Bioweapons Dump Gifte

Gifting a Bioweapons Dump to stop Red Tide

Jeff, Carol and I traveled to the Florida Gulf Coast a couple of days ago to drop orgonite on a location in the Gulf of Mexico which Carol identified as the alleged dumping ground of a massive amount of bioweaponry, perhaps mycoplasma or a derivitave. We round out about it from the yacht broker who was trying to help us find a suitable catamaran last fall.

Over dinner, he told us about the persistent red tide that’s plagued the Florida coast line for ninety miles or so from Tarpon Springs down to Venice. As usual, when the fellow was talking about the situation surrounding the beginning of the problem, which was that a contractor who makes biological weaponry for the Bush family got sore at the government and ‘spitefully dumped a large number of leaky barrels into the Gulf,’ Carol got the psychic impression that the dumping was an attempt by the US Government to see how much destruction can be wrought in the ocean this way, and for how long.

The corporation is connected to a university in Sarasota, where environmentalists are getting funding to 'try to figure out how the persistent red tide was caused.'

I’m posting this in some haste because as Jeff and I were finishing up the gifting, Carol was surrounded by cops in combat gear while she waited to pick us up at the boat dock. The only other time we’ve been openly accosted by cops was when a platoon or so of federal cops in black uniforms sort of swarmed D Bradley, Ryan McGinty, Carol and I at the end of our day of gifting at Devil’s Punchbowl, coincidental to the arrival of a large number of well-to-do ‘celebrants’ for that evening’s (about to fail, heheh) satanic, human sacrifice ritual there, in the ‘closed’ park facility.

On her way to pick us up at the public boat ramp Carol lost a couple of hours. She feels that this was a protection measure; a gift from The Operators. This has happened to us a few times on crucial, risky gifting sorties. We're all well protected, folks. She arrived at the boatramp, at the end of our fifty mile run from the dumping ground, just a few minutes before we did and as we approached the facility she was already backing the boat trailer down the ramp.

We had to replace a worn tire on the trailer, soon after that on our way south, and Carol was knocked down by another energy weapon assault as I was walking beside her. She identified six feds in a van across the road in a parking lot. The van sped away after that but Jeff, Carol and I ‘did’ them all a few minutes later. She said these were all just jerk feds, not Chinese nationals or offworlders.

The blast, as usual, was aimed at her back in the heart region and she fell forward before I could catch her. Fortunately, the Vitalizer we got from Doc von Peters patched her up pretty well in a short time and she told me that the feds are particularly anxious that we not report about their bioweapon dumping ground, fifteen miles due west of the entrance of Aclote River and in 44 feet of water. We’re now spending the night at a campground on Sanibel Island, farther south, in preparation for Jeff and I driving the boat across the state to gift the Calusahatchee River, Lake Okeechobee and the St Lucie Canal. We made quite a load of TBs for this entire venture, as you might guess. The only HHg we used was one of Carol’s pyramids, which we added vanes to--ensures it lands upright on the bottom--and dropped exactly in the middle of the dumping ground, out in the Gulf.

Carol dowsed the location on the chart-graphics GPS as I moved the crosshairs around for her in that area, which she’d dowsed from a larger map several days ago. She told Jeff to look for a dark pinkish tinge in the brwn DOR field on the horizon, west of where we launched the boat. That river mouth is where the Greeks in Tarpon Springs traditionally go out from to get their sponges, by the way. My first encounter with the sea was near there in 1952, when I was a three. I saw a hard-had diver in a rubber suit walk right out of the sea, through the short surf and onto the beach and I screamed. My mom was unable to drag me to the water after that.

I laid in our tent tonight, scratching, for four hours before deciding that maybe I’m being prompted to get this posted before Carol drives back, alone, across Florida with the boat trailer in the morning after she drops Jeff and I off in the boat at the Sanibel Island Bridge. The sewer rats seem to love to gang up on her and, once this is posted maybe they’ll lose some heart and go bother someone else for awhile. Carol, right beside me in the little tent, went right to sleep and hasn’t been scratching a bit. It’s a pretty standard tent with a screen fine enough to stop all biting creatures from coming in. This also happened to me three nights ago, at home, where there are no bugs in the house, and I got up and transcribed half of Peter Reich’s article, then went to bed and the itching had stopped. I guess I’ll figure it out later. I posted that earlier and will post the rest after I get home and transcribe it.

