Breaking the chain

Something I stumbled across recently - I went on a 5 day trip across the country in May and forgot to take my cell phone. It was peaceful! After I got home, my head began to throb and I felt I was being attacked. I looked around and it seemed to me that the attack was coming from my cell phone. I eventually quit trying to fight it and just turned it off and wrapped it in aluminum foil and kept it off and wrapped up for about 3 days. The attacks tapered off and after a day they were gone and did not start up when I turned it back on 3 days later. Related: Carmen was getting crazy behavior in her 1st grade classroom that could not be corrected. I suggested the same procedure and she had a much easier day with the kids. It was the last day of the school year so she didn’t get much of a chance to really test it out but she noticed a significant difference.

My theory is this: We know that cell phones are transmitters as well as receivers. Programming ‘attack’ emissions can be directed to your phone, even if it is off and you will receive this hidden communication line of !#%$#%!$# from them. By turning it off and shielding it from any further reception (aluminum foil shield) you drop off of their computer list of targets. Without location updating from your phone they can no longer target you and you will drop off of their ‘active target’ list, usually within a day or so. Even if your phone is off they can ‘ping’ your phone and get your location, then direct the programming at your phone, even if it is off. This action breaks the chain of communication.


Good stuff, Harold, thanks. Carol and I have always assumed that our cellphones are weaponized and used as surveillance tools but this is the first I’ve heard of a cellphone being used for direct assault. I wonder if they’re experimenting on you and Carmen. If you both weren’t energy sensitives I think you might not have figured out the source.

I’m interested to know whether Carmen had orgonite in her classroom. Many teachers have found that a piece of orgonite in the class guarantees more attentive and better behaved students. Carlos, who has a technical college and posts occasionally, put an orgonite pyramid in each of the classrooms ;-)

It might interest you to know that when Carol, Jeff and I were disabling that huge underground weather weaponry center under Little Bahama Bank we wrapped our cellphones in aluminum foil and turned them off. We had left Jupiter, Florida, to cross the Florida Straits about 4AM, which we figured would be too early for the FBI, who were mainly tasked with interfering with our work, to take note and follow us (we were correct) so even though we were using a GPS all day the sewer rats had no idea where we were until we checked in with Bahamas Customs while refueling the boat for the return trip. Soon after we left port a US Coast Guard cutter was waiting in international waters to unlawfully arrest us Wink

Fortunately for all of us, the sewer rat agencies are putting very little effort into trying to stop the expansion of this movement, other than to field a small army of disinformants and fakers online (Google/YouTube’s debutantes).

I’ll also be interested to know whether they’ve assaulted you and/or Carmen again after you posted this notice so please keep us informed. I can mention a lot of noxious tactics that stopped after someone posted about it. Even though this is a fairly obscure forum the written word is quite powerful and influential, here, in terms of disabling the enemy, who are only parasitic, after all. I want everyone on EW to take note of this and put it to work, more.

Thanks for your input on this Don, you and Carol really help us develop a functional framework for dealing with these anti-life forces.

Carmen has a PowerWand in her classroom as well as some pieces of orgonite. This was puzzling to me as there seemed to be quite regular and specific attacks on two of her students. The remainder of her class was attentive and willing to learn, but these two students would go on very disruptive sprees, often lasting several hours until someone would arrive from the office and remove them from the classroom (at least for a while). Any attempt to remedy the behavior usually resulted in an escalation of the abusive behavior. This was a regular daily occurrence, then for no apparent reason the child would have a peaceful day, only to be followed by successive days of wild (throwing chairs, lewd behavior, hitting others, etc.) and disruptive behavior. Admittedly, their home life leaves much to be desired and the educational system (at least here in LA) doesn’t seem to have the best interest of the child at heart, as very little was done to modify or alleviate this behavior, so we figured that there were unknown - uncontrollable influences coming from these sources. Carmen was a champ in keeping the remaining kids focused on their studies and learning some tolerance in the process. (Carmen was teaching a 1st Grade class)

it seemed to me that to get through the protective effect of the PowerWand, someone would need to know your precise location so that the death tower network could then focus (blindly) on that location and run some version of behavior programming. Thus by taking away the location information (GPS reporting via smartphones) the subliminal programming would not be beamed into the classroom. Carmen will have mostly the same kids this next year (she is moving to 2nd Grade) but without the two crazies. She routinely turns her phone off while teaching, so wrapping it in aluminum foil will be a small change in her normal daily procedure. We will see if this remedies the condition. Carmen is widely known in her school for always getting the disturbed problem children. Hmmmmm. This has probably been going of for a couple of years at least. Unfortunately, we only had the one day to test our theory, but we would rather simply not have the problem so we will start with the added precautions on the first day of the new school year.

This seems to me to be the M.O. for inciting a riot in a given population, from the inception of the initial heinous act to the crazed mob response control that was successfully demonstrated recently in Jefferson, MO, Charleston, SC and Baltimore, MD. The beta testing is probably considered to be complete. Now that everyone who is anyone carries a smartphone and since we trust implicitly whatever we ‘hear’ from our smartphone (even subliminally) we are pre-conditioned to believe and trust this line of communication. When that comm line is augmented with a focused blast from the death towers (in concert with the smartphones), the mob will know just what to do. Yikes!!

Things seem to have quieted down since spotting this hidden line of communication and posting our thoughts here on EW.