vernon Jordan, Lazard Feres Banking House Partner. I put a call into Judi Frost Mackey at Lazard to find out if Vernon Jordan was representing Lazard and their interests while attending the Bilderberger meeting. It will be interesting to see if Lazard denies Vernon’s attendance and what their reaction will be when I tell them Vernon attempted to assault me with his vehicle as I was trying to cross the street which was clearly marked out as a crosswalk. Lazard’s Press office telephone number is 212-632-1428.


Youtube removes Ben Bilderberger Bernanke video above, see this before it to is removed.
Save youtube videos with mozilla browser download helper addon, download VlC video player to watch all your media !
New upload here,



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09 Jun 2008 23:36
Subject: Re: Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008 103 Degrees !


What an effort by the driver to stay up most of friday night making this huge billboard on top of his commercial trailer.
He told me he made it by using a digital projector to highlight the lettering and then painting it up all in the hotel parking lot and into the we hours of the morning. Talk about getting pumped up, this billboard says so much how far regular folks will go to stand up to tyranny.You think the Bilderbergers liked seeing that one driving around all day Saturday and Sunday morning as they were leaving ? I know they saw the thing, how could you miss it ?

Can you guess who this is ? The spooks sure can, Laughing

Speaking of Spooks, these 2 in the ford explorer were driving up and down for most of Saturday and Sunday taking video of all the action. This is the driver that threw a water bottle at me right after I took the pic below.
I really tried hard getting a good photo of them and it looks like on Sunday they wore the Groucho Marx disguise to keep from getting id’ed. I couldn’t make this up folks. Laugh all you want the joke is on them as you will see their license plate in the next pic. It’s not their ugly mugs, but it will do. I must have spent an hour playing with them, so they will certainly see this post. What a pair of losers, really. Razz


Someone run their plate and get a name on that clown, please Mr. Green It’s a Virginia registration.
A real live Bilderberger ! A supersecret treasonous war criminal and part of the global elite. He’s driving his own
vehicle, so he lives around VA or D.C. If you know who he is let me know and we’ll put a name to this scumbag.


Alex Jones taking a break from the bullhorn on Sunday for a live webradio interview for Epoch Times.

I’m in there somewhere Very Happy

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10 Jun 2008 14:43
Subject: Re: Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008
Tuesday June 10, 2008 2:45 p.m.
I just got off the telephone with Vernon Jordan while sleuthing around today having some fun. Mr. Yellow

Here’s the low down Vernon came at me with his car on Sunday while he was leaving the Bilderberger meetings. I was down at the intersection snapping photos of bilderbergers, when I leaned out from the curb to get his and he did a quick swerve as if to get me to back off. Well, today I thought I would call his office and see if they would admit that he was there.

First I called NY where he is a senior partner at Lazard and Feres the private banking group and left a message with the secretary for their public relations and asked them if Vernon was attending on Lazard’s behalf. That woman didn’t know who the Bilderbergers were but would forward my question on to the head of pr. she was in a meeting when I called.

About an hour later I called Vernon’s law firm in D.C. and got his secretary there . This woman wouldn’t tell me if he was or wasn’t there unless I told her why I was asking. so politely I said he used his car to swerve at me as if to hit me and I explained that I wasn’t very happy about it.

She said Vernon wouldn’t have done anything like that and no I’m not going to tell you if he was there or not.

15 minutes later Vernon Jordan calls me and asks me what’s up why you calling my secretary and getting her all shook up.

I asked Vernon if he was at the Bilderberg meeting and he said it was none of my business and wouldn’t say if he was there or not.

I said I was 99% certain it was him who swerved at me with his car to get me to move back from the crosswalk.probably to keep me from taking his photo. He said he didn’t know anything about that and continued to tell me it was none of my business if he was there or not.

He said I didn’t need to go around him and contact his assistants and that if I had something to say I should have just talked to him.

For someone of his reputation and standing you would think he would admit to being somewhere when important issues are being discussed by

the worlds most influential people. He was polite through the brief conversation and then hung up.

I think I got under his skin by calling both his offices and getting his attendance there passed around the water coolers.

Vernon like all of them sure don’t want people to know they meet as bilderbergers that’s for sure.

Which makes it all the more likely they are up to no good. plotting and planning against the public .


This is getting more bizarre by the minute.

Vernon denies attending the Bilderbergers on the phone with me and here on this youtube video Bill Clinton BLABS about how he was invited to attend it with him as his guest, Rolling Eyes


Don Croft
11 Jun 2008 09:07
Subject: Re: Bilderbergers Meet In Chantilly VA 2008
Good work, Eric, and I’m glad you had so much fun.

It might be that the presence of Alex Jones and crew is an indicator that this level of parasites (middle management) are being cut loose by the world odor by now–no longer afforded protection and anonymity, as before. It seems likely to me that they’re even being mildly scapegoated via Jones. After all, if we’re correct that China now owns the world order it would serve them if people’s attention is rather directed at the London-based middle-management cadre than at Beijing. The Europoid PJ folks, who make up the primary political/economic chattel of the corporate world odor, are still numb enough not to care who butters their bread as long as they’re Europoid and male or at least faux-Europoid in Vernon Jordan’s case and faux-male in Albright’s case.

Bullhorns won’t ever wake these sleeping caucasian beauties but a hint that the Chinese government now contractually owns them would probably cause them to throw back their covers in alarm. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Alex Jones ever allows any mention of this clear, new social/political/economic dynamic on his radio show. He sure won’t allow anyone to mention orgonite without bludgeoning the caller’s character after cutting him or her off.

Another evidence of the recent demotion of the world order’s middle managers by the Chinese might be the location of this years meeting where they got their annual marching orders–easily accessible by the public and the noisy protests uncharacteristically ‘allowed’ by the cops. I bet these coporate freaks are also sore about not getting limos, this year. It would be interesting to know which ones didn’t have to drive their own cars through Alex Jones’ gauntlet, by the way.

In previous years the meetings were held in more remote locations and were protected by an army of security guards–though not protected from intrepid and resourceful gifters for the past six years Wink

Eric, I don’t know if it’s just my computer, but I have to scroll back and forth to read the copy in this thread and it might be because one or some of your photos are too big. If that’s so, can you scale them down?