Business Sabotage Update

I’m happy to report that there’s been very little sabotage against us since the successful orgonite-flinging trip to Belize in Dec/Jan. The usual assaults on our livelihoods (ours and Francisco’s) haven’t abated but we manage to keep our heads above water by fighting back on a routine basis. It’s interesting to see the sales climb nearly every time after we strike back together, etherically, in Dooney’s chatroom. I don’t suppose many people are even willing to consider that the corporate order is based on parasitic sorcery since ancient times. At least Africans don’t have a difficulty to consider it.

I tried to send Francisco some notorized bank documents for his Belize account a few weeks ago and the documents were sent by express mail for $50. Two days later it was returned to us, even though his address was correct and everything was in order. A postal clerk expressed disgust and mailed it again but it’s come back to us. Let’s see if the sewer rats will stop intercepting those papers after we send them again and after reporting the interference, here Cool

Here’s a queer boilerplating report, meanwhile: Several years ago, my Gilberto Gil music mix tape went missing from my cassettes. The box was there but the tape was gone. Last week, the tape showed up in the box and it was like an old friend returned after a long absence. I’ve been listening to it in my sauna/orgone-accumulator. Thanks, sewer rats!

Last week, though, Carol was awakened around 7AM (too early) by what she assumed was a loud you-tube program on my computer in the office, downstairs. She didn’t think much of it but then realized that I’d been leaving home every morning around 5 or 6AM to go work, finishing my new desert-gifting airplane in the hangar, 14 miles to the north. I steal early-morning time for such things. After that, she heard people talking loudly downstairs when she was in the shower. This is the sort of boilerplating that we resent. Stevo and Dooney have also been having uninvited, noisy federal $#!+rat guests in their home, waking them up in the middle of the night. It’s a nice confirmation but it’s still a nuisance. A long time ago, we saw clear evidence that some of these felons have a very small device that enables them to step in and out of our time/space reference at the press of a button. Al Bielek told about how this was one of the by-products of Project Rainbow in teh 1940s.

Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg is the only one among us all who is prospering from doing this work at the moment. He’s also apparently even covered all the bases in case the ZA tax gestapo try to take him down. Right after he sent an offer to the East African kikundi to sell their artful orgonite on his site, and otherwise promote them there, his website suddenly went down and he lost five days’ worth of orders and data. Fortunately, though, he and Friedericke have been meticulous with regular backups so they’re able to contact each of those customers and fill their orders while getting their website back into shape. I think that overt assault is an indicator that this is a wonderful opportunity for the kikundi and a very generous and heartfelt offer to them from the Ritschls.

Doomsayers are claiming that the corporate order is systematically erasing all substantive, empowering websites, now. I think they base it on Google/NSA’s overt move to act as the brain police on the world wide web. When I can, I remind the doomsayers that there’s a gigantic difference between what the baby killers are able to accomplish, now, and what they claim or infer that they can accomplish Wink is still down & this is from Georg:

Please use our South African Website in the meantime. I have enabled shipment to all countries and all major currencies on that website for now. Unfortunately it is presently only available in English.

As far as I know, this is the first time his business site has been assaulted since he set it up in 2002. For a couple of years the sewer rats came close to murdering him with sorcery and poisoning a few times and during that period the customs and postal departments in Germany (his main market at the time) and South Africa were confiscating and desroying his products ‘informally’ but on a large scale. Here’s a typical example of the corporate world order’s use of sorcery, agency assassins and physical commercial sabotage in a concerted, international effort.

EW has been safe from destruction since August, 2010 when Azti took responsibility for its safety. Hopefully, Georg will also find someone who has those skills and commitment. I’m pretty sure Azti would oblige, if asked, and his rates are quite fair.

Since August, 2009, we’ve only been staying even with our expenses as the corporate/occult parasites have been aggressively suppressing our trade and if we didn’t keep hitting back I’d be back to painting signs for a living and Carol would be painting houses and giving psychic readings .

The latest assault came from Australia, where someone had aftfully shut down our credit card processing ability on A representative of E-Commerce, who handles the processing, had been trying to contact us in email but all of those emails (to Carol and to me) had been intercepted. Carol resolved it on the phone, this morning. Another problem has been that nobody outside of the US has been able to order from that site and when they contact me I refer them to our other site,, to buy the products but the woman at E-Commerce has fixed that, too.

As far as I know, none of our associates in the vendor list on this forum are being assaulted this way, any more, and that’s encouraging news.

Historically, ever since the pharmaceutical cartel took over the medical establishment in the early 1900s, there’s been an international ‘War on Healers’ and it wasn’t until the internet was established that any of us who routinely cure cancer, etc., have been able to stay out of prison or an early grave.

I forgot to report, by the way, that after the Idaho State Attorney threatened to shut us down in December, 2013, all of the cancer cure testimonials disappeared from our website. The rest of the testimonials are still there and we’ve added more but I decided not to add any more cancer cure testimonials because the cartel has steppe up their aggression toward us in recent years, presumably because zappers, like orgonite, are approaching mainstream awareness, mainly through word-of-mouth (we don’t promote ourselves). They’ve begun another sabotage/slander campaign online against our zappers, too.

Another item that keeps disappearing is a photo on the homepage of freshly-killed, large intestinal worms. X-1, the mother of my four adult children, had ‘produced’ those worms during a self-administere colonic irrigation the first time she used a zapper in 1997. She had reluctantly agreed to use it on herself, then, and had been taking the best herbal worm remedies (which she sold in her colonic business) for six months with no discernible result. She was rather astonished by the result and I told her, ‘I’ll make you famous with this photo but I won’t take you fishing, any more.’