'Breaking New Ground,' Indeed ;-)

Yesterday’s chat was dedicated to looking for and dealing with large-scale threats to humanity. We feel that if too much time lapses between these hunting sessions another event, like the H-bomb detonation off the coast of Malaysia in December, 2004, will slip past us. Another one was the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. How much we were responsible for stopping that latest World War Three bid is up for grabs, of course, and it would impossible to produce enough evidence to make any specific claims but we’re guided by our guts and instinctive promptings to stay involved as a group, at least, and the weekly, international group effort, itself, seems to be the reward.

Having three reputable, mature and balanced psychics involved produces a lot of synergy in the intel-gathering phase and that’s reflected in the phenomenal discoveries they make together and singly. When Dr Reich took steps to save Orgonon from destruction by alien ships he broke new ground and that pattern has been repeated in most of our weekly, international online sessions.

After some personal healing and ‘interference running (busting up some typical, treasonous FBI aggresion)’ work for one of our prodigious gifting cohorts in Texas who had literally been under the short-range scalar gun Carol went to the two offshore volcanoes astrally and found that the one off Africa’s west coast was surrounded by orgonite, taken there mostly from the Caribbean by dolphins. We also surrounded the active volcano with a dodecahedron and contacted the enormous,unhappy fire elemental who was causing the seismic vibrations and we’ll see whether this coordinated human/dolphin effort will have stopped the shaking enough to prevent the sudden drop of the adjacent, saturated mountain into the sea, hence preventing the destructive tsunami that would follow. We got help from Stevo’s whale friends to neutralize and remove an H-bomb that was set to detonate at the base of the movable mountain, perhaps very soon. Maybe the World Odor is that frustrated about the sudden loss of their ability to generate destructive HAARPicanes in the Caribbean region. Most of the storms are born off that African coast, by the way.

The second offshore volcano, off the Oregon coast, also had a H-bomb in a sensitive spot, which the blue whales also kindly dealt with, but Carol found only a small amount of orgonite around that one, presumably because folks on the US West Coast haven’t been diligent, yet, about tossing orgonite to the dolphins and orcas, who love to distribute the stuff where it most needs to go. This volcano, according to the What To Think Network, is about to blow and would almost instantly destroy most of the coastal population in Oregon and Washington States. I suppose the talking heads are referring to an event that would be mainly have been energized by the detonation of that H-bomb, of course, but Carol and I feel some earthpipes around the undersea volcano are still urgently needed and if we can get to that coast before the rough weather sets in we’ll do it ourselves. I’m saving some of Cesco’s coils for some special volcano gifts, in fact. It will be fun to witness how much the sea has been heated up there, lately. I made a coastal journey from San Francisco to Puget Sound in a small boat, ten years ago (I wish I’d known about orgonite and cloudbusters, then), and the water was quite cold out there but sailfish were caught in those waters more recently and they won’t go anywhere except where the water is over 72 degrees, F.

Dr Stevo then went hunting and found China and Syria (and another country that I can’t remember at the moment--North Korea?) cooking up a new World War Three bid. He felt some urgency to bust up some of their essential infrastructure before going after the plotters, though, so we ended up spending an hour and a half assisting over a thousand whales and large elementals, flooding a global network of deep, high-speed tunnels and some matter-transfer facilities. I think that was the longest time we’d ever spent on a specific target and the happy part of that was realizing how much the World Odor have been depending on this underground highway system and wormhole setup lately. Carol and I signed off after that was done and I don’t know, yet, whether the group went after the plotters. If not, we can always do them next Sunday, since no armies are on the move, yet. Apparently (I know I’m using that word a lot, but all of this has a subjective quality, after all, even when all the psychics are seeing the same things) Syria’s horrid, theocratic government, just like Iran’s, is an all-purpose (if unattractive) prostitute for the World Odor these days. Poor Persia’s sullen and despicable mullahs have demonsrated their willingness to sacrifice the population in order to increase their own personal influence. Clergy have mostly always been like that, which is probably why humanity is getting sick and tired of preachers.

We believe that the World Odor is especially intent on generating global chaos because people in general are waking up and won’t tolerate parasitic tyranny and exploitation for much longer. Busting up the sewer rats’ underground facilities (earthpipes, intelligently placed, apparently force the parasites to leave those expensive/extensive facilities due to improved energy dynamics) has been a priority for the past three years or so because we don’t want them to have a good hiding place once they’re eventually exposed and held accountable. Also, alien and other non-human predators are apparently only able to directly harm humans underground and in a dense DOR field. These parasites seek DOR like a baby seeks the nipple.

