CERN again - Yesterday, Dooney wanted us to do something for Vittorio

Yesterday, Dooney wanted us to do something for Vittorio, who is under the gun on account of his outstanding orgonite information website in Italian, now. For nine years we conducted a large, weekly chat session to help deflate the corporate order’s genocide/terrorism agenda and we quit doing that a couple of years ago. It was evident to some of us by then that the corporate order had lost their ability to start World War Three with false flag attacks and brainwashing. But Dooney and a few other psychics use her chatroom occasionally for mutual protection and to help other individuals. I was invited because I’m married to one of them. It’s always productive because these individuals are getting hit by some really big enemies–great targets.

Vittorio started being gangstalked by agents a few weeks ago as soon as he put his new site online. Anyone who is gangstalked can probably put an end to it by showing some appropriate aggression toward the enemy, of course, and when they’re doing it in 3D we have to assume that the psi corps are also hitting us from unseen directions. We ought to also assume that we’re being targetted by subtle energy weaponry. When the towers around us are all flipped with orgonite they have to resort to portable transmitters and from very close range, since those can’t be powered the way the death towers are, from underground.

Protecting ourselves is a basic skill for gifters who intend to keep their health and sanity and remain in the game. Dooney is very good at teaching folks to do this and it’s very easy to do. is her site.

When the psychics looked at Vittorio they saw a huge amount of interference from the Vatican and the image of CERN kept popping up. A popular disinformation author wrote a book about the alleged ‘god particle’ agenda at CERN and we’ve always assumed that the place was built for some very ugly purposes.

On the eve of its two spectacular failures in the past there was some good, tactical gifting of the site. The second catastrophe involved extensive fires in the facility. The first timely gifting success was by Laurent of Switzerland and the second by Axel of Austria. Not long after that, Axel gifted a pharmaceutical HQ in Austria where a new bioweapon had been developed and was being sent out the world and that The sewer rats are evidently announcing another attempt at a ‘debut’ in the near future and the psychics in the chat got a clear impression that just a few more earthpipes will ensure that one will fail, too.

They suggest putting three groups of three earthpipes at the site in case someone who is reading this is able to get it done. It’s possible that the orgonite that’s already there will ensure another corporate/occult failure but if I were there I’d do nine more. The corporate order are stupid in their arrogance, which is why they keep underestimating what orgonite is doing. That’s actually a protection for us, I think, and a sign that the enemy aren’t keeping up with the times. In the past, they controlled the times [Image Can Not Be Found]


For my part I participated in three rounds of gifting, two with two different groups and one in solo. Each time many hhgs , tbs and eps were used.

I was also told that some others unknown from me gifted the CERN as well.

But if there is a need of regifting I think it will not be so problematic to do it again [Image Can Not Be Found] Just let me know if there are some specific targets.

Axel told me that CERN is probably the region with the highes orgonite concentration in the world…

I was never there, don’t ask me, but my idea is to try something new instaed off addind more TBs, HHGs, earthpipes…

What about gare-type huge earthpipes? Hard to get them into the ground there, but possibly there are some crecks or places where they can be sunk deeply?


I can confirm, I know one person who, according to himself, put around 400kg of orgonites there about 3-4 years ago…

I have an intuition, to gift with magnets (or orgonites with magnets?)! I believe the negative influences of the Cern are not anymore in the range of orgone, but more in the range of disturbing magnetic fields…

Maybe this sort of things

can help. I made it on a request of someone who is a real psychic and scientist too

I know there is already one in Geneva which is in good hands.

It’s like a big hhg combined with a zapper that could emit every frequency from one hertz to 9999hz.

Thanks a lot for the history, guys! I had no idea so much gifting has been done, there.

Laurent asked me for a suggestion for where and how to place the 9 and Carol feels that just putting them in bunches of three at three approxiimately equal distance around the perimeter will work fine.

We got started in 2001 with a strong feeling and impression that it was important to close some portals to reptilian hives around the world and that’s one reason we went to Namibia and also why some Europeans went to Malta in that year. Malta is the place in the world where there are the most stories of interactions between humans and reptilians and all of them involve unpleasantness underground.

