Can you blast Nicolas Sarkozy

Hi all, I think that Nicolas Sarkozy, that tries to become the new french president, needs to be blasted.

The reason why I ask is that he is a nationalist and he’s dangerous (I don’t know if you feel that if you are out of France, but in France he is really dangerous, he’s the french “Georges Bush”).

The final election is on next saturday or sunday, and one man (Sarkozy) and one woman (Ségolène Royal) are presented to this final election (the better would be Ségolène Royal as president, I think, because she isn’t nationalist).


I was wrong. The final election was not on past sunday but on the following one (Sunday, 6th May 2007 in France).

If you blasted him, then you must know that yesterday on the french TV, his enemy (who is a woman, Ségolène Royal) was stronger in front of him. He has made a lot of errors… Very good point. Hope that he’ll get out of politics on next Sunday…

Thank you !

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