Bosnian Pyramids

In our chat on 23rd May 2009, Don asked Carol to take a look at the Bosnian ‘pyramid of the Sun’, near Visoko. A German gifter had sent Don a link about this pyramid, for which this gifter apparently had ploughed through many disinfo websites, to follow his/her hunch. As Carol did, unraveling the veils. Don posted about this in the Zambezi thread (for the story, see quote below).

In yesterday’s chat we followed a hunch and looked at the newly-discovered, enormous pyramids in Bosnia that look like the ones in Mexico: … f-the-sun/

A German gifter kindly sent me that link with the suggestion that the pyramids might hold a key to unravelling the corporate world order further. When Carol went there (with our boosts) she found an enormous vortex and the largest well of souls to date. She also saw limitless treasure underground, there, and bright light streaming out of ancient chambers under the pyramids. She also found two suppressed guardians and a wheel. There was an enormous feeling of release that we shared. It was pretty exciting.

The reason we follow our hunches in these group endeavors is that the conscious, analytical mind is rarely capable of finding answers in the etheric realms. I don’t have a clue of the situation in Bosnia relates to the one in Mozambique but when we went there (well, I went vicariously with Carol and other participants in the chatroom who are more sensitive than me) Carol reported that the Jesuits were frantic and mounted a too-late effort to keep us from freeing those exploited human spirits.

Since we started finding these wells of souls, years ago, it’s been apparent that the energy of these exploited people fuels the corporate world order in a substantial way.

Besides the pyramid of the Sun, there are also the pyramid of the Moon and the pyramid of the Dragon located at Visoko, Bosnia. Visoko was a mayor frontline during the Bosnian war in 1992-1995.

Lots of websites about the Bosnian pyramids are stuffed with masonry symbols, so I noticed. Check out how often pyramid logo’s are displayed with 7 steps, for example. And apparently all domain names with ‘bosnian pyramid’ in them, have been bought and commercialized into disinfo platforms too. Good strategy if you want to hide the genuine stuff. But I had a great time watching the excavation video’s, checking out the shiny cityshoes of the ground workers.

Between all the Bosnian pyramid websites my search machine coughed up, there was this pearl on the last page or so. A video research (more like a holiday report, but charming) by some amateur who didn’t want to swallow the crap either. He took a look himself.

Here are the links to two of three video’s made by Guatpilot. Enjoy!

Part 1 –

Part 2 –


I got this email from someone in the Czech Republic:

Hello Carolien,
By findings of our WM magazine, (archeology, true history, lots of alternative stuff, free energy etc.) and their expedition to Bosnia, this pyramids have only natural origin. They studiing sediments, talking with PSEUDOgeologist from Egypt, make photos, their own digging.These artificial “stones” are all natural sediments.
I know nothing about soul well, this is your job:), but pyramids in Bosnia is scam… I can send some photos of WM, but in Czech. Finding soul well under natural hill is strange.

nice day

This was my reply:

Thanks for your opinion, XXXXX.

Your email points me on the fact that posting links on EW is a responsible act. I posted these video’s of Guatpilot because I liked the way he did his own amateur research and wanted to think for himself. Not because I necessarily agree with his findings. Actually, the disinfo websites I encountered featured both believers and critics. Maybe you noticed too, that the magazine you mentioned featured their archeological investigation expedition with a pyramid logo – which doesn’t look objective or scientific to me. Especially if you consider this magazine’s opinion that the Bosnian pyramids are of natural origin… why attract readers with that logo, one might ask. Unfortunately I don’t speak or read the Czech language, so I can’t comment on the content of the articles. As for my personal opinion – I don’t care much if the pyramids are genuine or not, I care about genuine information. The findings of EW’s psychics are a good resource for that. Indeed, the information they discover is often strange for people to read. You might find it interesting that the soul wells they have discovered so far, all over the world, are often at vortex sites of natural origin. So you see, Carol finding a soul well at the Bosnian pyramid site doesn’t deny nor confirm the fact wether the pyramid is manmade or not. It simply doesn’t matter.


Its hard to understand why are there so many people that are irritated by the discovery of these wonders. In this case though, there is way too much logic and common sense for any type of serious opposition. Ridicule and arrogance, without any fact is the only way anyone has ever expressed their opposition to this matter, I think that says enough.

actually we’re finding that with just the concept and evidence of Orgonite and its effects.

People littlerly freeze and try to argue but can’t.

M … AMIDA.html

Vlad, I agree on the ridicule and arrogance part. But debunkers and opponents can sometimes offer genuine information too.
Perhaps this thread about the Bosnian pyramids turns out to be a quest for discernment.

For example: … storyid=46

This website above, debunks the scientific background of Dr. Harry Oldfield and his use of Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). Besides ridicule and arrogance, there is also common sense and logic in their references.

Such as their link to investigations of the PIP method by the [BION Institute/url:20x7342o in Ljubljana, Slovenia:

(see 2.2; Polycontrast Interference Photography) … _ijs03.htm

…….much more simpler things still remain mistery. Like perfect alignment of all pyramids and their size and shape, underground tunnels miles long, stone balls and finally strong desire of some for this to remain unknown. All those “scientists” to debunk one “crazy” man digging up a hill with bunch of just as “crazy” volunteers. All the science in the world can only make you believe or not believe. Some things in life some people just know by heart not by intellect or scientific explanation. I think its a waste of life for someone to try to discredit something so misterious, like they are so sure hes wrong so they’re going to waste their precious time and teach us all a lesson about how its not what he says it is. Where are all those debunkers debunking landing on the moon or 911 or all other events that pull the ropes of societies direction. These things are in plain sight yet they turn around and believe fairy tales and lies with such comfort in their hearts.
…….and by the way, for what reason is it so unbelievable to discover a pyramid? Is life not misterious? Have you seen everything life has to offer??

[Image Can Not Be Found]; Can science explain water molecule and its properties??? DOnt think so, yet its much simpler then a prehistoric stuctures. Until then……… time will show

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