Cash Helps. Just when I hit a low point in making and gifting orgonite

Just when I hit a low point in making and gifting orgonite, I recieved a generous cash gift to help pay for the ingrediants for making tower busters.

Now I can continue to heal the planet without financial hardship. Money mouth

Over the last 5 years I have made well over 10,000 tb’s and at a cost of about $1.00 us dollar each my healing the planet has not been done without a financial cost.

That $1.00 per tb doesn’t include the time or gas money which has gone into gifting the 1000’s of death towers around the world that I have so gifted.

This is the first cash gift I have recieved since Anita Lang my girlfriend at the time paid

for the ingrediants for my first Cloud-buster 5 years ago. That first Cloud-buster ended up belonging to her, but it was her self less generosity, which started me on my endless quest to heal the planet and us all from the Chemtrails and the mind control waves of the death towers. From this perspective and 5 years into making Orgonite I’m moving forward to another level of gifting .

If you’re reading this and want to help heal the planet, but don’t have the time or the want to get messy with sticky and smelly resin, but still want to do something, send me

some cash and I will make tb’s with your intent .

I guarrantee you will feel great about knowing that your cash is helping to heal the world.

You can easily paypal me on line to [email protected] or snail mail me .

Your generosity will be rewarded !

I just got another infusion of cash from a someone who wants to unleash their power to do good in the world and to heal the planet, by providing me with the means to

buy crystals, resin and metal shavings.

Wow, what a great world we live in ! What if a millionaire had the conscious to drop

some serious cash in my lap ? I can only imagine the gifting that I could do. Cool

This was the last thread I started before I got hacked out of the ew 3 weeks ago, so

my hunch, possible coincidence(no such thing) to requesting funds to continue gifting in LARGE amounts

has the LOSERS panties in a twist ? I can hear them now, that Carlsen kid is now asking for cash to keep his PROLIFIC and on going Orgonite gifting apparatus in full operation.

We better hack him from posting on the ew and send a message to him .

Well, I got the message, LOSERS . Laughing