Boston Chemtrail Update

Today was a big spray day south of Boston.

4 spewplanes continuously coming in from over the ocean then heading sw towards RI and Connecticut ALL DAY LONG.

In the past(pre cloud-buster) this kind of spraying would have whited out the skies for the afternoon, but not today.

Today was a victory for the skies over south eastern Massachusetts.

The chemspew didn’t stick at all and for most of the afternoon the sky was clear blue.

I’m guessing that the spewplanes were just testing to see how long the spew would stick or if they could achieve whiteout.

Well, there was no stickage and there was no whiteout.

High fives to all the sylphs eating up the chemcrud and the very dense orgone filled atmosphere for taking care business.

L-O-S-E-R-S Cool

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