Carol is on the Psychic Mend

For the past 8 months or so she’s been dragged over the coals on account of detoxing from years of CIA, NSA and other agencies’ poison assaults. I mean physical poison, like Lucretia Borgia’s fare.

Psychics generally can’t do good psi work if their bodies are in distress, so she’s only been able to contribute to the weekly chat sessions intermitttently and the private psychic readings have been taking a little toll on her.

Today, though, we were doing our email in the Russian gals’ coffee shop, here in Athol, Idaho, and when Katya told Irina something in Russian, Carol repeated it in English. Katya said she got it right, ‘Word for word.’ These ladies already know and appreciate my mate’s psi prowess but it was still pretty impressive [Image Can Not Be Found]

I bet the $#!+birds are really sorry that they failed to kill her with all that poison [Image Can Not Be Found] and a really, really good year is coming up for her, she says–starting on her birthday, June 19. ‘Good’ for her is ‘bad’ for the federal $#!+birds, of course.