Bothered By The Aliens Who Bothered Dr Reich?

Don Croft
09 May 2008 09:20
Subject: Bothered By The Aliens Who Bothered Dr Reich?
Have you noticed that Wilhelm Reich’s character is being assaulted again?

I’ve been having incessant hacker trouble while trying to express the following observations and thoughts. I even moved to my word processing program and, after writing a couple of pages, just now, the hackers managed to erase it all, again. Sheesh.

I’ll persevere and will keep saving what I write:

1947 was a big year for the world odor and apparently also their off world cohorts/sponsors. It’s when the US Air Force and CIA were born, also when aliens tried to murder everyone at Orgonon by beaming (from their ships above the atmosphere) concentrated deadly orgone radiation into the orgone accumulators on the property. Orgonon is what Dr Reich called his rural research facility and home in Maine.

Jim Marrs wrote a comprehensive history of how the US Air Force and CIA have effectively turned the entire subject of aliens and anti-gravity technology into a forbidden zone since 1947. I hope you’ll read that book if you’re even slightly inclined to ignore the subject matter I’m discussing. Consider why CIA’s hackers are so committed to interfere with open and rational discussions of this material and then you’ll see why they sponsor all the flakey channelers and groups who are inclined to mystify this material.

Dr Reich detested mystics, probably on account of the fact that in his day all metaphysical discussions were owned by Theosophists; self-styled irrationalists. He was completely dedicated to a rational examination of reality, as ought we all be.

In 1947, when he figured out that the uncharacteristic ‘stars’ in the sky over Orgonon were unfriendly spaceships and were directly connected to the current destruction of the facility the US Air Force had not, yet, initiated their publicity campaign aimed at destroying rational public discussion of the subject of extraterrestrials.

In our day, there are a lot of manmade satellites in orbit and these, too, look like moving stars but the spaceships don’t move in a steady trajectory like satellites do, you’ll notice. This is how you can tell them apart. In Reich’s day there were not yet any man-made satellites in orbit, of course.

Many of us have done to these spaceships what Dr Reich initially did with his cloud buster but we gradually figured out, years ago, that one can simply cause these effects with a little mental/energy exertion instead of using an instrument: send a concentrated beam of orgone directly at one of these and it will turn from white, to yellow, then orange, then red, then will usually wink out. This is what Dr Reich watched when his cloudbuster was pointed at these ships, ending the assault and there are still plenty of them in the sky for you to experiment with, too. If the moving ‘star’ is a good-guy ship they’ll probably thank you for the nice boost.

An example of how people were not yet conditioned to laugh at or ignore this subject was Orson Welles’ clever radio production of WAR OF THE WORLDS, broadcast in New Jersey in 1939 and mistaken as a newscast by many or most of the listeners.

It took a few years after 1947 before the US Air Force and the CIA, with the enthusiastic help of academia and the What To Think Network, had managed to turn the tide against open examination of the evidence of extraterrestrial involvement in earthly affairs.

I think I’m finally besting the hackers, this time: I save everything every time I write a paragraph Cool

Notice that the media attempts to discredit Dr Reich have been using Wikipedia’s uncharitable biographical material, by the way. So much for their claim to be a grassroot encyclopedia Wink

After seven years of mild confusion about the way so many well-meaning people have tried to mystify simple orgonite I might have finally figured it out, at least for my own use. Simple truths are the hardest to assimilate so human nature compels us to embellish them if we’re not wary of that urge. To complicate the matter, many energy sensitives have been conned into offering suggestions that were taken, by clever agents, out of context and promoted as essential information in an apparent effort to make gifting look complex and proprietary. I get a lot of email from people who first visited the disinformants’ websites, then asked me to clear up their confusion. If history will keep favoring us it won’t be long before people will generally gravitate to the genuine information, first, and will no longer be titillated by presentations that are ‘full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.’

If history weren’t suddenly favoring real discussion and dissemination of usable information, the CIA wouldn’t be hacking the [email protected] out of a few of us and deploying misleading and poisonous presentations about Dr Reich and a few of us smaller people.

