"cell phone" towers

The world appears to be plagued by these “cell phone” towers, everywhere you go you bump into the rectangular pannels. Downtown Santiago there is an average of 1 tower every 500-800 meters. You wonder why so many towers are needed, is the communications techonology of the 21st century so ineficient? If you get the chance to ask some one who “knows” a little bit more about comunication systems, they tell you it is because one tower can hold a limited number of calls, as well as having a poor range. Turns out that in the town of Paihuano, a little mountain town in the north of Chile, there is one tower that services an area of about 40 miles all around. By the way, this tower doesn’t have any rectangular pannels.

These are the typical towers that can be seen throughout the whole city… notice that the palm tree is also a transmitter, but we’ll go into that later:


The long and thin masts are legitimate cell phone antenas, the pannels are DOR transmitters:

DOR transmitters at street level (it is amazing to observe how many of these are actually pointing downwards, directly to people):


On top of a pharmacy… how apropriate!

More pannels:

These are the most common ones, they always have big massive cables coming out of them. It seems like a lot of power is needed for frying brains, not so for legitimate communication systems. The average energy consumption for a legitimate cell phone mast, is about 800 watts. They never exceed 1500W (Alejandro got this info from a site of the british gov). That amount of power would never require the massive coaxial cables seen on all death transmitters, like this one:


Death pannels and the cross…

Now this is more fancy:

Stylish pole! These are often seen in more upsale neighborhoods… now this is what you find when you follow the cables below, under the parkinglot:

Once again, way too much power for just four 250W lamps.

Now talk about disguise!

Palm tree version 1.0 (your guts are showing!)

Palm tree version 2.0

Pine tree

Once you are able to identify DOR transmitters they suddenly start poping out from everywhere. The next step is to BUST THEM!!!

Fortunately, most people who use cellphones remember that the service, before these death transmitters were thrown up by the millions in late 2001, was as good, then, as it is now.

Doc von Peters just got back from another trip to Russia and told me that there are NO death towers or chemtrails in MOscow or Ekaterineberg (Ural Mountains region). There are as many cellphones, per capita, in Russia as there are just about anywhere else, of course.

Javi, the funniest death transmitters we’ve seen are the ones incorporated in the signs of fundamentalist Christian churches. In Arizona, we saw an enormous death tower along a highway on which was erected a large Christian (Mithraic, to be more precise) cross on one face
‘With this sign you shall conquer,’ indeed. Thank God the death towers are a failed agenda by now. ‘Thank The Operators,’ too, of course.

Like with parasites in the body, who go down fighting, the job won’t be finished until all of the countless millions of new death transmitters and HAARP arrays aroudn the world have been gifted. I don’t foresee the world odor handing over a sword in any surrender ceremony but, fortunately, gifting provides plenty of very fine confirmations, as you’ve been demonstrating.


I usually find the ones “disguised” as trees amusing. I mean, how silly!

My brother recently took these pics of a worker doing some kind of work on the death tech hidden inside a large flag pole. This is somewhere in north Jersey, but I forget what town he said this was in.



Here’s an old email I sent to Don a couple of years ago entitled “Cell Tower Infrastructure”…

Dear Don

Recently I read on EW.com one of your friends wondering about the infrastructure of cell towers. The company I work for was in the past contracted to provide mechanical and electrical systems designs for some of the small buildings that support cell towers. Please don’t hold it against me, as I’m not in a position to pick and choose what jobs our company works on. Besides this was in the past and long before I knew about the dangers these towers pose. I don’t know how much of this is relevant or useful to your friend, but I thought I’d pass along what follows as some potentially useful intel.

What follows is related to the electrical service and distribution to a particular support building.

The current transformer (CT) is an 800 ampere, 3 phase, 4 wire outdoor type cabinet. Downstream of the CT cabinet is the service switch and transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). The service switch is a heavy duty, 3 pole, SN, 600 volts, fusible type with a short circuit rating 200,000 RMS amperes with class L fusing. The TVSS has 200KA surge capacity configured as 208Y/120V, 2 phase, 4 wire and ground. The service is backed up by a diesel-fired emergency generator rated 125KW/156.25KVA, 208Y/120V, 3 phase, 4 wire.

The main distribution panel is a 600A – 208Y/120V-3 phase-4 wire MDP, which serves, besides some HVAC equipment, 8 electrical panels. Of these 8 panels, 3 are dedicated to transmitter circuits only. Each of these 3 panels is a 42 pole, 208Y/120V-3 phase-4 wire, 150amp main circuit breaker with equipment ground bus. Each transmitter circuit is a 1 pole, 20 amp trip, 1440 load VA, with 2#12 branch circuits. The first of these three panels has 32 circuits dedicated to transmitters. The second has 24 circuits for transmitters and the third has 20 circuits for transmitters with the rest of the panels being space only for future expansion. There is one panel for lighting, receptacles and other small loads. And the remaining 4 panels are 12 space spare 100 amp panels.

I’m not well versed in things electrical and couldn’t much explain what any of the foregoing means. But your friend, or some in your network, or among your readers might be able to analyze this information with regard to the capacity of such systems to deal out DOR.

For what it’s worth…
Best regards,


Thanks for posting that, Dave–I’ve always wanted to tell about this but it’s been your call.

The best way to draw PJ folks’ attention to the fact that these towers are not what they seem is the simple fact that the electric current from the ‘line in’ is a tiny fraction of what obviously runs up from the concrete bunkers by the towers

It’s important not to underestimate the power of denial, though. The vast majority of PJ folks will forget what you said immediately but at least they listen in the moment, these days, instead of braying like donkeys.

Many psychics see the underground powergrid but you don’t have to be a psychic to add two and two together regarding the bizarre ‘line in’ vs ‘lines up’ ratio that Dave verifies directly.

Stan in South Carolina once emailed to say that a friend of his who is a tecchie on death towers, discovered a very large dish transmitter, facing upward, under a tower facility. I can’t verify that but the implication is pretty creepy.

It’s obvious that the power supply of nearly all death towers comes from underground and is off the grid. I’ve rarely heard the big generators running in those concrete bunkers. In fact, I’ve only heard that twice: once on the edge of the Navajo Reservation and once in Kampala, Uganda.

I think it’s a good time to remind that when we find the characteristic nuke cooling ponds, it’s important to toss one or two towerbusters in there because that apparently disables the little underground reactor by putting orgone into the cooling water. As far as we can tell, one little nuke powers a couple of dozen death towers and/or HAARP towers, which is why you find more of these little nuke ponds in urban areas. They also use town reservoirs for cooling the nukes adn most ‘conventional’ powerplants also apparently have nuke plants underground, which is why you see very, very clean/clear water in cooling ponds at those ‘conventional’ plants when the surrounding water is opaque, as is the case in Macon, Georgia, for instance.

Typically, the nuke ponds are two rectangular, gravel lined ponds, separated by a barrier and surrounded with an ordinary chain link fence. Nearby is a small shack, which we presume is the underground entrance. You rarely see both ponds full of water; they empty alternately and we presume that the purpose of the ponds is to vent DOR into the atmosphere.

At one of the larger ponds, we saw yellow-green water in the winter. it looked like antifreeze

If you’ve got the time, toss a TB in the ‘full’ pond, then return later on. You’re likely to see both ponds full, then, which may indicate that the nuke has been disabled and shut down, thanks to that little TB. That’s kind of like shooting down a B-1 bomber with a spud [potato] gun. I love the economy of that because the world odor will run out of resources before we will, especially in Ireland and Idaho


Definately, way too much power!

It is very cool that Don mentions that throwing a TB in the nuke ponds takes care of the job. When we busted the HAARP array in the center of Santiago, we bumped into these cooling ponds(although it may not be for a nuclear reactor, since the water was dirty). The largest of the towers was sitting right on top of the water. We threw two TB’s in, appart from the 1HHG and about 15 more TB’s we placed close by. Now I know that that place is HEAVILY gifted, exuding POR!

