Boosting Edward Blaize in Mississippi

Ed has come under economic attack, lately, and I think it’s being done out of frustration on his progress in the past year (against all the odds) getting clear of the satanic old-boy network that he’d been born into and rebelled against. His strategic and inspired orgonite fieldwork has evidently weakened the parasitic oligarchy in that region and they’re apparently lashing out at the moment.

He needs a vehicle to do his job and the latest round of overt sabotage against his truck has left him high and dry so I’m asking everyone who reads this to send him heart energy, which we call ‘boosting,’ and which to me has always been ‘the solid form’ of prayer since the results are typically palpable. To me, this isn’t mystical, though genuine religious scriptures (as opposed to the ego-based crap that was created by British Intelligence and supplanted western spiritual practices) assure us that the human heart is the potential ‘home of God.’ When we are more concerned for our fellows than for ourselves ‘our heart is in the right place’ and this healthy state allows us to get results with boosting.

I’m asking everyone who reads this to boost Ed, as I’ve been doing, and I feel confident that this will turn the tables on his assailants, again. When we have the opportunity to help one of the plutocracy’s own progeny to succeed against them I think we’re helping our entire species in a substantial way and when we publicize the victory we’re really counting coup on the Old Parasite.

Thanks Don, I appreciate that. For anyone who wants to help by boosting, please focus your efforts on my wife Barbara. She is the one they have been hitting the most lately with psychic and electronic attacks. Her nerves are frazzled right now from it all. She not able to effectively fight off the psychic attacks yet. She’s doing ok when she realizes she’s under attack with the other stuff, but she can’t yet recognize the psychic attacks for what they are. Thank you ahead of time to everyone who boosts her. Truthfully she’s having a hard time assimilating our current reality into her belief system. Which has constantly been stretched in the last year or so. But she is starting to wake up.