Boost for Francie in the Chatroom This Evening

Francie is one of the psychics in our weekly informal group efforts and has been under considerable strain the past few weeks, accentuated by a pretty big onslaught by the $#!+bird psi corps (parasites).

We assume it’s been one of those initiations which The Operators allow or arrange and we’ve been looking in on her most weeks to be sure she and her family are okay. One of the conditions of this evident initiation has been her difficulty to find opportunities to get online. All initiations are ‘alone’ processes, like birth and death [Image Can Not Be Found] and we are all subjected to initiation from time to time in order to get to new levels of awareness and usefulness. PJ folks (99.99% of humanity [Image Can Not Be Found] ) don’t usually experience initation because they prefer comfort and ease to growth, so when we go through hardship I think we ought to feel grateful for the opportunity to be better individuals.

Some of the chatters, last Sunday, asked me to announce the time of this special session so they could participate: it’s this evening, 6PM Pacific Daylight Time. That’s 9PM on the US East Coast, where she lives. It’s really late for our European and African chat buddies, sorry! Most of the psychics can only do this in the evening during the week, though.

We’ll have some fun and knock some of these psi corps cretins and their employers off her back. When they dogpile one of us, this way, it’s usually prudent to get some group help to sort it out. Fortunately, this is happening less and less as time rolls along and the corporate world order continues to rot from the inside out. It will be fun to see who’s been culpable. Dooney got an intimation, last Sunday, that the Gobi dark masters are about to field another Old Hag against healers so we’re looking at the Dog Days, next month, as a possible debut for her, along with assorted mayhem plots.


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