CB in Slovenia

My first CB is in the garden which is about 650m above the sea level and 300 m above the capital of Slovenia (Ljubljana). I must admit that it is not »big decoration« but it works and Don advised me how it is going to do its job even better.

I poured the orgonite base on June 8, 2006 and only 5 hours after that – it was 11 in the evening helicopter was roaring near my window and roof. The house is situated on the edge of the hill and it is in national park resort. I can not remember such noisy night visit in 30 years. And very important thing: there were no lights on it as they should be if everything was O.K… It was approaching quite slowly. It seams that many if not all has such un experience after making CB but reading about it is something different as TO HAVE THIS BIG, SCARY, DARK, NOISY THING in my romantic garden full of roses, flowers, cherry trees, lettuce and parsley… Somehow does not fit in it and my peaceful life eather.

The next day was Friday and nothing special happened, but Saturday on my birthday there were my relatives on a visit and weather forecast was not very promising: cloudy and showers. But around noon my CB managed to make a hole in clouds above my house. I showed the phenomenon to my guests… they were quite impressed and in fact… I was, too! The hole was not entirely spotless as I expected but was quite convincing. From time to time the hole was again closed and sky cloudy all over – there must be that this »thing« has active and passive phase. But than again blue sky appeared just for us few. Astonishing.

On June 16 the sky was covered with this whitish thing all over… sun was shining through so characteristically dim… not nice at all. But again! Like my house has some kind of blessing… above it was clearly a hole – just a thin layer of that white »not-cloud« remained in it. It looked as the CB is not strong enough to clear all that stuff. I presume that the reason could be not enough orgonite as I could not get bucket of exactly the same size as recommended. I am going to repour it and obey Don’s advise… put crystals above the level of orgonite. Can not wait to do this…

I am already planing the next one… This is an addiction!!! But such a sweet one…

Yesterday night when I was writing this report another unusual thing happened. In Don’s reports somewhere I found that it is good idea to put on all 4 house corners a TB but in the minute I did it my cat did not want to stay in the house even though it was night and normally she likes sleeping on her pillow next to me. VERY UNUSUAL – never happened before so far as I remember.

Today I am going to buy quite big quantity of resin (20l) and make more TBs for Ljubljana… it definitely need them… but Ministry of finance allready has its dose… Smile and the information is going to be among people very soon. Now only my relatives and friends knows for this… I tried to animate a group at the sea side but there were no response… Never mind… one day they will…

I feel quite proud that Meta has agreed to post her experiences and observations, here. The slow, ‘pulsing’ effect of a cloudbuster on the sky is evident in her report. We all get excited when we see dramatic, initial results of our creations, then dismayed when atmospheric conditions return, somewhat, to the way they were before.

Normally, when a new CB gets set up in an area where there are none it attracts the sewer rats’ attention like a claxon alarm might. The characteristic blast of healthy orgone from these events seems to be as ever-new to them as it does to us.

A CB is a logical ‘first shoe to drop,’ when one commits to a large-scale, environmental healing career and I’m tickled to know that Meta quickly dropped the second one, which is to immediately start seizing territory from this parasitic ‘World Odor’ by gifting.

Of the thousands of people who spontaneously set up cloudbusters in this grassroot network’s first year of life (June 2001–May 2002) only a handful followed through and started gifting, strange to tell, and the subsequent, much larger scale human wave of gifters represent a finer class of people: less concerned with their own egos or ideologies than the previous group were and much more concerned with how they might make the world a better place for everyone, rather than to only poke a one-to-ten-mile wide, intermittently open a patch of blue sky over their own homes and prevent violent storms in their areas.

It’s evident that HAARP is alive and well in Slovenia, hence the whiteout. Steve Baron and crew distributed tens of thousands of TBs in and around Toronto and only getting very far afield to disable HAARP arrays is making a dent in their persistent HAARP whiteout, two years after beginning that massive gifting campaign, though of course all of the other profound confirmations of gifting can be experienced and seen in that region and Sylphs have been abundant there since the project began.