I am curious to go and see how the pond looks like today…

This is how it looked when we gifted it… one of our first gifting adventures…



This is the base of the big tower, the base sits on top of the water

I went towerbusting today with Javi on some hills close to my house. The towers were pretty well camoflaged from far away. Brought back a couple of souveniers that may be of interest on this thread. I forgot to take my camera, but I’ll go back and take some photos of the signs on the trail and the towers. http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u287/Chicorea/DSC04942.jpg


That night, after having gifted those strategic towers (three very big but the last ones in La Dehesa Valley), looking at the ceiling in my bed, I wondered weather we’d see a stronger HAARP/DOR assault or blue skies…

The next morning it was nasty… completely covered ir chem/haarp crud, and the air really seemed electrified. It was not until 4 in the afternoon that we could see the sun. That day, there was like a sky parade of airplanes and helicopters survailing the area. Another interesting phenomenon was that the light went down in Alejandro’s neighborhood.

Now, in the afternoon, it seemed like they gave up and the atmosphere cleared up… the sun shone and the nasty midst dissapeared. Yesterday was an awesomely clean day, blue skies and a very pleasant temperature. We went down town to buy stones and even there the skies were blue and it was a delight walking in the streets with Ale holding my hand. That night we stayed up with friends talking under a clear sky, the stars shining neat.

It seems that, at least in this part of the world, the DOR assaults can’t be mantained 24/7. There is an emerging discussion in government though, about adopting nuclear energy… we’ll have lots of work when the politicians that are proposing the idea, begin to be heard… there are still other more important issues in the agenda, domestic issues like the trasportation system, so living in a “Thrid World Country” is a privilege now a days

Hello everyone! This weekend we noticed that there is a proliferation of new death transmitters in our city, right beside the ones we’ve gifted. All along Bilbao Avenue, for instance, there was a tower every 1km aprox, and now they have added a new tower for each old tower there was… so now we have two towers every kilometer! And this is happening in several places… if they don’t set up a completely different tower, more pannels have been added.

More than a turn down, this is all very inspiring… I’m off to make TB’s!

Oh, there has been also an increment in the aerial survailance… choppers flying very low.

It was no joke… check out what we saw right after going gifting today:

http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u287/Chicorea/towerscables001.jpg These men are installing the pole for a DOR transmitter. The tower you can see in the back is already gifted, not even two weeks ago.

Well, this antenna is gifted even before it is installed

Today we went to another hill top in La Dehesa Valley. There were two towers there, one of them was just like the ones we gifted last week, big fat cilindrical tubes that covered the pannels, ad hoc for the upscale neighborhood. There, I found an instruction manual:


As you can see, it contains VERY LITTLE information, just the necessary to be able to install it.

I also found a piece of cable:
Image is missing

Since the last post on this thread, we have observed that many many towers that we have gifted have been dismantled. They are taking off the pannels, leaving just the cell phone masts up. The towers look naked and thin, have lost their menacing look.

I’ve read from other gifters that after towers are gifted, more pannels are added or a new tower is set up near by. We’ve also observed that over here, but this new phenomenon is quite amusing too. So far, we’ve seen 5 towers dismantled, and the number seems to be growing. Today we saw that one of the towers of the American Embassy had no pannels. The other two still conserve their death transmitters.

There is another striking phenomenon I’d like to mention. There has been a dramatic increase of aerial activity in our sector. Now, the aircrafts are no longer survaling our properties, they just fly over our houses since it is the route to wherever they are going in the mountains. Every day we see helicopters and planes fly in direction to the mountains behind us, making several trips a day. They are mostly militar aircraft. Yesterday morning we saw 5 militar planes flying in a triangular or arrow-like distribution. The rest of the day the planes flew by one, back and forth the same route, dissapearing back on the Andes. If the psychics could take a look at this would be great, to get an idea of what they are doing. We will find out though, we have contacts

Friday offered an spectacle. The very first place we gifted here in Santiago was a hill top in our neighborhood, in La Dehesa Valley. There were three large towers there, and we gifted them last december. Well, a helicopter (accuaintance of us already, blue and orange, must be rented) was apparently setting up another tower on the hill. It took six big boxes to the hill top, going back and forth for about an hour and a half.

Here, another pic… looks like a pair of dishes to me…


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