The subject of aliens is something that Carol and I were sort of thrust into, together, when we started experimenting with orgonite in the environment, eight years ago. I had never seen stuff like this, before, though my daughter, Nora, when she was psychicly helping me with my own orgone enquiry in the late 90s, was rather terrified from time to time by apparent unfriendly visitations and heartened by friendly ones.

I’ve assumed that Dr Reich was a gifted energy sensitive and perhaps didn’t understand why so few others had this ability. This might explain why he sometimes felt frustrated that so few people were ‘getting it’ in his day. If so, he was the model for combining psi ability with rational scientific enquiry.

All of the true pioneers have not been shackled by self-limiting programming or had overcome it. I think the world odor is so committed to destroying or corrupting the collective imagination because imagination is the key to assimilating new information and energy. People of the previous century, like Reich, Tesla, Rife, Muller, Drown, Meyer and scores of others were somehow immune to that programming and their offerings are freeing us from the various cartels of the corporate world order. It might be that the concept of the energy-transmuting effect of simple orgonite was dropped on us all in order to finally bury this parasitic hierarchy by taking away their essential death-energy matrix. This could only have happened in a grassroot way, of course, and it’s succeeding at a steady rate.

One aspect of this grassroot movement is that we all know that it’s important to take care of local problems, first. To me, this points up the principle that real political/economic power is essentially a local issue, not a national or global one. By taking responsibility for local well-being we automatically reduce the national and global menaces because the parasitic world order have always striven to concentrate all political and economic power as far away as possible from local control by setting up their own proxy regimes at all political levels. That’s why your city council and board of education are probably staffed by criminals and your local polling booths are controlled from another district or country. Gifting these criminals’ lairs causes positive changes to happen and gifting the neighborhoods of the constituency steadily removes their paranoia and their tolerance for criminals in government.

A lot of people are figuring out that it’s not difficult to reduce these distant parasites’ influence and eventually bring them to justice but not many people have yet realized that the distant parasites are very reliant on their proxy local regimes. Read Gary Allen‘s book about how the world order, through the Rockefeller hive, set up The Council of the States, in order to extort or bribe every single state legislator in the US. Read some of Franklin Press’ authors’ documented accounts about how the Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith also influences politicians and the What To Think Network. They’re the ones who succeeded at turning public attention away from the slaughter of those families in Waco by Janet Reno’s storm troopers but of course that spawned the militia movement, which perhaps prevented overt tyranny in America the following year, when the feds blew up the Murrah Federal Building. Meyer Lansky was funding ADL during the years that he ran Cuba and much of Central America, by the way. His daughter runs ADL, now.

Mossadomites are a sort of bellweather of world odor interference, by the way, and they’re a subset of MI6, which spawned the CIA. Mossadomites are peppered all over South America, providing security for cocaine producers and ‘guarding synagogues’ in Chile, for instance.

When these guys show up there’s always trouble and they‘re not just in the Mideast or South America. One of the gifters in Japan was openly accosted by a self-identified Mossadomite while shopping for crystals. Fortunately, this steeled the resolve of the gifter Cool

A fellow in Southern Missouri told me a good lawyer joke: there was no strife in town during the time when there was only one lawyer and he wasn’t making any money, either. Another lawyer came to town and then they both prospered. When you hear that mossadomites are ‘guarding’ a synogogue, watch for reports of a firebombing, then assume the Mossadomites did it Wink

Mossadomites made a show of snatching Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, who apparently was trying to disconnect from the SS, but they never mentioned the corps of active SS men who operate all around Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, the Mideast, etc. Mossadomites operate just like the SS does and I wonder if they’re not the same organization. I think a lot of Israelis are getting sick of fascism and the persecution of Palestinians by now, just like a lot of Americans are fed up with Nazi-style New Patriotism.

Most people who talk about aliens are flakes and channelers. Have you noticed? If I were a friendly alien,
I’d seek out rational people, rather. I don’t want to closely associate with friendly aliens who lack discernment. The Operators seem to ‘get’ us, rather. We’re gradually figuring out who they are, too.

[to be continued–still getting hacked]

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