Blasting Request For Jailed Judy Lubulwa In Nairobi

Don Croft
08 Mar 2008 16:09
Subject: Blasting Request for Jailed Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi
Judy managed to send a text message to Georg Ritschl when the cops grabbed her a few minutes ago. She was gifting a favored poison-energy spot of the world odor’s in Nairobi, the Yaya Center at the time

Her Ex, Solomon, texted Georg, who is in Dooney’s chatroom for hte international Saturday session with us. I took a break to post this request.

We’re working on her situation, now, which includes blasting the President (CIA/MI6 creature), who apparently ordered her arrest. Please send whatever energy you feel is appropriate, okay?

She’s been very brave to venture out and gift under the present circumstances and I’m quite sure that she’ll be compensated in appropriate ways but right now we just want her to feel okay while she’s in that horrid cell.

The cops confiscated the orgonite in her house and say that her release is conditional on their ‘test results.’

Kenya cops are generally even worse than many of the American ones wish to be, by the way, but we’re confident that The Operators will help her get through this with magnanimity, the way they apparently also helped Georg and Axel endure similar trials in Zimbabwe on account of their gifting efforts, there.

Thanks, and I’ll post an update when we get it, or Georg will.


09 Mar 2008 09:57
Subject: Re: Blasting Request For Jailed Judy Lubulwa In Nairobi
Just got good news: She’s free again.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
Don Croft
09 Mar 2008 13:24
Subject: Re: Blasting Request for Jailed Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi
Dr P shared this texted message from Solomon, who is JUdy’s ex.

Judy was “booked in for creating a disturbance. Last time we gifted Yaya centre they found some TBs and that when we had problems here they assumed they were explosives, sSo they called the bomb squad with sniffer dogs… thinking they had a big catch”

We learned, too, that Judy was interrogated for 24 hours but not jailed. The cops went to her home and confiscated her zappers, towerbusters and twenty litres of resin.

You probably know that Kenya was nearly plunged into anarchy by CIA/MI6 operatives last December and that Nairobi is the veritable hive for UN and related activity, which is to say that the parasitic world odor runs East Africa from Nairobi… We feel certain that if it weren’t for the gifting that our Kenyan cohorts had been doing for the past couple of years these $#!+bird agencies may have succeeded.

David Ochieng and Salva & Christine Kirr are now in the process of gifting Lake Turkana, which hte psychics feel will cap the success of the regional gifting efforts so that Kenya can start to experience relative safety and prosperity for the first time since colonization.

Thanks for all your boosts and blasts on behalf of Judy! You may remember that Georg and Axel spent eleven days in a cramped cell under wretched conditions not long ago on account of their gifting efforts in Zimbabwe.


Don Croft
09 Mar 2008 13:43
Subject: Re: Blasting Request for Jailed Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi
Update–Carol’s the only psychic in the chatroom today, since Dooney and STevo are on an extended gifting expedition, but Dr P has suggested a really good target: Mr Biwott, who is a murderous powerbroker and owns Yaya Center. He apparently ordered Judy’s arrest, so we’ll see where the trail leads Wink


19 Mar 2008 18:20
Subject: Re: Blasting Request For Jailed Judy Lubulwa In Nairobi
Its been very hard to sit down and write this, which is probably all the reason why I must. I think I left my muse in a police cell!

Thank you all so much who sent me wonderful energy when I needed it most. As I lay on the concrete floor that night, I suddenly felt that tingly, overflowing feeling one gets when being boosted, and I knew where it was coming from. I smiled and told my fellow inmate that my friends were sending me love.

Lack has been the obstacle to my giftings. When Kenya fell into chaos, early this year, I regretted that I didn’t have orgonite to gift and clear the etheric space. I could feel the dark intent in the atmosphere; I was hard not to feel detached from the senseless violence and pain. Georg had sent me some TB’s, but they were stuck at the post office because I couldn’t put together enough money to pick them up. Then about 3 weeks ago, I got hold of some funds, and was able to collect Georg’s gifts and also make some more of my own.

I chose to give it away to friends and acquaintances. I found that was more effective as a means of enlightening others than gifting my neighbourhood with it. What Don comments about Africans’ affinity to orgonite seems true; I gave the girl who helps around the house some tb’s at her own request. She’d seem it lying around and wanted some for her own house. She later related how she got home with only two pieces because acquaintances stopped her on her way home, curious to know what she had. Three times she met people she knew, and each time the person held the tb and wanted to keep it, which she let them do. Then her own cousin, who she lives with, didn’t want to put it down, going to and from the shop with it.

I did some gifting around town, especially near the hotel where peace talks were going on, with the hope that something positive would come out of it, after 2 months of the leaders dallying and keeping us all in suspense. I did a little necklace around the Freemason hall. The day after that, a peace agreement was signed. At that time, 3 weeks ago, I also decided to leave some gifts in the Yaya Centre, which is one of the largest and most prominent malls in the country, and which is a 5 minute walk away from home. I had gifted there a while back, but felt it was important to do it again. It is also owned by one of the most prominent politicians in the country.

The day I was picked up was about 11 days after discreetly leaving the gifts at Yaya. On this day, I had taken a gifting trip out of Nairobi to Machakos, which is considered a juju haven of sorts. My friend and neighbour, Martha wanted me to see her home and lay gifts around her farm, which we did. By 2 pm, we were back in Nairobi, and I suggested we leave the car at home and walk there. A couple of days earlier, I had laid tb’s around the perimeter of my home and that night it rained. I decided to make a wider orgonite circle, with the pieces not more than two hundred meters from each other. This circle happened to go around the periphery of Yaya, but I’d run out of gifts that day. So as I took that walk with Martha that Saturday, I armed myself with 4 tbs to complete the circle near Yaya. I normally carry the tb’s in a bag, and that day, I asked myself why I wasn’t doing that. I was juggling them them in my hands and feeling quite breezy. I wanted to buy Martha lunch then gift on the way back home.

As we entered Yaya, with Martha walking ahead of me, one of the guards tapped me on the shoulder and said another guard wanted to talk to me. He then asked me what I was carrying, and for the next hour, I was to be held at their booth at the gate, as each repeated the same line of questioning. I was asked if I am the same person who had left orgonite there a couple of weeks earlier, and I admitted I was. Each time someone finished questioning me, he called someone more senior than him and so it went until the last guy called in the cops.

I was told simple a simple orgonite tb was a hand grenade, and this was very serious offence. By that time, the gravity of the situation was not lost on me, because try as I might, I couldn’t convince anyone otherwise. I tried to tell them we could go online and check it out, which fell on deaf ears. I also reasoned that if it was so bad, then I wouldn’t walk around with it unhidden. I was informed that my earlier installment at the mall had gone very far – out of the country in fact – to be investigated.

I had also been pleading to be allowed to give my friend some money for her lunch and assure her I was ok, or to even have some food myself, as I’d had nothing to eat that day, but no one would hear of that. When the cops arrived, I could tell from their menacing ways that I’d probably spend the night away from home. That is when I sent Georg and Dr Paul the message that I was being held by police. I was bundled into a vehicle with 4 of them and driven to the neighbourhood police station. Apparently, Biwott, the owner of Yaya himself, had ordered my arrested through the highest echelons of police and there wasn’t much anyone could do to reverse that. From there, they were very eager to be taken home where they’d invade my privacy and take away all my orgonite implements and pieces, which I haven’t gotten back till today. They made a list of what they’d taken with a promise I’d get a copy of it, (for which I’m still waiting), and I was made to sign that I had no complaints against them. My son Maina was also made to sign as a witness. Then it was back to the station for an early night.

No right thinking person ever imagines the possibility of spending the night in a cell. That did not bother me a lot at the time. What later stirred my fears was the possibility of spending a longer period than a day and even being physically abused. I knew I wouldn’t be the first. The cell was a small dark room with no light bulb and windows. I had been frisked by a female officer and my personal effects like watch, money, etc were kept for me. I resented being asked to take off my jeans and being touched everywhere, but then again, I was being considered a terrorist. Of course they also found and retained the zapper and harmonic protector for further investigations.

