Bridgend Gifting

10 Apr 2008 08:01
Subject: Bridgend Gifting
A town in South Wales, near Cardiff.

17 teen suicides, so needed some attention. 15 HHgs, 70 TBs, some in river, 6 EPs. Massive toilet roll earth pipe I made out of paper tube. Image

Record breaker Smile They make some nice large sign pipes now, in London eg, you can even fit a TB in them. Found a nice one for mine here.

Funded by Eddy from Scotland, cheers!

Found TB in top of pipe! Think I know who that is, good to find he is on the case as well.

This is cable supply of tower next to hospital, they are the standard size and look to be as thick as the overhead power cables.


This is one of the biggest arrays I have seen, 4 sets of panels, and 100 yards from housing estate.
Image Image
Strange post in town centre, no idea what it is.

Two of the suicides, not a good sign, but the source of the problem, no doubt.


PS, it is the HQ of the South Wales police, not a great asset for a small town.

23 Jun 2008 05:04
Subject: Re: Bridgend Gifting

23 Jun 2008 16:04
Subject: Re: Bridgend Gifting
Great work John (I must have missed this when you first posted the report) and that is a very positive, albeit alarming, report. One I am mildly surprised was allowed to go to print.

Cheers Eddie also.

I’ve begun the mop up gifting around Dorset and recently gifted a tower which was the same size as the large one John gifted (pictured above), literally on the edge of Broadstone School grounds, within 100metres of the school, sickening.

If you are reading this, what more of a prompt could you get, if you’ve been umm’ing and rr’ing whether to get some orgonite and gift, get to it, it’s not just you who gains, it is countless others you are protecting also.