Can You Overdose On Orgone?

Some time ago, I received this email from Henk, a Dutch gifter living in France.
Henk told me about a friend of his, who always gets ill when he visites them.
Since this friend was a cocaine user in his earlier days, Henk assumes his illness is
related to the amount of orgone energy in the house. During the first days, this friend
always suffers from severe depressions, a continuous urge to pee and “burning” urine.
After some days all symptoms are gone and he feels even better then before.
Henk also wrote he was sick himself from driving 200 km with Manfred’s orgone CD
playing in his car – though he didn’t define his own symptoms of illness. The next time
he drove 600 km he was fine, so he said.

Henk assumes all this is caused by an (over)exposure to orgone energy.
In his opinion this creates a detox reaction, from which people can get particularly
mentally ill.

Since I have never heard of this before – nor experienced physical or mental illness
in the vicinity of orgonite myself – I like to know if anyone else had feedback like this?
By the way, he has orgonite from all sorts of vendors in his house [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hi Carolien,

The only overdose symptom i noticed is that I cannot sleep, if theres to much orgonite in the room.

At the begining though, the first few weeks i was around orgonite, there were symptoms similar to the ones you described.
Minus the burning urine, i dont recall experiencing that.


Good points, guys. In fact orgone is life force and all of us have our own tolerance level for this good stuff. People with a very low tolerance in the moment will simply move away from the source. Some people will recognize this repelling effect when they’re depressed or angry and will rather tough it out and stay close to orgonite to get through the toxic emotional episode in a gentle way with the orgonite’s help. Who’s to say what the correct response for anyone would be in that case? There are some emotional challenges, of course, that orgonite won’t quickly resolve, like grieving.

My wife understands this curious intolerance as simple resistance to assimilating new energy/information. It’s kind of like the way Pajama People ‘thrust their fingers in their ears’ (Muhammad’s humorous depiction, there) when they’re told something helpful that they don’t want to hear about.

200km of discomfort with the Canned Orgone CD evidently left the fellow in a position to thrive with the CD playing for 600km. I’m in the process of building up my flying time. The first twenty hours of takeoffs and landings (including my crash, last year [Image Can Not Be Found] ) were excruciating but I had to get through that to start to enjoy the experience, so it was worth it. Some folks learn faster than me; I learn faster than some others–no big deal and it’s the same process at work with exposure to the power of orgonite. I sleep like the dead in proportion to the amount of orgonite in the room; others feel agitated and can’t sleep, so they probably ought to keep most of it out of the bedroom for the time being. This sort of thing changes over time.

Tesla worked within a strong orgone field, produced by the many high frequency coils in his lab. He was perfectly comfortable within that vital energy field but when his friend, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) visited him and insisted on staying within the field beyond Tesla’s recommended time, the august author lost control of his bowels, much to their amusement. I doubt many folks would be able to sleep with even a small Tesla coil running in the bedroom, by the way. They put out a lot more blue orgone than even the trickiest orgonite device can do.

This is qualitatively different from getting too much electricity or too much ultraviolet light, of course. In all the years we’ve been doing this work, none of us have known of any case of real harm to anyone from being around orgonite. I think that if it were possible for orgonite to harm someone the world order’s hoodlums would have rounded us all up, by now, with the Pajama People’s enthusiastic blessings [Image Can Not Be Found]

That said, each of us are resistant to new energy/information from time to time, so we’re not in a position to judge anyone on that account. I do like to poke a little fun at the more aggressively asleep (PJ folks) but I’m sure they don’t mind, since none of them will read this post.

I’ve found that people who complain the most about orgonite’s effects generally are crying crocodile tears. It’s like complaining about being unselfishly loved, don’t you think?

Orgonite simply changes bad energy into good energy. Some folks are more comfortable around bad energy but I think it’s a blessing to avoid such people, frankly.

Orgonite is a terrific divider of sheep from goats. I sincerely apologize to our readers who are not aware of some of these odd cultural expressions that I use, though I really appreciate the translated ones from other languages.


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I sent this to Carolien, I post it here for the record [Image Can Not Be Found]

Greetings Carolien1

Just to say that these last days I downloaded the mp3 of “orgone in a can” and I have played these mp3 in our house during one week. I feel that when the inside atmosphere of our home is overloaded with good orgone, people can become more sincere and say things that were hidden from the others before that the orgone overloads the place… This is just an observation but this may or may not be related to the orgone produced by the “orgone in a can” mp3.

And when one is more sincere and talks about things that were hidden, then the other one listening to that can be upsetted by what he hears… But maybe this is a kind of “healing”, emotionnal healing (positive orgone may in this hypothesis heal emotions, free kept secret emotions and words). It may, in my sense, break any blocking emotionnal energy, and this can be manifested as words…

Just my humble opinion.


Fresh orgone makes me itch. Lots. Orgone that has aged awhile doesn’t. Figure that out! [Image Can Not Be Found]

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