There were 7 women in the room, mostly lying asleep on the concrete floor. The men’s cell was right next to it. There were a couple of stinking loos without doors outside the cells, in bad need of being flashed and cleaned and one for bucket washing. I shivered to think I’d soon need to use them. In the cell, it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. A girl attached herself to me asked me what I was in for, and then poured out her ordeal to me. It sort of took my attention away from my own problems, though I badly needed to collect and centre myself after 2 hours of non-stop off-loading. She told me how she’d been at the scene where the gun that had killed a politician was found. How she had been in that cell for 2 weeks – I shivered at that – and how “no part of her body had not been marked” by criminal investigating officers. She talked about pliers on nipples and use of bottles in private parts, saying the latter hadn’t been done to her because of her periods. This girl looked different than the other ones in the cell, including the ones they kept throwing in throughout the night. Most of the others had been picked on the streets “selling their wares”, and were a hardened lot who had been there, done that.

By about 8 pm, my bum was tired from sitting on the floor, and I opted to lie down. She shared a bit of the cloth she was lying on and I fitted myself next to her; the beginning of a night of tossing and turning, trying to find a position that I’d last in. I didn’t sleep, and it seemed impossible to do so, given the thoughts that were racing in my mind, and the noise of officers bringing in more and more “mates”. Some were drunk and rowdy and it wasn’t funny to have 3 ladies of the night talking, laughing and smoking through the night. One of them had a baby who kept waking up and crying. Two 17 year-olds were brought in at 2 pm sobbing and saying they hadn’t done anything and didn’t deserve to be there. Needless to say, they were treated with due sarcasm and dry laughter. I wondered who had really ‘done’ anything deserving of being there.

The boosts I received at 9pm quickly dissipated within minutes. It felt like being lifted high and then being brought down with a thump again. Maybe the energy in the place was extra low, I thought. Perhaps that is the time a witch in the next room was working her spell as seen by the psychics in our last chat. I had also been trying to dodec the place and call in protectors. At some point, I got a vision of them swooping down and picking me up. The effect of all this was that most of me seemed to be in a dimension other than right there in the cell. Does that make any sense?

The next day, I was called out and ordered to pick my things and get into a van which would take me for interrogation at the anti-terrorist unit, a couple of kilometres away from the station. This was indeed my moment of reckoning. I thought of the things the girl had told me and was horrified. I prayed with more fervor than I probably ever have. Could this happen to me? Would I die? Then I surrendered and decided that my body could be killed, but nothing could ever touch my soul. That was a comforting thought and it gave me strength and serenity.

In the office, I asked if I would be hurt, and he said I had nothing to fear, as long as I was telling the truth. I affirmed that I was confident in my truth. There were two of them and for the next two hours, we drafted a statement about my life, what I do and how I came across orgonite. I was relieved that I was not going to be harmed, but I did break down at some point, especially when they took my fingerprints, portrait and profile pictures and asked me intimate questions. They wanted to know about any marks on my body and who and where all my siblings lived. To me, this was intimidation of the highest order, especially considering (they weren’t telling me), that they were letting me go and had found the orgonite harmless. Someone later told me this is a very American way of subduing an opponent and that seemed to ring true. Somebody at the station also mentioned that I could be shot on site if found with these “hand grenades”.

I was taken back to the station, and had to write another statement before I was released on bond. I was asked to report back in 4 days and they retained my passport, which I now have back. Today I called about the orgonite and other things they took, but it seems clear that I am not getting them back. They probably need the orgonite more than me anyway. Clearly, I am not expected to continue making and gifting orgonite, but no one will say so overtly. At the station when I returned, I was told that the earlier tb’s were found to be harmless, but they still had to test the ones found on me, and so they wouldn’t refund the bond money. They instead made an appointment with me to report back in a month. They also say they won’t take me to court. Earlier, a cop told a friend that they had put the orgonite terrorist case aside and wanted to sue me for working in Kenya illegally. I was questioned about that and explained that this was purely a hobby and nobody pays me a salary for it.

I must add that when I came home, my feet were swollen and my body hurt all over for a few days, but I was mostly overwhelmed by fatigue, which turned into a bad flu. I had noticed several girls in the cell coughing and on medication and I probably caught the bug. The psychics later found that I had a juju attack, sending all my chakras in a opposite spin. That explains why I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t do the triangle meditation, try as I might and couldn’t post this as early as I’d wanted to.

I am fully restored now and back to planning how to make some more gifts.

Thanks again to you who sent me boosts when I needed them badly.