Brake Tampering

11 days ago, a woman ran a red light at about 20 mph, maybe 25, and hit me, on my bicycle. She claimed to be a ‘distracted driver’, offered to pay for my ER visit and bike repairs. And then told the insurance company that was not she, but I who ran the red light, despite her not mentioning it to the responding officer, nor in her official accident report. While I told the responding officer, in her presence, ‘she ran the red’, and my accident report of course says the same. Initial feedback from two psychic forum members being ‘planned’ and ‘CIA wet worker’.

I was fantastically lucky/Divinely protected - thrown through the air, but completely uninjured. I have only a small cut on my right shin. My bike is barely damaged, with only a bent right crank arm. I rode it home.

Four days later, I was fired from my job.

But wait, there’s more! One week after being fired, my brakes failed suddenly on my daily-driver 1965 Buick. It was preceded by a clunking/rattling, once, twice, then pedal to the floor. 50 year old car stuff/coincidence, or enemy action, I await status reports from my Living National Treasure wrencher, and also from my psychic friends. My wrencher has no ‘did someone mess with my car’ prejudice. And we keep my car in really tight shape. We’ll see.

Gambit one, complete failure. Gambit two freed me from a serially (psychologically) abusive boss, and I learned of a great new opportunity tha day after, which is developing. Gambit 3, if gambit, complete failure, no scratch on car or me. Today, when I said ‘thanks for fitting me in’, my wrencher replied ‘you’re just lucky, my schedule was completely clear, for once. That never happens.’

I’m not emotionless. This is frightening, horrific stuff. But stop riding? No. Stop driving? No. Stop posting, stop telling the truth? No.

Bad guys have a lot of fronts open, too many. And more will open, still, as people read this post. And it’s just one of many posts.

"Down from the wall leapt Gimli with a fierce cry that echoed in the cliffs. ‘Khazad! Khazad!’ He soon had work enough.

‘Ai-oi!’ he shouted. ‘The orcs are behind the wall! Ai-oi! Come, Legolas! There are enough for us both. Khazad ai-menu!’

Gamling the old looked down from the Hornburg, hearing the great voice of the dwarf above all the tumult. ‘The Orcs are in the Deep!’ he cried. ‘Helm! Helm! Forth Helmingas!’ he shouted as he leapt down the stair from the Rock with many men of Westfold at his back.

Their onset was fierce and sudden, and the Orcs gave way before them. Ere long they were hemmed in in the narrows of the gorge, and all were slain or driven shrieking into the chasm of the Deep to fall before the guardians of the hidden caves."

J.R.R. Tolkien, from ‘The Two Towers’

Thanks for the details, Jeff, and we’re really glad you weren’t harmed. Those of us who survive the occasionaly murder attempts by ‘the orcs’ are a small club; not the sort of exclusivity that most people seek Cool. That literary image is very good, by the way. I also like to compare the $#!+rat agencies to the Klingons. Dingleberries who eagerly give up their humanity and compete with each other in degradation, just like the plutocrats have always done.

I’m glad you mentioned the brakes and am looking forward to your mechanic’s diagnosis and I can report two overt brake sabotage events that happened within a day of each other in late 2002. On that trip, Carol and I drove through five states on our way from Seattle to Las Angeles just to experiment with some psychic evasion. A Succor Punch usually blocks all but active visual surveillance but the sewer rats use skilled psychics when that fails and there was a team of those on us around the clock in those days. It was a fun trip and on the way we did some strategic orgonite distribution in New Mexico. That was in the days before we knew about earthpipes, unfortunately, but we got terrific reactions from the sewer rats (apparently other than human, this time) so we evidently did some good.

The reason we took the trip was to deliver a copy of DBs film, Chemtrails: Clouds of Death, to someone in San Francisco who promised to upload it to the web. The amount of overt suppression used to stop that from being distributed was quite educational and two of the Hollywood professionals who were involved in making it were targeted, sad to say.

On that trip from Pasadena to San Francisco we experienced more aggressive surveillance than ever, before or since (with the possible exception of the FBI harrassments during our year disabling the hurricane agenda in Florida). Around midnight, halfway to SF while we were staying in a motel, I discovered a pool of brake fluid under the front of the car when I went out to get a bottle of water for Carol. In the morning, the pool of fluid had been meticulously cleaned up. I think that if I hadn’t seen it we might have died on the road the next morning. Some months later, one of our tires had been cut in Atlanta and we narrowly avoided crashing when it blew out on the highway. When we got it replaced, the mechanic pointed out the cut. I’d known someone else (in Canada) this had been done to; a woman who had threatened to expose some crooked politician told me about it–a common sewer rat trick.