Have you considered that there are now thousands of ‘cosmic engineers’ like you and me in the world? When Reich was around there were only a small handful and they all worked with him directly. I bet he’d be proud of the way we’ve all been getting familiar with the same subtle energy dynamics that he had discovered, even though most of us have never read Dr Reich’s writings or even read about him, much. It may be that he’ll finally be exonerated and vindicated through the consistent, substantive and selfless work of this vast, unorganized gifting network. Just like us, Dr Reich waged war, defensively, against the predatory, fascist/corporate US Government and predatory off-worlders. I doubt he even realized that those two species are on the same team.

What will save this quiet network from obscurity is the good habit that some on this board have developed of posting not only their gifting reports but also the confirmations and insights they’ve gained from those experiences. Taken altogether, this is hard, empirical evidence of orgonite’s raw power to heal the world and also of our ability to neutralize predators, for which we’ve got a shining track record, so far. Maybe if Dr Reich had stumbled onto this ability before we did he'd still be around. Maybe Peter Reich will show up to teach us what he knows.

I lived in Sarasota, which is one of the areas plagued by red tide now, twenty-some years ago and the water in the Gulf, then was sort of milky green from all the plankton in it and loaded with fish and other sea life. Now, the Gulf along this coast looks prettier because it’s clear; but it’s clear because the plankton have been killed off by the acidic excretions of the living pathogens at that dump site, who feed on the plankton, multiply like crazy and drive the fish away. In ninety miles of sea gifting we only saw a dozen or so small fish in our fishfinder and there were absolutely no fishing boats in sight. On the first day we saw a shrimp boat but shrimp are bottom feeders and thrive on DOR. I suppose that if there were shrimp out there we'd have seen more than one boat.

The first day we put in near the entrance to Tampa Bay and gifted for 43 miles south along the coast. The sea was pretty rough, so we returned on the Intercoastal Waterway, behind several long keys. There were a few fish ‘behind’ the islands and also birds and people in boats, catching fish. We could taste the acidic gases that are produced by the bioweaponry that caused the red tide and the entire sea and sky in that area just felt dead and depressing.

The next morning, after feds siphoned 40 gallons of gas from the boat while we slept in a ‘secure’ motel in an upscale community near Tarpon Springs, we gifted for fifteen miles west to the dump site, then 43 miles south to the Tampa Bay ship channel, then around Egbert Island, which the Coast Guard uses and Carol said has something intensely nasty on or under, then on to meet Carol, 8 miles or so south at the boatramp with the witless SWAT cops. We disappeared the car and boat on the way out of there and saw a few frantic feds looking for and through us until we eventually got the tire place in Bradenton and they found us again, which is when they assaulted Carol. Psychics are particularly vulnerable to these electronic weapons but you and I won’t likely even feel the blasts if we’ve got some orgonite in the vincinity of our thymus.

That’s the third time in as many years that Carol’s been knocked flat while walking with me and I never felt a thing. Well, the second time, which was last April, she wasn’t actually knocked down--maybe because they nailed her from the side rather than from the back. She caught herself on me that time and we stood there and blasted the rats until three of the four vehicles they were using left the area. The fourth one, a large, new pickup with a blacked out windshield (only feds have those) was occupied by an adroid, she told me, and he/it was immune from blasting. We nailed his handler, though, when we got home.

That was two days before they killed our dog (and made another attempt on Carol’s life) and it was also around the same time that they tried to kill Ted Gunderson and Sherman Skolnick. Lots of genuine patriots are dying too soon, these days. Skolnick was apparently hospitalized, then, as was Ted, and Sherman Skolnick eventually died a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately. When Ted was hit, Ken Adachi called Carol to ask for our associates’ help. We went to work on Ted and his assailants in the following Sunday chatblast and he’s doing okay, now. I wish we’d known about Skolnick in time to help him because his untimely death is an enormous loss for everyone who practices free speech and investigates reality effectively. Ted was living in a condo complex where there are lots of retired feds but he’s prudently moved to a safer place, since several of his neighbors were implicated in the attempt on his life.

