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Dear Friends,An update on this article is the fact that the Norwegian authorities have taken this case to the Supreme Court, on the March 15th, Atle will be once more through the mill (for the 3rd time). I am asking for some help with his case from whomever on the EW capable of boosting to keep him in your hearts and minds leading up to and on this date.
Atle Johan Løvaas is a Norwegian homeopath, a trained physiotherapist (1973) from Berlin, educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, (1992, Beijing) and has had three years of acupuncture school by the Dutchman Dr. Riethofen in Norway. He is also educated in the German method “Akupunkt-Massage” (1974 – 1980) with Willy Penzel, and has been participating in all kinds of courses in ‘alternative medicine’ for years, as well as traditional modern acupuncture, ear acupuncture, and classical homeopathy.

This is his story:

In 1998 I went to England and learned the German Dr. Voll` Acupuncture Testing Method, also called Bio Electric Diagnostic. It changed my life totally and has helped so many of my patients. After three years of practicing, I found myself quite proficient and I left all the other things I was doing. This was the real thing and I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

I test at about 120 acupuncture points electronically on the hands and feet to see if there is a normal or abnormal measurement. If there is too low a measurement, there is an indication of a chronic disease. And by testing out so-called homeotoxological testing ampules, connected to the device, we can find out very accurately what kind of a micro-organism has invaded the different organs. By giving the right so-called homeopathic nosodes or antidotes to treat the patient (according to the test) we can bring back the balance between organ and acupuncture point. In this way the body cures itself by a detoxification process forcing the microbes to leave the body.

Very soon people were coming from all over my country to see me. Some of them went to the media and told their stories about how healthy they had become.

But then, in 2002, I found a bacterium called Tuberculosidinum Klebs in the lungs of a child. This bacteria is not the real Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, which is the bacteria that causes what we know as ‘Tuberculosis’ – but is only similar to that and is not as dangerous. I told her this, but at the same time I joked and said that if her doctor had found the same they would have put her into an isolation ward. This joke, she took literally, and reported me to the health authorities. I was fined 4000 Norwegian Kroner (£342/$594) and lost my physiotherapy licence. It did not stop me and I carried on working.

Two years later, in 2004, a journalist from our biggest tabloid ‘newspaper’ called me and asked about this story. I told him that this was none of his business. Then he said that I could give an interview about my testing method instead. Stupid and naive as I was, I said OK to that. I gave the interview and was photographed in the street in my motorcycle-suit, to make it look like I was a member of Hell’s Angels. This was a trap, which I fell straight into. The interview was never printed.

Instead, he made up a story that landed on the front page of the paper stating that I had been ‘giving false death diagnosis’ by telling that I told the child had Tuberculosis.

The Health Authorities did nothing at this stage, but the 22-year-old so-called journalist called me on my mobile again saying that now he had another good story and that the Health Authorities would report me to the Police. After that I was reported two times to the police by the local Health Authorities, but both times the police dropped the cases and didn’t find it severe enough to do anything with.

Then, on the morning of May 3rd 2005, just as I began my workday with a room full of patients, two civilian policemen came into my practice, ordering me to go into my office. There they held up a ransacking order, allowing me one phone call. I rang my lawyer, who was on his way to court. He could do nothing for me, due to lack of time.

Then one of the policemen called another two full uniformed colleagues to come and take away my big cupboard where I store all my files or paper journals. They rolled it out the doors and down into an official police van waiting outside. Then they took me between themselves and, like a criminal, I was led down into a civilian police car and taken to the police station. My wife, who worked as my receptionist, fled out the doors, in total shock, never to come back. All the patients, sitting around, were witnesses to the whole event.

The police told me during the drive that earlier that same morning they had been in my home, confiscating my laptop, without anybody being there. They kept it for almost four months.

At the police station I was stripped naked, anus inspected, photos taken from all three sides, with a number under my chin, computer fingerprint registered, and put into a cell like a drunken sailor.

The next day I got a new lawyer, who helped assist me during the examination. At that time, I didn’t even know who had reported me or what the charges were. I don’t remember exactly what he asked me about, but it was something about whether or not I had been treating severely ill people? No, I said, I have only been treating severely healthy people.

The following days the Health Authorities and the Police, which I prefer to call the Health Police (HP) or Illuminati, spent a week calling 62 of my patients, asking them whether they had been satisfied with my treatment? As soon as my patients started praising me and saying how satisfied they were with my treatments, the Health Police would slam down the phone and call the next one. In this way, they lured about 8-10 scared elderly women to come to the police station to confess that they were not satisfied with my treatment. The police now had a handful of patients with MS, pertussis (whooping cough), yellow staphylococcus, cancer and such. These are the ‘diagnoses’ and the patients that I’m not allowed to treat without a license.

A year and a half later, in a courtroom, I was charged on 18 points for this supposed crime against humanity! I had not been taken to any office or police station for any explanation about these 18 points or disappointed patients. This is totally absurd. The name of this country must be Absurdistan.

What happened further on was that another civilian policeman, who suddenly appeared one day in my practice some weeks after they had arrested me, delivered this impeachment to me. He gave me the papers with dark eyes talking between his teeth without presenting himself. Ten minutes after he left my office, two journalists stood in front of my reception desk asking for me. My wife, who had coincidentally dared to work again this day after the shock when I was arrested, pushed them literally out the doors and down the steps. This was absolutely the last day she worked for me.

