Black Helicopter Comes To Check The CB

it is not the 1st time that happens but we moved to a new place near the sea and just yesterday a friend brought the CB back cause they were guarding it while i was away.
It s nicer for me now to see much of the horizon and sky than it used to be from the town apartment.
Last night the sky was very nice and the sea is calm. These past 2 weeks wind has been strong and the sea was rough.
This morning the black helicopter came to pay a visit and my girfriend took 3 good pics of it. Funny thing is that the helicopter doesn t show at all in any of them.
anyone has had this experience?
now we do not feel so alone since their visit, it is always nice to have company lol

Never tried taking a picture of a black helicopter but I do know the white apaches photograph.

Would be strange they wouldn’t capture on a picture unless they’ve got some new kind of cloaking shield. Every one I’ve looked at flying by looked normal – no funny energy field around them which there would be if they were something else.

Depending on the resolution the camera was set to (assuming it was a digital one), it could simply be that they were too far away and there weren’t enough pixels in the frame to capture enough of an image of it where maybe the camera post-processed it out as “noise”. Make sure the camera is set to a high enough resolution (I use about 1600x1200 as a minimum but don’t go higher unless necessary as the file size gets huge quickly).


Thank grid for these little confirmations! [Image Can Not Be Found]

I remember, back in the day (in the couple of years after the feds slaughgtered those families in Texas) when black helicopter visits were a little more daunting. I got my first one after coming under surveillance in those days before the internet was thrown across the globe–a big double-rotor, noisy one in the middle of the night just above the roof and it had no running lights. I think they did that because I’d attended a militia meeting in Anacortes, Washington.

That was the most racially and culturally diverse meeting I’d been to until EW got rolling, many years later. If you believe the media whores, only bornagain chumps formed the constitutinal militias in those days, though it’s true enough that the countless thousands of feds who infiltrated these first militias posed as bornagain chumps, bent on mayhem and well funded. The present militias are more cagey and operate as cells, which I think is what the more conscientious framers of the Constitution intended.

A Canadian friend of mine at the time also got a midnight chopper visit while he was talking on the phone with his brother across town. A chopper showed up over his bro’s house at the same time, so conversation was inaudible. After that their lines were bugged. He put a trace on it with an independent contractor who found the ‘glitch’ at the phone junction box on the property of the Mormon church–go figure [Image Can Not Be Found] . He and his bro were coordinating some Canadian militias with the American ones nearby. I used to visit him on my way to see Wilhelm Muller (invented a magnet engine–murdered six years ago).

For orgonite tossers a visit by a black chopper is like a flower in the lapel, rather. I think that our readers who have started gifting but have not yet had a visit by these $#!+birds wonder if they’re on course or not [Image Can Not Be Found]

Whatever ugly psionic weaponry these flying rats might have on board is moot, since any orgonite worn near the heart makes it all ineffective on us. I haven’t had a close visit by choppers since I posted, six years ago, that I keep a loaded crossbow with a roll of surveyor tape attached. This is the humane way to bring down an unlawful chopper.


Forgot to mention that the Feebs stopped using black, unmarked helicopters in most areas, several years ago. They now paint them party colors, sort of like how Himmler’s Roundup Trucks were painted as circus trucks, though the latter had loudspeakers playing circus music, of course.

I think the public awareness of black choppers made that terrorist technique counterproductive for them. The spraying of Agent Orange throughout Southern California by the CIA’s Evergreen Air Corporation’s thousands of helicopters in the 80s was all done by choppers with registration numbers, painted in various commercial schemes, like the present aerial harassment choppers are.

All white, unmarked chopppers and vehicles are UN, I gather. Those are also not seen much, any more.

Back in the day (especially in the year after the feebs blew up their Murrah Bldg in Oklahoma) we saw a lot of Russian, green helicopters in urban areas. You can stil find Russian military convoys in teh US if you pay attention in your travels but I think that, by now, those millions of Red Army troops who came here from Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall are too old to pass as soldiers adn are selling heroin on city streets for the CIA. It’s weird how few people recognize that ‘The Russian Mafia’ didn’t exist in America until 1990, then every gangster film featured ‘The Colorful Russian Mob’ after that. It makes it hard for me to tell about this when most of the rest of the people who talk about this are CIA disinformants on the web–sheesh.


I still see black unmarked “bubble machines” and apaches in my area once in a while. Most now are white and while I was in the garage making a tray of TB’s a couple months back I had one fly down the opposite side of my property to the end of the development, do a hairpin and fly back along my other property line. Headed straight for me. I made sure to turn towards them and wave as they went passed (wink). Bet that really ticked them off (hehe).

