Busting more underground stuff in san antonio

Hello everyone,

Yesterday my long time friend Bearcat and I went out to gift some underground sites again.

The 1st site on the list had already been gifted heavily because where I work sits right on top of it. I’ve already placed at least 5 TP rollers in the immediate area and a few more in the surrounding areas.

The 2nd site was right down the road from a tower company actually. Also while we were in the area we gifted two unnatural ponds one of which is quite large and deep apparently. These are right in an area that was abused by a nearby cement plant that is now abandoned.

We had some TB’s on hand so we tossed a few here and there on our way. The 3rd site gave us a little trouble because of rock below the surface but we put 2 TP rollers there then Bearcat broke through the rock with an hoe enough to place an EP.

The 4th site showed the most characteristics of an underground base. Placed between a park and a golf course there was an obvious man made hill. We also saw a few small metal caps on the ground obviously attached to something going underground that said texas dept. of transportation. That was a little strange given that there were no roads anywhere in sight.

All in all 3 EP’s, 4 TP rollers, 1 HHG, 2 EPB’s, and 75 TB’s were gifted.

The next report will be coming very soon.

all my relations,


Hey Marcus-

It’s so good to hear another one of your gifting reports! Looks like you are back in full forceSmile Nice work!

Ned Walsh

Thanks Ned,

We went back out yesterday morning, this time hitting 5 more underground sites as well as a masonic lodge.

This time 5 EP’s, 7 TP rollers, 4 HHG’s and 30 TB’s were gifted.

They are already forcasting rain for this coming weekend. One can only hope and pray.