Carol got hoodooed, twice, by a 'Crocan Dundee!' ;-)

Yesterday, on errands around town, she was sort of out of her body, driving on auto pilot, when she nearly hit a stopped car in front of her. Each time, she jolted back into her body in time to look in the rear view mirror at the same big, black fedmobile with blacked windshield. All she saw of the driver, both times, was his or her hand close to the glass, making odd motions with fingers extended toward her, just like Crocodile Dundee did in a movie to make a big animal go into a trance Cool. I assume that the drivers of the cars in front were either MKid drones or paid agents, working with this guy. They often stop in traffic at odd times, just to get us to rear end them.

I hope you’re driving defensively if you’re a gifter! ‘Defensive’ takes on a deeper meaning with us these days. Peter in Washington State is the latest casualty of MKid kamikaze-driving but he and his wife came out of that with only a few bruises and contusions after the MKid turned right into them as they passed each other doing about 30mph. They usually T-bone you when you’re driving thru an intersection on your green light, of course. I think MKids have high pain thresholds when in a trance state, or NO pain threshold Wink. "MKid,’ in case you don’t know, is our term of endearment for any of the perhaps millions of deeply programmed drones between teh ages of 10 and sixty who are alumni/assets of the Monarch Program, which was established along with teh CIA in 1947 or so, on the creepy foundation laid personally by Dr Freud at London’s Tavistock Institute from 1936 or so until the bigger-scale CIA program got started. Tavistock’s main use, before that, was to create a new government for West Germany from among the less palatable, more malleable German POWs in England, of course. YOu can read all about it in some of Franklin Press’s better, well-documented offerings.

When Carol gets into the heads of the MKids who attempt to surveille and interfere with us, all she hears is static, with occasional clear commands from their handlers. Have you wondered why satanic rock concerts are promoted on such a massive scale, along with daily drug use? Those are the best programming ‘refreshers’ that the CIA could come up with for their huge army of walking, essentially brainless and heartless assets.

She blasted the offender both times, of course, then dodecorated him/her. Later, when she told me about it I vordecked the freak for good measure. She calls that one ‘Crocan’ because it’s probably a reptile in a man or woman suit.

I just thought you’d get a kick out of hearing about this federal freak and his/her apparent desperation. There was a time, not long ago, when these guys would come at her and a few others among us on the highway in her lane, head on, but those tricks stopped when we posted about them a couple of times. I hope this will stop, too, because we don’t want to pay a fortune for car insurance.


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