CB's On A 108

Greetings all,

As my first post on EW I would be remiss if I didn’t give everyone a hearty thank you for all you have and are doing to promote life and well-being on this blue ball.

Just a few months ago I was a solid PJ person. I personally believe we are on the verge of a mass awakening that many of you have been waiting for a long time. I see the stirring all around me. Those of ill-will see this as well which probably accounts for the level of desperation you are noticing in trying to create more “emergencies” by which the intelligence agencies can further erode the rights we have left.

Nonetheless, I agree with Don that exposure is the thing they hate most. We have the upper hand – unconditional love & orgonite – that can break them down. Well enough of that. I have some early results of an interesting experiment to post.

I have had great confirmations that my outside 108 and 2 CB’s have been doing a good job for me but sometimes we still get very nasty solid gray cloud cover that can last for days. You probably know what type of clouds I am talking about.

Anyways, I got this idea to place one of my CB’s in the middle of the 108 so that the base is resting firmly on the center 6 TB’s.

Within minutes the clouds started developing nice pockets of blue sky and the sun was peaking through here and there. That was great but about an hour or so later the clouds seemed to “recover” and starting filling in the blue sky openings and we were back to solid gray overcast yuck again.

After night-fall I get this idea and go down to pick-up a saw-horse at HDepot. I then placed my second CB leaning on the saw-horse at slightly less than 45 degrees with the base resting in the center of one the 108’s flowers. So I have one CB in the very middle (resting on top of the TB’s) and one CB resting at an angle with its base on a 108 flower pointing SW.

Remember it was dark when I first implemented this but the sky was obviously covered solid by clouds as far as the eye can see. I stood there for a while and noticed some strange things along with some black clouds moving underneath the gray cloud canopy and then went inside.

About 1-1.5 hours later I come out to see if anything has happened to find the night sky crystal clear, I mean super-clear. The stars were twinkling so brilliantly that I was a little in awe. Orion was right above us so I get my son to check it out and even he commented how clear the sky was. I should note that we live on the edge of a very large U.S. city so super clear skies aren’t very common here.

The next morning I wake up to a spotless clear blue sky. I mean gorgeous! Yeah!

This experiment is early but so far so good. We will have to see if there is a ‘counter-move’ that tries to nullify this event but for now that is my report.

Update: The beautiful skies lasted a couple of days then the solid gray, unproductive clouds returned. I decided to change the direction of the leaning CB from SW to the other side of the 108 so it is now pointing NW. Did that at night-fall, came out a couple hours later and bingo, clear skies again and a beautiful vivid view of the stars.

Could be a terrific coincidence or interesting experiment. You be the judge.

Hi Toby and welcome,
I believe so too. They are in the corner as far as justifying their ever greater deviations from the basic freedoms and rights enshrined in most constitutions worldwide is concerned.
So they must create these threats and make the PJs believe that their draconian actions are “in Defense of Freedom”. I believe it is important that we always insist on these freedoms and unailianable rights. Remind them that we haven’t forgotten.
Unfortunately they still have the power to kill many people and they do it every day.
Just lately by nuking the tectonics under Haiti and then accidentally discovering the oil that they already new was there. I’m sure the contrats for the deep sea port in Port-Au-Prince are being negotiated amongst the usual suspects right now. They might have to creat new corporate shells though, because imagine the grim laughter around the world when they announce Bechtel and Halliburton as the consortium leaders, hehe…
The new strategy of the empire is to cretate havoc with environmental warfare weapons of mass destruction, make it look like a natural disaster and then move in with the Marines, selling it all as a great humatitarian effort. Mayabe that’s actually progress, the fact that they feel compelled to mask as the good ones.
So, unfortunately all is not well yet.
Hundreds of millions are targeted for genocide in Africa with the concocted “AIDS pandemic” and the toxic drugs given by the professed do-gooders to kill them off if malnutrition and poison food doesn’t get them.
I think those who understand that health is their own responsibility have the best chance to get through. Many will not make it. That is very clearly vcisible here in Africa. I have little illusions there. People die like flies. Early diabetes, AIDS (so called) and a total inability to take responsibility for their own health, also real lack of very basic knowledge and succumbing to the hammering mass propaganda is on frightening levels here in South Africa.
When I see this crazyness going on, I often wonder if the waking up will be in time. It’s not always easy to stay on the optimistic side.
But truth is oozing through the cracks in the lies and many of “their” initiatives just don’t fly any more. See the recent ridiculous Swine Flu campaign. People massively refused to take the vaccines world wide.
It all comes out in the open, visible for all who want to see.
Massive orgonisation seems to assist in this process apart from neutralising or even reversing the effects of chemical warfare and elctronic mind control.
I think it is crucial now to get the orgonite into those places where the New World Odor commits it’s mass slaughter rituals on 3rd world populations.
Except for some underground hives and other islands of negativity, most of Western Europe and North America seems to be pretty well covered these days and I was indeed astonished when I vistited the States last September how nice most of the places felt.
No comparison to the late 90s, really a big improvement. Kudos to all the gifters who did their part!
Now the Orgonite needs to find it’s way into China, Irak, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Liberia and all these places that have been deliberatly f…ed up for so long.
Just a bit of rambling. Hope it did not come out too pessimistic.
We can do it, but we have to do it!
It doesn’t do itself…
Start by taking responsibility for your region.
Adopt a landscape, feel personally enraged when you hear there is a drought or when you see an area where chemtrails still stick.
It’s intolerable, so let’s just not tolerate it. Finished, end of story. We don’t have to accept what they’re dishing out. No way!

Georg, that was awesome.

I respect your comments and would not try to impose any judgment on them as being too negative. I am here to learn as well as to contribute.

You have seen the damage the dark-siders inflict on a very up-close and personal level. Your experience motivates me to do what I can to turn the scenario around. Your show of hope and strength after being so close to heart-break and destruction is a true show of valor in my book. I think history will be kind to folks like you who are some of the real heroes of our time.

My ambition is to add my strength to the strength that so many of you have displayed. With increasing numbers we will spread the load and speed the renewal that all the earth seems to be longing for. Even my PJ friends know something is fundamentally wrong and that we can’t go on like this.

I hope to not see everything that you have seen, but I know that it exists and it is horrible. Because of that, I am taking responsibility for my area. In my mind, we gifters are like the foolish that confound “the wise”, for all of their scheming and money a simple piece of orgonite defeats their expensive technology. Not to mention the sweetness that orgonite adds to the environment which is so addictive. The plot is just too good to resist. The explosion of awareness is just around the corner, and we will be there to help other folks to make a difference in such a healthful and loving way.

I am new at this but that is no excuse for not trying hard. Believe me Georg, my area is getting a positive boost and will continue to. More like-minded folks added to the mix are making the transformation quicker.

Thank you for your comments! It is my privilege to be associated with such a noble and effective movement.


I wanted to update this post as I continue to determine if my experiment is pure coincidence or has real value in clearing a sky full of unproductive ‘gray-soup’ clouds.

Has been raining here the last few days and very gray. The rain has been fine but today the clouds were unproductive and a little depressing so I decided to reposition my angled CB from the NW to the SW and kept a close watch to what happened.

Just like clock-work the clouds to the SW started moving around and soon the cloud cover began to thin out. Soon after that some small patches of openings began to form and move directly south to north! This developed over about 30 minutes, and about 45-60 minutes into the CB move the clouds where really active and larger blue patches opened up, again south to north.

Has been about 2-2.5 hours now, the sun is uncovered and the temperature is rising,…along with my mood! Yes…

Not 100% clear sky yet, but certainly a huge improvement. I’ll try to update this whenever I make a switch in the leaning CB until it becomes clear that we have a predictable pattern.

You can see my setup under Eric’s post of ‘Cloud Buster Photo’s’.


I’ve been under heavy attack since I gifted some rich people’s cemeteries in September, reports are in my “gifting São Paulo” posts. Inspired by Toby’s idea, I decided to place my SP in the middle of my 114 to fight the attacks and things are running smoother since that. It may be a coincidence or not, but I want to share.


I don’t want to belabor this post so let me bottom-line the experiment for now. For whatever reason, sometimes my CB’s have a hard time keeping the skies clear of the gray ‘soup’. It is like the dials get turned up or extra cover is being laid for something above the clouds. Other days my CB’s really keep the skies nice and bring in spectacular confirmation.

Hence the experiment with one CB on the center TB’s of my 108 and the other angled less than 45 degrees with it’s base on one of the outer 108 ‘flowers’. See the setup in Eric’s post of ‘Cloud Buster Photos’.

So, that seems to clear up whatever ‘unnatural’ conditions are happening at the time and bring healthful natural weather. It also seems that after a couple of days conditions sometimes stagnate again and I move the leaning CB to a new direction.

What I can tell you definitively is that for my area each time I move the leaning CB,…stuff happens. We had an ugly front move through the other day and after adjusting the leaning CB a clearing was punched right through it. The latest CB move has produced fantastic results even after the chemtrail planes came out. This result has extended several miles past my house as I witnessed a chemtrail plane flying low today about 18 miles east and the friendly clouds nearby where quickly dissolving them. Not sure how much to attribute to the new CB configuration or my gifting in that area, probably a combination effect.

I personally feel this development is getting the most out of the CB’s potential. Another leaning CB added to the mix will provide nice continuous coverage in multiple directions without moving them frequently. I look forward to seeing how that works out.