Casting out Demons

, and my friend and neighbor at the Marina, Dawn Havice, need boosts… I am engaged in a war to free her of demonic influences, suckers and harvesters of the energies of misery and pain and get her Lupus into remission and then out… I have gifted very well around the Marina in general but after the events of last night, I tossed a total of 9 TBs into the River, beneath each of the corners of both of our boats, with an additional one for her at the stern… The demons manifest as Lupus and she’s in pretty bad shape… I’m going to root those reptilian shits out!

I grounded, connected to “SOURCE” as Stevo recently taught me, and blasted her boat, with her inside, with heart energies, having invoked the name of Yeshua Bin Yacob, and the Dakas and Dakinis of my Buddhist Lineage to work through me…

As to last night, and the background to this story, I brought her a bunch of Colloidal Silver I’d just made and jar full of Turmeric mixed with Honey and instructed her on how to take it to start working on her inflation and the opportunistic infections pigging backing on the Lupus Erethromatosis. This was around 3 AM. By 5AM my left eye was burning and I had white coming out of it… hit it with some CS and went to sleep… woke up around noon and my eye was a mess, more CS, from a better batch and it was better by late afternoon… Late afternoon I saw her, and her Right eye was a mess… She asked if it could be the CS and it, of course, isn’t … I’m pretty sure I got the pink eye from her as I gave her a hug in encouragement, touching her skin in a few places with my hands, and 2 hours later the bugs were at it in my eye. I went back to my boat and gave her a dropper full of CS mixed with Contact Lens solution and then I recounted all of this to my friend Elsa who’s rather psychic with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua energies… She said the Demons have been feeding on her for years… that she had opened up to them at some point… and they invaded… that the Lupus came from there… and that the crap that hit my eye is the demons that are PISSED at me because I’m going to help save her life and help her restore her spiritual connections.

I saw here at sunset, after I had boosted her and the area around her boat for a while, and she was smilling :-) and her eye felt better…

So… this is WAR… and I could use all your help…

PS: I have a Terminator I’m going to lend her, I just need to find another battery…

Hi Azti,

Your post reminded me of an old one of mine from several years ago:…/the-abyss

I still use the technique discussed there today and it still works just as well, maybe it can help in your current situation. The links in the old post don’t seem to work anymore, but this is the page where the info originally came to me: http://www.wearechristiansoldi…ult.aspx I use an even shorter version of the “basic version” outlined on that page. Short, simple, and right to the point works just fine. As a tip I do find it works better when you say or think the words forcefully, as though you are giving a real command and you mean business, rather than just reciting it without emotion.

I also wanted to add that giving your neighbour the zapper is a great idea. My girlfriend used to have Lupus too, and after a couple of months wearing a Terminator the disease was eradicated and hasn’t returned. She was diagnosed early in life, took heavy medications for many years with no end to it in sight, and then tested negative for Lupus at her next check up after starting to wear the zapper. That was several years ago and she remains Lupus free, which is a feat the establishment considers impossible.

Good luck Azti and thanks for all your great work keeping EW online. I’m boosting away :-)


p.s. I was just checking the links in this post and the one for The Abyss technique doesn’t seem to be working, but when I paste the same url into my browser it works. Here it is in full so you can plug it into yours: TheWeapon/ tabid/519/ Default.aspx After you cut and paste remove the spaces so it all runs together.

Yes, Mike. Thankyou… I remember reading this post of yours… I am at the site, but not via the old URL… It probably changed…

In any case… I will look for the command! in the site and pass it on… and use it myself…

Thanks again :-)

Found it: