Bugs - How can you describe an out-of-the-ordinary experience

How can you describe an out-of-the-ordinary experience, without a lengthy explanation of your daily routines…? For the past couple of nights I’ve had trouble falling asleep. Scared shitless for some reason to let my mind cross over to sleep mode. Dooney found bugs to be the cause of that. Not 3D bugs – the other dimensional ones.

Everybody has lack of sleep from time to time, of course. No big deal. But this felt quite different. Maybe you appreciate the information, since we’re all pioneers in the etheric realm.

Four nights in a row I couldn’t sleep until 4 o’clock in the morning. Same pattern: at the point of drifting away to sleep, my brain turned wide awake again. Alert, scared. Where you usually find yourself visualizing memories or other events that happened during the day, my mind’s eye was totally blank. No images, nothing. Only this thought “Don’t go there”. Like fear was waiting for me on the other side of consciousness and I refused to cross over.

Of course everybody has worries sometimes, or emotional wounds that keep your mind from resting. But that wasn’t the case. I settled for bed totally relaxed. So I wondered if perhaps I had “burned my ass” doing some out of body work in sleep, the nights before.

The other thing was that – during daytime – all sorts of incidents were happening. Negative coincidences which related to my own thoughts. But in such a response rate, that it felt like manifesting my own fears instantly. Minor worries I mean. Like thinking “Don’t drop the coffee” and the next thing you do is stumbling and spilling it all over the place. Or “I am glad I haven’t seen this person for a while” and the next corner they’re suddenly there. Multiply that a hundred times and you’ll get the idea. It reminded me slightly of George Orwell’s room 101 (‘1984’), where people are tortured with their own fears until they give up their concept of reality?

Dooney and Don confirmed bugs can do that. They can alter reality to whatever fits their predatory agenda. Apparently they’re at the top heap of dung beings, which makes their effort to harass me a challenge I suppose. Anyhow, bugs fit the spiders, flies, beetles and flees that recently popped up out of nowhere in my presence a lot. And I mean “out of nowhere” literally here. I really questioned my sanity for that. Obviously time/space continuum can be bent. Never question your own observations, I’d say!

Slept well tonight. A neodymium magnet taped on my forehead, where the bugs had put an implant. And an ametrine on my 3rd for their cords. Images before falling asleep were back again and no subconscious fears kept me from drifting off. Part of me is sorry it ends here. For it was quite a lesson in learning reality isn’t what it seems to be and the power of your own thoughtforms. Perhaps that is what predators are here for…

P.S. – Programming an SP only seemed to increase the effects during this bug attack. Might relate to the thoughtforms being played with. Don’t know if this is always the case of course…


You have to start wondering about William Burroughs books like Naked Lunch with the insects in it as well as Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ with the lizards.


this was sent to me by someone on my orgonite trial. He mailed it wed, I replied and he sent it 3 more times. Seems my replies aren’t getting through even from a 2nd email acccount:


in regards to your post on the EW forum (would have replied
direct but am not on it), I have also often felt that both
Thompson & Burroughs were tapping directly into
alternate reality tunnels, albeit perhaps unwittingly,
whilst in their respective ‘higher’ states. Vegas being the

yes, thats what I’m thinking now. Actually met and shot a portrait of Burroughs. Thompson not met but did meet his illustrator a few years ago. I’m still wondering how someone with so much drug use and experience wasn’t able to stop the pain he had before he shot himself.

notorious hive that it is would doubtless be riddled with
reptilians visible to Thompson’s dilated eye (the last time
I watched Gilliam’s film version that scene in the circus
really got me), whilst Burroughs’ drug of choice having been
long associated with all things parasitic. Other interesting


drug / bug connections to be found in ‘A Scanner Darkly’

curiously there’s now orgonite in Philip K Dicks house where he got 17 rejection letters in a day. Turns out someone I know who was working with a Boston based band lives there now and her garden is doing amazingly well.

Just recently re-reading R.A. Wilsons ‘Cosmic Trigger’ also
flagged up aspects of the McKenna’s early Amazonian
psychedelic experiments & their reported communication
with an alien insectoid entity.

if memory serves Crawley too and looked a bit like a ‘grey’.


Hey Mark and Carolien,

i mentioned to Don sometime last year in email that i felt the bugs were top of the dungheap and were more prominent than the other more popular entities. well my feeling now is that sometimes when we tap in or blast in the etheric realities, we have to be careful. they also could be simulated versions from “whoever” that are created for our benefit. it is like plugging into a TV programme and the ending is always the same and for the good guys.

for the last number of years, Wasps seem to come to my bedroom window and even inside sometimes. we even had a wasp nest a few years back stuck in the roof that had to be removed. i also feel that reality sometimes can be weird and strange. recently i texted a number i thought was friend. it turned out to be a wrong number. this stranger and i now have texted back and forth. a girl of 25 who happens to be from the same small town halfway up Ireland that my ex girlfriend resided in last year!!

so life can be weird and wacky sometimes…but we do have the POWER i feel….i send you much love Carolien in your day to day reality…

– Martin

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