Had an apache my neighbors saw also park over the left side of my home for a couple minutes (side there was a whole bunch of orgonite ready for gifting). That one had markings and was painted kind of deep aquamarine color. Seems they didn’t like the golden ball of love I put around them because as soon as I did that they decided they were late for an appointment and needed to be somewhere else like 10 minutes ago (hehe). Neighbors looked at me like “WTF was that all about” – just shrugged my shoulders as if to say, “I don’t have a F**King clue!”.

It really is pretty comical. Every time I increase the grid gifting distance around my home, a few days later I see a chopper with one of those antennas on the landing pod “feeling” for where the edge of the “safe zone” now is. Its royally funny and they don’t seem to try to conceal what they’re doing anymore which kind of tells me its all for show. Either that or sometimes they do it with private single engine planes but even here, its pretty obvious whats going on.

Reiterating something Don mentioned. To be safe, NEVER leave home without wearing an orgonite pendant. I also keep a short HHG (4oz one) in my car. It can only help but I’d consider the pendant mandatory “attire”.

At the rate things are going South for them, it won’t be too much longer we’ll feel the need to protect ourselves. The rate of decay of the NWO is accelerating.

It is a comfirmation that what i am doing is working since i am getting more attention.
Yesterday afternoon we went to Mount toro again and saw they put more antennas on the main masts since i was there. This time i went with Yolanda who can see energy.

On the way we took care of another antenna in the middle of nowhere next to a rural house. I suspect they are either stupid or are collaborating to have that nasty thing in their property. Left 2 Tbs that did the work.
We found 2 quarries? (where they take stone and gravel) which were loaded with DOR. We put some Tb s but they are now on the list for earth piepes Tb s and HHGs.

when we got to Mount Toro feeling wasnt as bad as the 1st time i was there but Yolanda comfirmed that the job wasnt completaly finished as white and dark energy were fighting. It seems that DOR wasnt spreading far away but still was present. We gave it another round of Tb s and 2 HHG s just to make sure and it did the work. Now the whole mountain array is clean.

We got followed by a car, they got late there anyway but were pretending to be tourist watching the scence with some binoculars, very powerful ones. The only thing that seemed very ackward was that it was getting pretty dark to be looking out lol
we sat near by the car and boosted them. The woman felt very scared all the sudden , changed the car of position and we just decided to leave. These 2 were working on sunday afternoon and do not think they know much as to why they had to follow us. That was our impression anyway.

Everytime we go out we get a message at night while asleep. We got zapped badly so wasnt good night sleep. I keep and HHg near me. I know i have to take care of a base nearby to minimise or stop the harassment. We certainly do understand protection is a must,

anyone can advice on a good combination to make a good protective pendant?

Seems like you are doing something right, Fran :open_mouth: . Putting EPs near that military base is a must and maybe even around the whole island .

black tourmaline, smokey quartz, amethyst, garnet (rubi if you can find cheap) , cornaline (carnelian) , hematite, pirite (pirita) … very grounding and protecting combination….



Topaz and aquamarine are also powerful stones.

Some titanium (or any titanium alloy) shavings is good (if you have any or can get a little scrap for cheap or for free) as is some copper shavings (just cut up a short length of copper wire into bits if this is all you have) – both if you can get them. As always, use what you have or can get easily and inexpensively.

Get real smokey quartz. Real stuff looks like slightly dirty (slightly grey) regular quartz. That dark black stuff is heat treated regular quartz, not smokey quartz.

Use non-magnetic hematite for best grounding. Real hematite cannot be magnetized (I’m serious). The raw ore probably has some iron impurities in it which allows it to be attracted weakly to a magnet but in its purified state (a.k.a. red iron oxide which is used as a pigment), its completely non-magnetic nor will a magnet attract it.

Magnetic hematite is NOT hematite. According to wikipedia, “Although it is claimed by many that it is made from ground hematite or iron oxide mixed with a resin, analysis has proven it to be an entirely artificial compound, a barium-strontium ferrite” – Um? That’d make it basically just a ferrite magnet.

If you have both, great. Use them. The magnetic variety seems to enhance the power of other stones (perhaps just the magnetism but the beads are cheap compared to magnets and small which is kind-of necessary for pendants).

I believe Ale is referring to “pyrite” (a.k.a. fools gold). It is a very masculine stone (or would that be mineral more correctly?). If you’re female and energy sensitive, you might not like the energy signature.

thanks to both for those tips. We ll try them out.