Black Ops Orgone Montreal

First of all I wanna thank Cassandria because without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t be making orgone and certainly not posting on this forum. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a real chance to pick myself up and change for the better, I am forever gratefulWink

This is my first official gifting mission, I am very exited and prepared! My first target is a psych/ex-convict rehabilitation building on the boulevard Rosemont here in Montreal. The energy there is plain nasty!!! And over all between Papineau and De Lorimier st. everything is trashy. There is a lot of these centers/houses and a few ‘‘erotic’’ massages salons. There is also a place for very old people and what is just a block away? A funeral home! This whole area is a big dead zone.

I have about 14 TB’s to gift (I know it’s not muchCool) but I think it will do the job. The area is not very large (only a few blocks) but we can all feel it’s effect in the district. I saw a guy on here who debunks dark energy grids so I am looking forward to get a better overall view of the neighborhood while targeting strategic places.

12:12 AM On my way for some black ops orgone healing action

1:11 AM Back home ( How synchronized? I swear I am not making this up! )

I wish I had more! Gifting is harder than it seems, especially on a busy Friday night. My main target was the hardest because there is always people outside on the porch but patience paid off, I was able to toss some TB’s exactly where I wanted and I am pretty sure they will remain hidden there for a long time + what a relief! I had my dog with me so it made things easier, it’s hard to look suspicious when you are walking the dog right?! I gave her a little zippy zappy terminator session before leaving the house. Usually she pulls on the leash but tonight she was very smooth, like she knew what we we’re up to. The succor punch also counts a lot in this, I never do or go without it, I am married to this device!

I think that when you are out gifting you realize that there is way more places in need than you could’ve imagined; churches, kinder gardens, bars, banks, abandoned buildings…etc

Seems like I’m gonna have a busy summer!

Will post some more reports soon

Welcome, Lydiane, and I’m sorry for the delay but I wrote a long post for this thread last week and the NSA ate it but at least it’s a probably confirmation that you’re a threat to their owners. has been in business since 2001 or so and has a good reputation for fine-quality orgonite. I’m confident that Cassandria was conscientious in choosing you to carry it forward and the piece which you sent to Carol and I (it sits on our dining room table), which is cast in an abalone shell, is exquisite, thanks.

Cassandria and friends flipped all of the death towers and ‘treated’ all of the satanic institutions in your city very early on and they even had well-attended public workshops in those days and taught lots of people to make orgonite. I remember when an agency sewer rat in coveralls knifed her car’s tires after one of those meetings, in full view and unabashed Wink. But of course this only steeled Cassandria’s resolve.

Neighborhood gifting is the next logical stage after a cities death towers and satanic institutions have been done and I’m looking forward to reports about changing conditions in the neighborhoods you’ve done.

Carol and I first discovered orgonite’s ability to quickly transform the energy in a ghetto in 2003 in Atlanta and I think Georg’s experience in Soweto is the most dramatic on record. Parasites in the body rely on poisonous energy around them in order to ‘remain in suspension,’ survive and replicate. Human parasites also need those conditions in their environment in order to thrive so when a zapper is put on a body it destroys the parasite’s ability and orgonite, distributed in a high-crime neighborhood, destroys the two-legged parasites’ ability to succeed. From the start I’ve been fascinated by this direct correlation.

Thank you so much for re-posting Don and let’s admit it: the NSA must be truly starving to eat your post!!!

My second target is the music studio/jam space right next to my house. It’s a big 3 floor building with a total of 10 to 20 rooms per floor. There is a lot of drinking and drug use there, some of the bands are playing very strident and violent music. Metal music in general is all about satanism and demonic stuff. I am taking this place a little bit on the personal level because as a musician myself I can’t stand these overly negative aura breaking frequencies! Music can be dark or sad yes but what a shame for it to be that aggressive and destructive.

Wouldn’t we be living in a better place if most music was positive and peaceful? And don’t get me started with horror and violent movies!!! Theater complex must be excellent targets!

I also wouldn’t be surprised if this place is connected to something bigger, I have been under a few psychic/energetic attacks lately (especially since I switch my room for the one in the front of my house ) and the situation at the studio’s been deteriorating in the last weeks, people have been particularly nasty and obnoxious. Leaving trash everywhere and even waking me up in the middle of the night banging on the studio backdoor or sitting on my porch in groups even after a lot of warnings from my side (could it be the powerwand attracting people in need or positive energy since it’s in range of the studio now?!) My guess is yes! Because I once switched my succor punch that was aiming at the front door for the powerwand and the same thing happened.

*** Important note, if you are ever bothered by noisy or parasitic surroundings play 15 hertz with a tone generator using the square wave form : You should see results withing 25-30 minutes ***

There are ventilation tunnels on each floors, easily reachable. The landlord here is the same as my house and I have a good trusting relation with him, he knows I will be gifting the whole building! The place is huge, I am taking 20 TB’s with me. I already grid my house and the studio a while ago, I was able to bury my TB’s so we already have a little something going on

I like to believe we are all scientist as the definition of a scientist being someone conducting experiments and it’s a pure joy to be able to report to the community here and also have the right tools to work with! I’m exited to see the outcome since the place is right next to my house. I love active monitoring!

I am so thankful to you Don for coming up with all these inventions, what an awesome time to be alive!!!

I am not particularly in the greatest financial situation at the moment but gifting is what I chose to invest in; the results and the fun of it are worth every dollar, every second, every minutes. 2 days after my first mission I saw a sylph right above my house! Pure magic! I was so stoked!!! I also passed by my first target this week and everybody outside seemed in a very good mood! People where laughing and smiling! Also the plants around where I dropped some TB’s are growing was faster than the rest.

So… the ventilation tunnels were not as easy as I though I would be but I can say I am getting pretty good at throwing stuff

12:12 pm : I am finished and already sensing a difference in the energy here. Heavy rain also just started! Tropical heavy rain haha, what a good cleanup!

Fun fact: I grew up in the ghetto

*** Quick update ***

The amount of security cars/vans and agents passing by is quite impressiveWink And speaking about car sabotage! My best friend’s wheel has been damaged overnight, we had to stop and get the car towed (gladly not far from the house). He is usually not really interested/believing in anything orgone related, but when I said : ‘’ freaking NSA man ‘’ for once he didn’t said I was overacting or being delusionalWink I told him we will protect his car with a succor punch and he completely agreed.

It seems like the studio building was a very good hit!