Boston Cloud-buster @ your service

Here is my new backyard CB. The base was made with the help of Jeff in Jupiter while I was in Florida last February.

I’d be interested to know how you all like it .

It feels super strong and is wicked effective on chemtrails.

This makes 4 CB’s around Boston, one in Andover on the North Shore, one in Hull on the Boston harbor, one in Lincoln 16 miles west of Boston(may have been moved to Chapel Hill,NC) and mine in Duxbury, 35 miles south of Boston.

The center piece of orgonite is a giant cesco coil, which Cesco made on his visit 2 Boston last year. I keep it in the center of the CB for that xtra special boost.

The base feels quite good Eric, and I have the highest appreciation for the “little secret coil”, but I think it is doing more harm than good right where it is presently placed. My guess is that it would work better resting on the base.


Thank you Laozu

I removed the cesco coil, since it wont go meet the base between the pipes.

Bigger isn’t always better, I suppose.