Brave Monks Of Myanmar

I recommend offering a helping etheric hand for our brothers who truly demonstrate strong will to end tyranny. This can be done in the chat sessions as instance. As you know, God will help those who help themselves first. … .monks.ap/

A friend recently returned from Burma (shortly before the recent protests began) where she took two hundred or more photographs from around the country.

Many of these images were of the brave Monks who seem to be everywhere.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I was struck by the chemical skies that blighted many of the shots:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

And the total lack of ‘cell-phone’ towers in any of the landscapes:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The single exception seemed to be this solitary tower in Rangoon:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

She also took this shot of one of the Junta’s heavily guarded retreats.

[Image Can Not Be Found]


thanks for those beautiful pictures, dan. I would like to point out that all those pointed roofs and temples do a lot of harm etherically, which is one of the reason cell phone are not indispensable to influence people’s thinking. Of course, they might be hidden. But interesting indeed. Perhaps the people of Burma will be ‘freed’ after all by the UN, and then they will get their ‘democray’ back, cell phone towers included. Funny times we’re living in.


Strange times indeed.

I understand that cell phones are officially banned in Burma (presumably to make opposition conspiracies more cumbersome to arrange) so no excuse to build towers.

The chem-spraying campaign is as alive there as anywhere else on Earth but it seems to lack ground-support.

Sylphs abound as many of the photos demonstrate although I rather doubt if there are any CBs in the country (and perhaps Laozu can offer some insight into the positive canopy in the region).

If pointed roofs on temples are bad news etherically then Burma is in a bad way:

[Image Can Not Be Found]


I also feel (and have experienced) what Dirk said about buildings and their etheric influence. An ancient obelisk can feel even worse than standard DOR-tower. I also believe that adding “physical” electricity to towers was just a boost to the negative energy-grid, which happened about one hundred years ago, when Tesla and others like him introduced phone and radio-machines to world, and the parasites corrupted this science.

The hard thing with this is that you can more easily tell people to gift a “cell”-tower, because the reason to do so is easily comprehended with techical-oriented mind. But when trying to tell someone to gift a church, a statue or a specific building, it needs more spiritually-oriented mind to comprehend, why to do so.

When we can experience that we also flow and breath electricity, which is just a another name for light, fire or sound (in a different wavelenght), we can comprehend how the sun is our heart, speaking of how it breathes light and sound (radio waves, heat and many types of light) and keeps us alive.

What this has to do with the buildings “without” electricity ? Well, in my opinion, there is no materia without electricity, but the electricity is in etheric form….what some might call “etheric fire” or “etheric light”.

In short, I agree with Dirk that the “energy” of old buildings and stones can be very……harmful. Deadly orgone indeed.

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