Busting dishes

Hi there,

For a long time I have been wanting to bust this:


And today finally the opportunity arose. Merely mentionning it to someone in an email was enough to get a helicopter visit the other day, so I guess they did not want me to.

It is an installation that is part of the military/dutch secret service, and is supposed to ‘combat terrorism’, used to intercept internet traffic, phone calls etc…


You may find that it looks impressive when judging the SIZE of those dishes. But when I got there, I found out that they had been doing quite some construction since the above picture was taken, there are now about three times as many dishes to be found.

I decided to skip donebydooney’s chat, for I did not want them to spy on me while putting orgonite there, it is in the middle of nowhere, hard not to be seen. They wouldn’t expect me to skip the chat, and as I announced I would go bust it on sunday, today (saturday) seemed like a nice surprise. I left my computer on, with donebydooney in the browser, and I was not able to join the chat when I arrived back and still found members in the chatroom. My account had been hacked. But while they were rejoicing themselves hacking my account, I was doing the important work, suckers! My account will be fixed in no time, but you’ll find yourself digging and fishing for years if you want to recuperate all my orgonite. Haha!

Anyway, the gifting was a great succes, almost 40 TB’s left and one really BIG HHG. Maybe a bit too overenthusiastic, but hey, that’s me getting excited while gifting [Image Can Not Be Found]

See you tomorrow in Don’s chat.


Oh yes, and DO check if you’ve got one in your surroundings, and don’t let yourself be put off by the distance, I spent 5 hours in the car today!


Scroll down and click your country, USA is “Etats-unis” Or be lazy and click below: