Brescia city - Delta, alfa, theta, .. etc what type of alteris going to vent from anyone guy living in Milan?

Delta, alfa, theta, … etc what type of alteris going to vent from anyone guy living in Milan? I ll be Delta tomorrow, does it worry me.

The point is when we do gifting report in western cityies environment, we shuld take notice of MK Monarch mind control tyranny control.

You do need mind control and sorcery locally in the community to push heavy drugs, just for example.

You do need pederasts in the public intitutions, and heavy handed handlers, you need the ‘writers’. The stamina will go low and low, warriors dance?

CHEER UP, people of Brescia are quite vital, and the girls are good looking. What does it tell you? That Sturbucks is unwanted in Brescia.

Two years ago an unknow gifter from Bergamo, went to its sister city and gifted the arrays on the Maddalena Mountain, and also aother array on the lower hill next to the city.

I also went to Brescia at the time of the man cuased earthquakes that shook north Italy, gifted a few towers and a hill with a sanctuary, andalso left about 10 tbs in the river Mella.

Today I took a train to Brescia and gifted 5 km of river from, up to the area called Colle Beato, so joining approx with the area formerly gifted in Gussago.

Historically the economy of Brescia is based on heavy industries, and there are polluted sites some with radioactive waste, also imported from Russia.

I found that the sky was better than expected, and had nice surprise during the river gifting when 3 white wild birds fly past over the river as it was a highway, later I managed to photograph a stunning specimen that waas resting on a stone.

I walked a total of 10km, put 40tb and 2 pizzoni in the river, including a couple of little streams, about 10 antennas, the electricity lines runnning along the river and some industries and army place where interested along the line of the orgonising do.

On the way back I bought resin, but I needed the tanks so I bought 3 bottles of 4 liters of distilled water in a supermarket in Brescia.

During the gifting near the river, there where people with dogs and I had asked info to a girl and a guy about the smaller hill with antennas, I explained what I do and they liked it, so I donated them 5tb which the girl kept for her garden and apricot tree, she asked my contacts.

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