The following weekend my wife and I went to Amsterdam to the Nexus Conference, where I told Duncan Roads, Marcus Allan, and many other participants about this stupid event up under the North Pole.

Our phone did not stop ringing from patients calling, telling us how the HP had harassed them. They were called at their places of work, on their mobile phones while standing in line at the grocery store waiting to pay, while they were sitting on a bus, among other things. This is a modern witch hunting process by telephone.

The media-whores all over the country were now out again with their crusade presenting me as this son of a bitch, the worst quack ever. The last witch burned in Norway was killed in 1590 in Bergen, the same city where I live.

On the 16th of January, this farce of a process started up and lasted for five days and must have cost millions. In court, the prosecutor demanded that I should lose my right to practice and wanted to put me in jail for three years. My lawyer, an excellent gentleman of the best caliber, answered that this was a case that never should have been taken to court at all. The press were sitting long side, but left the room as soon as my witnesses arrived. They wrote only the prosecution’s version of the story and nothing else in their papers. Only bad news.

My witnesses did a wonderful job, telling the court the most unbelievable stories of how sick they had been and how healthy they had become after my treatment. One of my patients, from Stockholm, told the court that there were two things he envied in Norway, he being a Swede. One was the oil and the other thing was Atle. The courtroom laughed and clapped and even the prosecutor had to smile, and had no further questions.

Every other witness of mine the prosecutor tried to harass as much as possible. One of my witnesses, a big Viking of a farmer from the fjords, stopped him with his fist and told him to shut up with his rogue questions. He had not come to court to be insulted by him, but to tell about the treatment of Atle.

Another one told her story about me finding ‘dengue fever’ in her brain and heart, which had given her a fatigue syndrome and too low of a heart rhythm, lasting for five years, before she came to me. She told the court, with a smile, that her heartbeat had normalized so well that she didn’t have to be operated upon. Mosquitoes in Thailand had bitten her five years before she came to me. Three years ago I treated her. Today, she was working full time, having no fatigue syndrome and no low heart rhythm any more.

Another one told the court how after seeing me for ulcerous colitis he is totally well. He also told how his father who was diagnosed with having Parkinson’s Disease by his doctors, yet after my treatment his shaking had totally disappeared after finding a Coxsackie’s B4 virus in his brain. He was even sent home from the hospital where he was supposed to have a spinal fluid examination. But he didn’t stop there, he also told the court about his wife being well after my treatment for her chronic fatigue syndrome. And at last he also told how his son had got well due to too little iron in his blood because of an infection by the bacteria brucella melitense in his small intestine.

Several other witnesses told their stories, so lovely, about their Lyme disease, or borrelia, or MS, and were now well. Also my wife was a wonderful witness telling how she saw me being arrested and taken away like a criminal.

The verdict freed me at every point except one. I had to pay a fee of 20,000 Norwegian Krone because I had not reported my findings of the pertussis bacteria to the health authorities on two occasions. This is Norwegian law.

This means, by pure logic, that the court believes my findings and takes them as true medical findings, and not as medical quackery.

In one case, the mother of three children didn’t even give them the medicine, because she didn’t believe me, and flushed it into the sink shortly after going home. My findings were the pertussis bacteria in the lungs of her children. She couldn’t believe that. Why she consulted me at all is the big question.

And in another case, a woman of fifty the prosecutor had selected and forced to go against me, was one of my top fans. She got rid of her whooping cough very soon after taking my medicine, and was very satisfied, like she had been many other times before being treated for all kinds of things. This witness was one of those that the HP had demanded to come to go against me, because the bacteria was pertussis, which according to Norwegian law has to be reported. When she told the court that she was very satisfied with me, even with her pertussis (whooping cough), the prosecutors face went beet red.

It’s like the Middle Ages as if I was treating the plague itself. This woman slapped me on my shoulder as she passed, with a smile, going out the door.

All the other accusations about the tuberculosis stuff were all forgotten by the judge because they believed me saying that it had nothing to do with real tuberculosis, just because I found bacteria, similar to the mycobacterium tuberculosis.

After the papers found out that I had won in court they stopped reporting anything more. On the front page, in smaller print, was a notice stating ‘Homeopath Johan Atle is allowed to continue his practice’. No photos, no headlines, simple, small and insignificant.

By the side of this tiny little notice, there stood another one with much larger text saying: ‘Woman attacked by illness for 17 years after vaccination’. I looked up into the sky, saying to myself: ‘Thank you up there, there must be a wind turning now’.

Let’s hope the best for the future. I have won in court, not only for myself, but also for the ones coming after me.

Atle Johan Løvaas
Bergen Norway
[email protected]
tel. +47 55 19 02 83 +47 55 32 33 50.

Hi, guys,

If you can spare the time, please give another little boost to Atle. He told me that his wife’s doctor was so incensed with the non-outcome of the court case that he has taken action by sending a written protest which the lawyer will hand over to the authorities tomorrow, Friday 30th March. You can imagine the trauma the whole family has been put through because he can still be pulled through the mill again as they have nullified the two previous courtcases leading up to the Supreme Court case.


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