Sylphs’ large scale, frequent presence are the ultimate confirmation that the balance of energy in the atmosphere in a particular area has returned solidly to the positive end of the energy spectrum. When we see the first Sylph, struggling to maintain that beautiful, new and distinctive cloudform (see ryanmcginty.com for photographed examples), it means the balance is in the process of shifting and we can take heart that we’re on the home stretch to removing the stinky, two-legged parasites’ stranglehold on the area’s energy. The Sylph who showed up over Hiroshima when Tetsuzi, Kelly and Eddie-san gifted the vortices in that previously sad city last August is a good example of that. It’s quite fitting that our first tireless, innovative Japanese partner, Tetsuzi Moriwake, would show up in Hiroshima, I think. The Operators are masters of propriety and choose to cast light into the hearts of certain people.

I feel certain that the HAARPicrats expend so much of their material and human (?) resources to maintain that thin, 50,000’ altitude, flat artificial cloud layer over Toronto in hopes of discouraging Baron’s gifters and slowing down the rapid awakening of 20 million or so Pajama People in that area. I had the privelege of seeing one of these paper-thin, flat, white HAARP layers being formed overhead, once, during a jet plane trip across the US. Some wise old rabbi once said, ‘No matter where you look, there’s something to see,’ so I watch out the window during all my commercial flights.

Blue skies induce happiness in everybody, all on their own, and true awakening is all about happiness, not about alarm clocks and Alex-Jones-style histrionics. These sewer rats never seem to catch on that their pitiful visual psych-out attempts and their Chicken Little imitators create just the opposite of their desired debilitating effect on us gtifters, as Steve has demonstrated so well over the years.

In most areas, all that’s needed to end the persistent HAARP whiteouts is to disable a score of local death towers and HAARP arrays, of course. Not even a cloudbuster is needed for that but a cloudbuster guarantees that there will be no violent, natural storms or strong winds again and that rain will soak into the soil rather than run over it in floods.

The HAARPies might be able to spend constant effort to white out the sky above a metro area like Toronto but they can’t do it everywhere at once, of course, and they can’t do it at all in South Florida any more, thanks to teh ocean gifting we’ve been doing. Even most of the metro areas in North America are now free of whiteout and most of them are also gifted, so chemtrails disappear pretty quickly in most areas in N America and Europe by now. Most of the death towers are in the metro areas, of course, because the sewer rats suddenly threw up one death tower for every two thousand people throughout most of the planet in the autumn of 2001. They haven’t dramatically increased the number of death towers, by the way, but in some areas, like South Florida, they just about doubled the number of HAARP arrays after the original ones were mostly gifted a couple of years ago–not that it’s doing them any good [Image Can Not Be Found]

We get scattered reports from Asia and the former Soviet countries and the reports of new conditions are favorable but not entirely conclusive. Dr von Peters is the only one of us who spends time in Russia and he says there are no death towers in the cities where he teaches medical students, including Moscow, and also no chemtrails. He’s gifted most of the area in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he lives so he knows something about death towers and HAARP. He also has one of Andy Schwarm’s cloudbusters and uses a Powerwand to disable the predators who attack him. He gets attacked a lot because he’s been a target of the federal War on Healers for many years: one of a handful of reputable, old school naturopaths/homeopaths/researchers who routinely cure hard cases of chronic illness.

It remains to be seen whether just disabling the death towers and HAARP arrays in one’s area will raise the water table and cause grass to grow, even without rain, but cloudbusters have been known to do that on their own, as have some other, more proprietary energy inventions. Orgonite’s not the only game in town; it’s just the cheapest, easiest, most reliable and accessible one.

Meta sent me photos of her beautiful home, her flower garden and the view across Ljubljana from her home, high above the city and I hope she can post some of that here. It’s a gorgeous, partly mountainous country of 2 million people, surrounded by Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy and with a port on the Gulf of Venice, which is the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. Her photos remind me of my favorite US state, New Hampshire, and I could almost smell the flowers in Meta’s prolific garden. I think she’s about to discover how much plants and wild animals enjoy having orgonite around [Image Can Not Be Found]

I have a sense that there are lots and lots of people in Slovenia who are ready to embrace this sort of empowerment.

Here’s a rising start to watch, folks, and thanks again for posting here, Meta!