Boost Please - I have experienced some delightful attacks to clarify my energy

Ever since working with some Etheric Warriors on trading currencies I have experienced some delightful attacks to clarify my energy. This tells me we are making some good progress in areas of the controller’s soft underbelly. I have 3 very strange and sore growths on one finger (hmmm…3…like in TRI-ads) that are very very tenacious. When I tune into these growths I get that they are old dark magic mixed with a form of nanotechnology similar to what has been described as “Morgelans”…but hard to say. Anyway…with the help of a psychic on EW I traced the source to a bunch of rather (on the surface) polite yet robotic triads and I boosted them. Then when through them I went to a higher level of an old Chinese magician…boosted him…then went a level deeper and found the source that was this large dark black blob entity at least 10,000 years old. I would describe it as the collective dark energy of humanity or at least a portion of it. The dark Chinese Magician (whose heart now has been opened somewhat) was keeping this large dark blob captive and using its energy to play his nefarious hanky panky games. Whats really cool is the captive black blob then transformed into a lovely gigantic bird of some sorts and was grateful…it had been used for a very long time.

Wearing a terminator zapper on my hand and a neo magnet at night seems to help as well as pointing a SP at it and feeling from my heart. But a whole level of compassion has awakened in me for anyone experiencing Morgellans or anything like it. This new level of affliction could be quite painful…I can’t imagine having these things over more of my body, since they are quite painful. But everytime I feel pain I reflect it back with a boost…maybe thats the gift.

Anyway, I’m open to a boost.

Keep in mind too that the money sys is the big place where the controllers play rough. The Polish were just getting ready to leave the IMF when the plane crashed with all their leaders on board (very strange). Iceland too with all its financial hanky panky was wanting a break from the IMF (volcano time) and of I think Chile was wanting to head up some sort of thing with South America breaking away from financial shackles…hard to say. The sooner we can have a more beautiful way of sharing resources on the planet the better…but til then…gift and boost!

Two great David Wolfe interviews with David Wilcock…I think ormus is ORGONE…just a diff word:

All the best hkj

Many boosts received…thanks. The boosts, teminator zapper, neo magnet and Andy’s Succor Punch seem to have done the trick to clarify this little bump in the road.

Always appreciated. What an awesome community EW is.

All the best…hkj