CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland

16 Sep 2008 10:09
Subject: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
I would like to know if anybody has gifted the massive proton accelerator in Switzerland, known as CERN. I do not know what its current status is, but it’s a scar on the face of the earth, and playing with the Atom is the most glaring mistake that humanity is currently engaged in. I would specifically ask that any gifters in the vicinity of this research center gift it extensively, in the interest of balancing out its nuclear energy, which Don says orgonite is capable of doing. I certainly hope so.
Last week an informed gifter in Atlanta was telling me about an incident at the CERN lab, where a giant explosion occurred. 5 hours later, a massive gamma radiation burst arrived to earth from a distant star which had exploded some 7.5 billion light years away. Conventional science would say that experiencing this means the event occurred 7.5 billion years ago, but I am no longer buying into all of the conventional beliefs, and I think its entirely possible that the “accident” of april 2007 (or some other incident I am unaware of), in which a miniature big bang explosion occurred at CERN, is responsible for the destruction of an entire star some 7 billion light years away. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant, the interconnected nature of life is no longer debatable, and playing with the atom is opening a can of worms that we as a race will be paying for for generations to come. I do hope that orgonite will at least have some positive effect on whats happening out there. Its the only thing I can think of to help mitigate the harm of this situation.

16 Sep 2008 11:51
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Do you mean the LHC (large Haldron Colider) ?……php?t=1523 checkout this post. In my opinion, all the fear-mongering about the end of the world via CERN is all BS. That bit about a star exploding because of a “minature big-bang” is pretty ridiculous. In light of orgone dynamics, the big-bang theory is just another ridiculous theory of quatum mechanics. Reich explained quite eloquently and simply how matter is condensed from more sublte energies (orgone) and that this process of “condensation” is occuring all the time. Of course academic physics religiously avoids any mention of people like Reich, Telsa or Schauberger. Quantum physics propaganda is also closely asociated with Theosophy, as exemplified by that crap film “What the bleep do we know?”


16 Sep 2008 13:33
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Thanks for the link to the related site. I didn’t know there is a lot of fear mongering BS about this project, I’ve only just heard about it but my gut tells me its wrong. Nuclear energy as a whole is a disruptive endeavor and shouldn’t be played with. Below Don mentions some of the specifics that this project may be used for. Do we have any updated information on the gifted status of this site?……php?t=1523

16 Sep 2008 13:46
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Quantum physics propaganda is also closely asociated with Theosophy, as exemplified by that crap film “What the bleep do we know?”

Glad you got that out about “What the bleep do we know”, Ale. I am a laymen myself about quantum physics – any physics for that matter, since real science is withheld from all of us during education and we’re teached propaganda instead. But I did meet a lot of sickening newage people (Theosofists) in my life who preached the idea of “We’re all creators of our own universe”. The “finest” example of that, was when I spent a summer vacation cooking for some newage seminar resort, where one of the staff members was outcasted because of the 12 rapes she mentioned she had endured in her life. Which – in the eyes of the other staff members and workshop participants – was her own creation, so nothing to feel sorry for. Everyone avoided her coldheartedly after this, as if she had some contageous disease. I call that spiritual hierarchy think for what it is: fascist in nature.

If ever the paradigm of science appears to be connected with our level of consiousness, I rather stick to the old ‘enlightened’ explanations (where the two paradigms are fundamentally separate area’s) – if there’s no room left for human solidarity.


N.B. I understand Viktor Schauberger is worth looking into and he was treated much similar as Reich was as a scientist (though I haven’t checked his ideas out yet). Video “Nature was my teacher” , ‘the Vision of Viktor Schauberger’:


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Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
16 Sep 2008 16:20
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
help is on it’s way. That’s all I can say for now in order not to compromise the mission.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
19 Sep 2008 03:32
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland

Between May 21st and May 24, 21 Earth Pipes were delivered to the CERN facility by Swiss gifters.
Sorry for the late notice. A private message seems to have been lost.

Don Croft
19 Sep 2008 09:02
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
In fact, Stephane and Laurent took note of the psychics’ evaluation, last spring, that the alleged Halon Collider was a threat and needed 13 earthpipes around it. Steph sent me an email in June, after they did the deed, but the email was intercepted. In June and July the hackers were really having their way with Carol and I. I think the Company $#!+birds were feeling their oats after my plane crash in May and Carol’s hangglider crash in early June Wink because we endured a rash of hacking, money theft and international package sabotage for a couple of months after that until we finally asked for some help in the chats and I started posting about specific crimes in Carolien’s sabotage thread in late July.

These two Swiss guys are also the ones who gifted Lake Geneva and even got some public credit for clearing and cleaning the lake.

The CERN facility apparently got ‘beefed up’ during the summer, according to what the psychics were seeing and also according to the inordinate amount of attention/distraction that was happening on the What To Think Network about it. One of the chatters in Europe particularly wants to do something about that and we (especially Georg) are supporting his upcoming effort.

If it weren’t for Stephane’s and Laurent’s timely intervention, there, maybe the earth would be floating around the sun in little smoking chunks by now. Thanks again, guys! Some of us have the sense that the corporate world odor would rather destroy the planet than give it up to ‘the meek.’ The old farts have probably all got their own space yachts, after all, underground golf courses & pens of stolen white children on Mars or the Draconians’ hot planets. Schmucks.


19 Sep 2008 09:25
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Thanks for the full explanations Don.

I will not take credit for the gifting, as I had not time to participate. A very dedicated team went there to do the job, and it is them who should have the credit.
(not sure if they want to have their names appear here – so blank list until further notice).

20 Sep 2008 12:16
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Just a short note to let everyone know that we successfully completed our trip to CERN!

We had repeated impressions about former gifting there -
but we did not see Stephs postings before our adventure (unforntunately) -
otherwise we would certainly have arranged a meeting Neutral

We gifted 33 EPs, about 20 TBs and 4 HHGs
(2 were special creations/donations from Georg, with some african Muti in it I think)
all over the place and it all seemed guided by some divine power
(you all certainly know what I am talking about!)

The chat gang will certainly analyze the results soon
(we felt that our efforts sunk this newest effort by the New World Odor) Mr. Yellow

We intend to produce a gifting report in the next couple of days….

20 Sep 2008 20:18
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Confirmations?……I’d say this definitely applies:……626944.stm

Way to go Axel, chat blasters, cetaceans, Operators etc, etc. Mr. Yellow

Keep Boosting and gifting!!!

Don Croft
22 Sep 2008 21:12
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
The abject failure at CERN immediately after Axel’s visit, there, is one of the most astonishing confirmations anyone has gotten, I think. The psychics in Sunday’s session said that they saw a whole lot of protection around him, by the way, but we went after some Chinese agency peekers who were caught in the wings, just in case.

The bummer about being in the front row of this unorganized movement is that sevreral $#!+bird agencies’ psi corps constantly monitor us and wait for opportunities to harm us. Fortunately, I think, this apparently takes a huge amount of manpower to accomplish, so most of the gifters in teh world won’t have any trouble from these felons in the American, British, Russian and Chinese and Jesuit sewer rat agencies. As far as I can tell, the Mossadomites® don’t have a psi corps. I suppose they’re content to blow up Israeli schoolbuses and fire Scud missiles from Lebanon at Israeli cities.

Thanks for elucidating, Steph! You and your Swiss friends are always welcome to our help if you need it.

Of course the What To Think Network lied about what happened, but I had fun visualizing all those sewer rat scientists, nervously running around with high, squeaky voices after the alleged ton of liquid helium leaked into the tunnels Cool


24 Sep 2008 01:40
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland

If their news releases are to be believed, the collider will be out of commission until spring 2009.……632408.stm

Keep gifting,


24 Sep 2008 13:10
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
Very good news ! Laughing

Thank you Axel !