Back to the bioweaponry dump site: I marked the spot on the GPS and we went pretty much straight to it. When we got very, very close, Jeff was able to see the dark, swirly energy that characterizes a polluted/pirated vortex. It was a few yards off the mark that Carol made, but certainly close enough and I think it’s great that Jeff saw it so clearly. When we got in the middle of that area, he saw the DOR as a sort of umbrella, overhead, and we stopped the boat to watch the pyramid spiral down, out of sight. Of course the jerks picked a vortex to dump their deadly poison in, like a viper that knows to bite a vein. We made a fast circle with the boat for a mile or so around that and Jeff tossed out a dozen towerbusters; neat. Then we headed for the Tampa Bay ship channel and Egbert Island, 43 miles south, and dropped a TB every half mile, as usual. I’m still learning to steer by the compass, I’m embarrassed to say. In that cloudless sky there was nothing to aim for and we were out of sight of land for awhile.

The only fish that made an appearance in the past two days were two, small flying fish that sailed away from the boat the instant we reached Ground Zero. Jeff saw them and we both saw the white chemtrail jet that passed exactly overhead when we got there. The spew disappeared immediately, I’m happy to say. Much farther south, we saw a few small fish in the fishfinder (sonar). We also saw almost no seabirds, which is another indicator that there are no fish.

Here’s news you can use: Roy, the Costa Rican marine biologist who was Carol’s guide on her trip there in December, 2004, told her that he looks for large, graceful black seabirds birds to find the dolphins. That’s happened for us a couple of times off the Florida coast. They have an affinity for dolphins. They’ve been my favorite birds since the first time I saw them in the Caribbean in 1971--long, curved and elegant wings and long, forked tail like a swallow and their bodies are quite small. They can spot a fish from hundreds of feet in the air and dive like a hawk, straight down into the water with barely a splash or sound.

If I were a trickster I’d tell you that they get the name from what they seem to call out after they miss their targets: Friggit!

I think they were named by sailors who were simply reminded by them of the most impressive and graceful things they’d seen above the surface of the sea: frigates, the largest and most graceful of the fighting sailing ships in the 1700s.

We like being out at sea where no land can be seen as long as it’s not too rough. Even that area seemed sweeter, no doubt due to the orgonite we laid out along the coast, farther south. Water gifting greatly magnifies orgonite’s potential and range, which is why we’re doing so much of it in this region now. There are lots of cloudbusters around here but the gifting has been spotty and lots of new HAARP towers were erected, close by, after several existing ones were gifted. Jeff will probably drive over here and clean up the loose HAARP ends before the HAARPicrats generate any storms this ‘season.’ It’s ‘too little; too late’ for the HAARPish sewer rats and maybe what will ultimately blow HAARPicanes out of the water will be the water gifts.

We didn’t see any Sylphs the day before but on Day Two one Sylph clearly formed in an otherwise empty sky above the end of our seagifting route, which was the beginning of the previous day’s gifting run. Even I could tell it was struggling to appear and we all felt it was thanking us for our efforts and success. It did get some help from our little cloudbuster, which we always take out in the boat.

We later poked a nice, round hole in the HAARP-generated, black storm over our campground at the end of the day so even though we put up the tent in the dark, at least it wasn’t also in the rain. Jeff’s sleeping in the back of the Jeep right now and if the felonious feds can steal gas out of the boat tonight they’ll deserve a medal for valor. It’s a good thing we have a big gas tank and keep it topped off or Jeff and I might have been ingloriously retrieved by TowboatsUS.

Each day, we were greeted by a pod of bottlenose dolphins toward the end of our runs. They came a lot closer to the boat than have the black-backed, smaller spinner dolphins who often show up at the end of our gifting runs along the other coast. We tossed one dolphin ball out to them, each day--it’s all we had on hand. The dolphins obviously weren’t there to feed because there were no fish.

There, I’ve stopped itching and the article is done, so maybe I can get a little sleep before the Big Day of gifting right across Florida in a boat. That report will follow in this thread but maybe not right away. We’ve got some good guys to help and some bad guys to interfere with the following day in the Etheric Warriors global chatroom.