Jean, who has a big mailing list and sends around some interesting stuff from time to time, sent this yesterday: … geles.html

I like it because it was published in 1934, long before there was censorship and disinformation around the subject of reptilians. It also helped me appreciate why LA is the only place I’ve ever seen the reptile eyes in people [Image Can Not Be Found] and I now wonder if CERN is a major reptilian interface with the ancient Vatican/London hierarchy–I guess we’ll know sooner or later.


This is completely off topic, sorry, but I want to congratulate Laurent for helping the kikundi grow some more. His help for the orphanage in Jinja, Uganda has resulted, through Mrs Odondi’s sponsored efforts, there, in another contributor of gifting reports, Lilian Briaa, who will introduce herself shortly.

Maybe it’s not completely off topic, since freeing Africa from parasitic rule will certainly help ruin the prospects of the people [sic] who own and operate CERN [Image Can Not Be Found]


And I think it’s tremendous that Laurent, one of the pioneer gifters of CERN, will be returning to tighten the screws, as it were. It’s a potent reminder to us all as to just how big a difference even one person can make in this world.

I think I will reawaken the old kikundi over here on that topic [Image Can Not Be Found]; I clearly prefer group gifting, it’s more fun and convivial.

D O N E!!!

After some little annoyances like Marco 's train did’nt come at the station , the passengers had to change to a direct that didn’t stop in Lausanne where I was supposed to pick him up but instead stopped in Geneva where he had to wait for me for a while. We were also supposed to meet with Stephane who had six eps from South Africa (thanks Georg) but his phone didn’t ring at anytime I called him in the morning. Little annoyances because finally all went well. I picked up Marco at the Geneva station went to the first spot on the Schedule: St GENIS-POUILLY.

If you zoom on the map … IGgBA&pw=2

you will see a spot where two rivers meet just under EGLISE MENNONITE.

After that it was time to to try to call Stephane without any avail until he decided to call me after two or three hours of waiting MY call.

Finally we could meet and after a pretty good lunch went for the next target: GEX. If you zoom again on the map at Gex you will see a triangle formed by two roads and under that zoom until you get route de la Chénaz where the Le By river meet another one. This is the top of our triangle.

Next target VERSOIX zoom on Bois de Machefer where the Versoix river is divididing in smaller streams, it’s a swampy place and a natural reserve for birds and plants. Very suitable place for our last three eps.

Finally a very pleasant gifting trip! [Image Can Not Be Found]

CERN is cerné now!

You guys are champions, Laurent, and please thank your friends for us, too. It’s nice to see that interference with train schedules didn’t stop you guys. It’s also a nice confirmation, perhaps, that what you did was worthwhile and timely.

I know it’s tempting to assume that orgonite has failed to work due to some possible new resistance by the $#!+rats’ technology but I’ve never seen evidence of that. It’s possible that the very first gifting sortie at CERN was enough to prevent the enemy’s success forever, there. There’s plenty of evidence to show that they still underestimate orgonite’s potential. We could say, based on their plan to try again after two progressively more dramatic failures, that they’re clinically insane [Image Can Not Be Found] as well as being parasites.

It’s also tempting to assume that since simple orgonite devices work so well, then bigger and more complex approaches may work better but I’ve never seen compelling evidence of that, either. Even when one does additional gifting with a few ordinary towerbusters in a city where all the death towers are flipped one will likely see confirmations in the atmosphere, for instance. I do know that our enemies do their best to persuade people that only proprietary approaches work and that they’re wasting their time with towerbusters. If it weren’t for EW’s stabilizing influence the enemy would have destroyed this effort before 2003 and we’d probably all be dead from nuclear fallout or starving to death in work camps. Only God and the corporate/occult $#!+rats know what CERN might have accomplished, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]

When we feel prompted to do more gifting at any target there’s probably a good reason for it, even if we can’t articulte it or even imagine it in the moment. The success of this unorganized movement is largely due to the fact that we few generally follow through with our hunches in a timely way and maybe that even includes building bigger and more complex devices in some cases–not for me to judge, of course.


For me, I have only used basic, or slightly amped up tower busters. Nothing else, and I have no plans to change that.

For me, the confirmations are self evident, even if I don’t expect/intend them, and that’s enough to sell me on the fact that TB’s work! Given how easy they are to make, and how reasonably cheap, I can deploy far far more than if I was to get overly fancy, or technical, and for me wider/deeper deployment is more important.