Cathedral of Aparecida, State of São Paulo

We found in chat the occult significance of the city of Aparecida, in the state of São Paulo. I always knew that place had to be gifted.

Vatican is so nervous about his place getting gifted that they attempted to harm my sister in a bizarre gas accident, and that my name was included in a black list of enemies of their own. I hope one day someone finds a publish this list, it would make me proud . They are also sending whatever Jesuit or Jehovah Witness lowlife dark occultist they can throw against me. Yesterday we blasted a Draconian and his grey minions that were pulling the strings of Jehovah Witness near me, from an off-world base.

Nossa Senhora de Aparecida is the Brazilian saint patroness. It’s a figure of Mary but with a black face. The legend says that two fishermen wished to fish ot of season for the visiting party of a Portuguese count. They prayed for Virgin Mary. They were unlucky to catch fishes, but found a Mary statue when they dragged their nets. After that they caught so many fishes that they couldn’t carry them all on their boat. The face was originally white but it must have reacted and became black in the water. “Aparecida” means “appeared”. Them people started praying for the figurine and report “miracles” around it like candles re-igniting for no reason. Them our dirty nobility and clergy started to offer gifts and to worship the figure and build cathedrals to it. The last and biggest is in Aparecida, SP, where more than 50,000 people gather every year to proclaim their “faith” and ask for selfish miracles that will never happen.

She is “Queen and Patroness of Brazil” by decree of pope Pius XI in 1930, with figures in most households of elderly women and superstitious people in Brazil. Just another Black Madonna.

There are actually many “Mary of something” miracle sites in Brazil, where foolish people gather to worship magical tricks and ask something for themselves in some grotto or waterfall, after someone had visions in the place.

Brazil is the biggest “Catholic” country in the world. Jesuits clearly have a stronghold here and they won’t let that grip kindly. Aparecida is beyond my reach now. So if anyone is interested in going there and gifting the city, it would mortally wound the shitbirds presence in this country. The city is quite small actually, it would be very easy to gift it all.

Another important target region in Brazil is the state of Minas Gerais. Lots of earth pipes there are need. Brazil is full of ancient atlantean underground tunnels and the crystalline shield geology of the state of Minas amplifies whatever energy is around. An obvious start point would be the mysterious city of São Tomé das Letras, a known UFO hotspot and pothead magnet.