Busting up stuff in north carolina

an orgonite cloudbuster is now up and running in watauga county, north-western, mountainous, north carolina. the standard croft model with no “stuff” on it sits in the bend of a tiny branch (stream) trickling down through a ‘holler’.

i had previiously busted every tower in a three county area here a year and a half ago, and i was able to find and bust about four new ones since erected.

the skies were overcast with chemfront jetspew, the typical brown-gray overcast with small cleared areas of whited out sky showing and jets running through it all day. the little cb had its work cut out for it and it was an excellent chance to have a witness confirm the clearing i knew would happen.

i made an overnight trip to chapel hill, n.c. the next day and have in place there a large spherical hhg in a key place and some tbs about the area.(ok, eric)

on the three hour trip back to the mountains, i busted every tower on hwy. 40. it was about 40 or so , i think. the sky was brownish, overcast and the area distressing to be in. this was dor territioy. as i headed up into the mountains the sky became more thickly overcast with whitish blue patches breaking through.

this was going to be a classic battle of forces balancing themselves. as the day wore on the thick overcast sky split into haarpish fragments, gradually getting smaller as more and more sky appeared, although still quite thick with haze. by nightfall some stars appeared and there were some sylph shapes on the wispy ends of the dissolving haarp-stuff.

the next morning there were some very large patches of pristine azure skies with major sylph activity working on the remnants of the spew.

a few spew-planes flew through the gigantic sylphs, but by noon today, the skies were exceptionally clear, crisp, cool and bright blue with puffy cumulus clouds drifting through at low altitude. the visibility cleared back to the usual 50 mile views and everything seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

the clearing took two whole days, but the entire region has reverted back to the way i remember it in the 70’s. pristine, never to be mucky again.

the witnesses were impressed, but i can tell it’s hard for them to get their head around the ideas we are demonstrating daily, worldwide.

Jackson, that is great news.

You can see the energy off the death towers, so I was wondering could you tell if the Chpel Hll towers and the college campus I gifted were looking good or not ?

How’s the vibe down there ? It felt pretty bad before I gifted it

I still have 500 tb’s for the area for my trip down later in the summer.

Great job, bty.


there was no visible dor from any towers on campus or around town, eric… but i have to say the energy there is spooky on a deeper level. the town is creepy.

it’s a teaching hospital, both physical and psychiatric as you know and something is going on there.

there are no signs allowed in town and everything is slow, controlled and hard to locate. i was attacked heavily there and while driving back to the mountains and hit in a weak area on my face and in my neck.

i think it is the dark side of the human element there. i know they knew i was there and why… so i,m satisfied with the orgonite.

when you use your 500 , i would necklace the hill the campus is on.