Blue Hole Above Us, Etc

24 Jun 2008 02:09
Subject: Blue Hole Above Us, Etc
Hello all,

Just to give you another update on gifting experiences:

Last Saturday, I had a chance to go fishing on a boat about
5 to 10km (3 to 6 miles?) out off the coast where I live, and
I had a chance to drop 3 tbs (all I had left at the time).

We took off around 6:00 am, been raining like crazy all night,
and the captain was worried a little because everyone might feel
unpleasant since the ocean was a bit swelling, and of course,
the heavy rain.

For over two hours, all rain, no catch, and we were all starting to
feel a little miserable and very drenched (my rain coat simply was
not “working” because it was raining soo hard…), and then suddenly
the sky started to clear and a blue hole formed above and around us

  • it became super sunny (and all my clothes dried up, thank god…)
    and the ocean became calm and stopped swelling, and it became very
    very awsome!

I had told my buddy that I would be dropping a few tbs, but he didn’t
know when I did it Smile
He was the one who noticed the blue hole above us first, and he
pointed it out and we both looked at each other and grinned (we
may have another believer, Don! Wink

Then, he was on a roll, catching double, triple fish each time he
dropped his line, I almost had no time to fish for myself because
I was busy helping him with the net Smile

We caught many large mackerels (saba in Japanese), and large
saurels (aji in Jpn), and a small flounder (karei in Jpn) so we all
ended up having a wonderful sashimi/sushi fiesta/bbq when we
got home Smile

Apparently no dolphins around our area…
(although when I was a kid – about 30yrs ago, there was one
dolphin which swam up onto the beach – its nose was hurt so it
couldn’t find its way home – we helped it back into the ocean.)

Oops, almost forgot to mention:
When we came back to the port from fishing, a huge Japanese
military air craft (white, 4 props, a little smaller than the C130’s)
flew right above us, very very low altitude. Never saw one fly by
soo low, and above this area, in that particular direction (they are
known to play goose-chases with subs).

Last week, I was taking a walk around my town, and I had
“noticed” another couple of towers. I couldn’t believe it
because they were right under my nose all this time…

Right next to one was a small cemetary, so I buried a tb,
wishing that there would be some effect on both cemetary
and tower. The other, I could not get close to it so I
did my best and hid the tb about 100 ft away.

Let’s see how things turn out…
(The air seems very nice since last month, I’m enjoying taking
walks now Smile

Another wierd experience (I have these sometimes… Wink –
The last time I gifted the large towers and the bay area here,
I remember Don posting my report (thank you Don!), and the next
day after that, something came swarming into my bedroom when
I was about to go to sleep (it felt big, about 8ft maybe?).

To give you an idea, it almost was like the scene from the
old movie “Abyss”, where they find intelligent life deep under
water, and the water forms up into a large arm-like thing, and
it extends and “travels” into the under water vessel, and then
“meets” the people.

My experience wasn’t exactly “water”, almost like a “thick air”
(not even air, if you know what I mean…), but I got a little
frightened to “feel” something swarming around in the middle of
the night, but it also did not feel hostile (at the time), so I
let it aside and fell asleep after it seemed like it went away.
What the heck was that? Like many things in life, I have no
idea… Wink

Just another short one (sorry for many things all at once…) –
After starting to gift my town area, I notice these huge earth
worms coming out of the ground. From childhood, I was familiar
with worms about 1 to 5 inches (less than 1/8 – 1/6 inch wide) as
being normal, but these are like way fatter, and longer than 10
inches! More insects seem to be around too (a 6 inch centipede
crawled through the kitchen last week – deadly venom, very fatal
if you don’t watch out).
Could this be because of the tbs I placed here and there? Wink

Take care & best regards,