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Put 40 Tbs around central Birmingham, Town Hall etc.

Saw an ad for Mind Body thing in hall south of centre, which made me take the route past 2 big arrays, one next to Clifton Shia Mosque‎ was the biggest cable wise I have ever seen, 24 cables to 6 panels! Which is twice the usual. And only 24 ft or so above ground, in what must be the main Muslim area.

You can see it in Google street view Clifton Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, B12 8SX‎, just where it exits on Moseley Rd. That street view is quite something.

This tower isn’t listed on

Of course the event wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, thinking of London one, but nice lunch, and those 2 towers, so it was the carrott for them. Worked a treat.

The centre was noticable for the most hideous building I have ever seen, and made much worse by it being placed among good old one. It looks even worse from the other side, and if you can see the older buildings too.

Never heard of any gifters in Birmingham, or sold any there. Is Fluoridated, which might not help. I heard the only reason we aren’t in Hereford is because we have the army SAS here.

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PS here is home made bar compass for making 18’s
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using electricians tape pulled tight


This is pic of tower, just found out how to take a picture in google street view, just press PrtScn (print screen) key, to copy screen. I’ll know what all the keys do when I’m 80. Someone a few streets away just bought some HHgs coincidently.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

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