Jesse Zaloudek, who had flipped all the weather weaponry in and around the Bay Area and for some distance up and down the coast, joined us for lunch with the fellow we delivered the film to. The restaurant was literally filled with sewer rats, most of whom were giving us strange looks, like we’d shot their dogs (or like our karma had run over their dogma) Cool. The film had just been uploaded. Of course within days it was so heavily hacked that most people have still not seen it. When Jesse started his car and began driving away, his brakes failed and he was headed down a steep hill. Quick thinking kept him safe; he steered into a guard rail and stopped. In that case, the feds (during our lunch) had simply put a bunch of dirt into his brake cylinder, which he immeiately found and repaired.

Jesse once sent me the coolest UFO photo, taken by him with a telephoto lens. This was when he was just getting started and a big, dark disc-shaped craft was hovering right over the top of a huge death tower, apparently absorbing deadly energy for fuel. Carol and I later watched a silver disc UFO flying closely along high tension wires next to the I-5 freeway north of LA in the middle of the day and we think it, too, was getting fueled by deadly orgone radiation. Seeing the enemy’s weird stuff is always a confirmation for what we need to do to get rid of the tyranny of the Old Parasite (corporate/occult plutocracy)

We worked with Jeff in Dooney’s chatroom today and it was kind of comforting to know that he’s being assaulted by the same little stinky consortium who are also attempting to neutralize Carol, Dooney & Stevo, Francisco and I these days. I say, ‘comforting,’ because hitting them back effectively is an economic use of our time and energy. Helping any of us helps the rest in this case. Did you realize that Jeff is probably the only member of our species at the moment who is conscientiously collecting and publishing genuine good news? We’re certain that this is why he was targeted. Most of what we do on this forum will amaze future historians simply because they’ll probably be at a complete loss to understand why there weren’t (aren’t) thousands of people publicly doing this instead of just a handful of regular people on a relatively obscure forum Wink

Jeff, glad you were protected in that bicycle accident. The car is suspicious, the job ending sounds like a blessiing in disguise.

Yet as Don et al stated, its likely confirmation of your good work.


Over the past week or so it’s become more obvious to me why the Positive Changes thread is such a threat to the enemy and their psi corps are hammering Jeff and his family around the clock, which is always a confirmation.

Carol had a booth in an annual holistic fair, yesterday, and every year we encounter more and more people who know what orgonite is. There are always a few people there who are addicted to chemtrail fear porn on the web and this was the first year that I confronted them. I cited Jeff’s thread as clear proof that the claims made by the charismatic NSA fear pimps are obviously false. If his work has had this effect on me, imagine what it’s doing for many other people who are following it and I can’t imagine anything that could be more terrifying to the Old Parasite. We seem to be experiencing a general shift among our species to personal accountability, now, which is actually becoming fashionable for the first time in human history. The entirely unique Positive Changes thread–a true masterpiece–is in the vanguard of this shift and it evidently infuriates the enemy. Other evidence, to me, is that the new generation of conspiracy research journalists are digging much deeper than their predecessors. David Livingstone and Miles Mathis are good examples, I think. That doesn’t take anything from the previous authors, of course, and I think the late Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy may always be the primer for the subject. That author’s untimely death in the 80s occurred right after he published an exposé of the Old Parasite’s complete control over all of the state governments. It was after I read that when I realized that the federal government is very, very far beyond redemption.

Would you please boost Jeff every time you think of him, as we’re doing? This really helps and The Operators will surely put some proper opportunities in his path for overcoming the obstacles put there by the enemy. They’re blocking his employment for now. Our unseen supporters are genuinely powerful and proactive; the enemy are only parasites and generally just reactive.

Most people who read the forum seem to know what ‘boosting’ is but you can learn about it on For the first few years that we had weekly group efforts to oppose the genocide agenda of the (western) corporate world order we used tools to help us fight. Since these tools have other uses I don’t call them, ‘weapons.’ Then we figured out that the human heart is the best of all weapons to use appropriately against the enemy.

We’re in Dooney’s chatroom, right now, and each of us who helped Jeff in that little group last week have been under severe attack, too. Francisco (, Dr Stevo (, Carol and I have experienced a sudden drop in our livelihood since then–always a good indicator that we’re doing good etheric work against the enemy Cool, also wonderful confirmation that the Positive Changes thread is damaging their ‘matrix’ mass programming. I think Dooney is doing a lively trade as usual but she’s the only living human teaching targeted people how to fight back against these $#!+rat agencies’ psi corps and other parasitic Babylonian enforcers, after all.

The Chinese sewer rats are our present assailants, by the way. I’ve always felt that even though Peking has a vested interest in stopping large scale mayhem for the sake of their own trade they’re still heavily vested in keeping the sleepwalking majority asleep and unaccountable, so they support the NSA and other sewer rat agencies in terms of mind control programming, individual sabotage, the American gulag archipelago, etc.

It’s always good to have a record of such ‘projects,’ I think. Please keep boosting Jeff and his family, meanwhile.

Done with the chat today and it looks like a lot of orgonite-flinging couples are also under assault at the moment so the enemy is hitting us on at least two fronts but we have the impression that they’re getting more and more desperate, these days. With the spread of orgonite in China (finally!) I imagine that the $#!+birds in that part of the world are especially anxious Cool

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