Dr von Peters photographed Sylphs in the sky over Harbin, China, when he returned there from a four-day gifting run to Vladivostok recently. The Sylphs came to stay in that part of China’s sky after the Doc had only distributed a small number of towerbusters around the campus where he’d been studying for a few weeks.

As you may know from personal experience, Sylphs only show up in our skies after a great deal of gifting has been done and the death towers and HAARP facilities are mostly inoperable. This development in China seems very encouraging to me and I’m looking forward to getting Laozu Kelly’s report after he does some gifting in and around Peking in the next month or so. Meanwhile, Didier is getting some impressive gifting results at the other (south) end of China. Since that country is essentially in control of much of the world’s economy by now it would be wonderful if more and more Chinese nationals will take responsibility for making and distributing orgonite. That, alone, could transform China from a global military/economic threat into a global blessing. I actually think there’s more hope for China than for the US at this point, now that the benighted US military are so deeply committed to being the World Odor’s legbreakers and the CIA, with its tragically vast Monarch Program, has made the USA the world capital of overt Satanism/infantilism. The depth of the US Government’s treason and corruption has been evident in the fact that the PJ majority aren’t even aware of it. At least the average Joe in Russia, Iran, China and Cuba understands that to claim his birthright to freedom would invite a bullet to the brain.

It’s a repetitive historical fact that out of the most benighted cultures have come the most enlightened movements, though. America, the stronghold of materialism, which has the largest gulag archipelago in the history of the planet, also the most deeply brainwashed populace, and is generally hated for it’s mafia-style military jingoism and ruinous CIA, spawned this orgonite movement, after all, and orgonite is the magic bullet that is destroying the entire, ancient global behemoth.

Lest we forget, though, it’s the last shred of the US Constitution (the guaranteed human right to keep and bear arms) that kept the first prolific US gifters, including Carol, Bradley and me, from being shot or suicided by the CIA, FBI and the other treasonous sewer rat agencies, early on. I personally believe that if this movement had started in any other country, the progenitors would simply have been killed before achieving a public profile, as so many other pioneers throughout the world have been killed in the past century or so

A year ago, Carol and I moved to Florida with the intention of getting a boat to live on and gift from. The overt FBI, NSA and CIA surveillance, interference and intimidation level had gotten pretty intense, after all. Thanks to my open opposition to the use of hallucinogens, I doubt we ever risked being taken down in a fake drug raid, at least [Image Can Not Be Found]

The feds prevented us from getting a suitable live-aboard craft in a timely way but The Operators put us in a spot which is very hard to surveille and assault, instead, and they led us to do the work that enabled this network to make a public display of disabling the HAARP network in a key region--the Caribbean. Dave Emmett has been working just as hard from the other end (Barbados), and I don’t want him to be overlooked.

We’ve lately sensed a decline in the sewer rats’ easy ability to erase us all and we’re moving back to the Pacific Northwest instead of fleeing to Costa Rica or another safer place. Really, if the World Odor has made it a high priority to erase someone, there is no safe place, though a moving target is a lot harder for those slowpokes to hit. We rather feel inclined to buy a place, now, and we haven’t felt that it was prudent to do that, before.

Someone asked whether we wanted to be rich and famous on the basis of the possible recognition for what orgonite has done to stop destructive storms (PJ folks care a lot about weather and even they can listen to how orgonite makes weather nicer) and I mentioned that the best thing for us is to have a profile that’s high enough to guarantee some safety but not big enough to drive the World Odor’s top rats to distraction, since that would no doubt be fatal for anyone. Prudence is always the best protection and I doubt The Operators would be able to protect fools indefinitely. We’re all fools from time to time, of course.

I think the internet is safe ground for promoting orgonite while the What To Think Network’s attention is the kiss of death. Earning a few hundred thousand bucks per year might keep us under the radar but a few million bucks would probably expose us to a hail of FBI bullets, since the saboteurs on the web have been unable to get at us on the basis of leaky reputation. The World Odor always preferred slander to bullets, of course, because those parasites thrive on others’ hoplelessness and discouragement.

Those stupid, bloodthirsty FBI jerks are usually picked to erase politically-risky targets and Carol and I don’t want to leave the world that way. It’s a real tightrope we’re walking but freedom has never been cheap for anyone, so far. Freedom ought to be free, of course, and it will be as soon as the World Odor is discarded.


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