Don Croft
24 Sep 2008 17:05
Subject: Re: CERN Nuclear Research Project, Switzerland
This abject failure at CERN, following closely on the heels of their less climactic failure last month, is probably one indicator of how ineffective the world order is becoming as they continue to get exposed. If they really were just shooting protons at each other in a big old cyclotron they’d probably have a lot of easy success, rather, so this perhaps reinforces the psychics’ and others’ impressions that the underground structure is a weapon, deployed against the human race or the physical world. Since no sane, balanced person can fathom the depth of degradation and corruption that the average agency sewer rat, scientist and politician in the corporate world order eagerly dives to reach, maybe it’s just as well that the real purpose and nature of the CERN facility is such a closely guarded secret.

The reason we don’t dwell more on what goes on in the chatrooms is because of its essentially subjective nature, even though the psychics almost always report seeing the same dynamics and personalities. The reason we dwell more on what anyone can do with orgonite is because the confirmations are less controversial and more physically obvious. The cool part of being able to manipulate the atmosphere toward a state of health and balance is that a single, ordinary person like any of us can achieve such a thing consistently.

I consider our exploits in the chats to be essential for preventing these mass murderers from achieving their genocide goals, on their way toward oblivion. My favorite part of that activity is the way The Operators (including lots of whales, orcas and dolphins) always seem to step in and help us as soon as we acquire targets. Maybe getting to the stage of identifying proper targets is the only part for which we’re responsible. Without the psychics we’d be shooting in the dark, of course, and it’s marvellous to witness their consensus.

An interesting example of consensus was when Carol, Dooney, Stevo and I were in a private session, last week, to help get STeve’s business out from under some new sabotage: The first three are psychics, in case you didn’t know. One of them discovered an ancient (Atlantean?) vortex ‘wheel’ under their property in Western Montana. They started seeing these wheels all over the world in primary vortices, several years ago, but for some reason they only thought to look for one, there, during last week’s session.

All of them saw it and started reversing the spin, then began spinning it the right way. The native-American guardian spirit on the surface, around where their ten acres are (Western foot of Bitteroot Mountains) was in dispute with what appeared to be the wheel’s guardian entity. Looking much more closely, they found that the underground guardian was a faker, set up by the Chinese occultists to keep the psychics from finding the real guardian, whom they found in a sort of stone sarcophagus, in suspended animation.

After expelling the faker, Stevo went (out of body) underground to converse with the entity, whom they said resembled a young woman with long, dark hair, and before he mentioned it, Carol (In Idaho) said, ‘There’s somebody down there talking with her.’ Wink

There are usually one or more interactive confirmations like that one during the chat sessions and some of the other chatters have or are developing psi talent, especially lately through Dooney’s forum effort. It’s been tough to find psychics who aren’t so steeped in Theosophy (the default ideology for psychics) that they’re unable to leave their egos at the door or to be otherwise dependable but there are still some out there, apparently. The CIA and MI6 use Theosophy, a fake religion, to train psychics so that they can be easily controlled through their egos and fears, of course, then they apparently murdered most of the good psychics who wouldn’t work for them, mostly in the 1990s. Many psychics find a way through the hypnotizing Theosophy maze and start thinking and living more independently and rationally, of course.

There’s an awful lot of illustrative incidents like this one in teh chat sessions that I want to post about but I’m concerned that it might shift the focus away from the harder science aspects of the work we all do. As with anything, it’s better if the psychics, themselves, report these things but maybe they’re concerned that the professional (agents provocateurs of the CIA and MI6) $#!+slingers might make them targets of ridicule, like they’ve occasionally tried to do with me for writing about aliens once in awhile.

Dr Reich, in 1947, made no bones about his having constructed and deployed his first cloudbuster to deal decisively and effectively with some sleazy spaceships that were beaming his facility in Maine with so much DOR that it was literally starting to kill people. The academic sycophants who later tried to bask in Dr Reich’s hard-won good reputation always glossed over this, focusing only on the cloudbuster’s weather function. Some of these guys are the ones who are publicly ridiculing me for mentioning aliens–go figure Cool --and the funny part is that we rarely even think of the nasty aliens any more because, as far as we can tell, they’ve mostly jumped ship, now that the parastic world order, which they were eagerly supporting, is obviously on the decline. These days, all you need to do is look at any newspaper’s front page to see evidence of the bizarre disarray and lack of focus at the top of the corporate/political dung heap.

I feel bad whenever anything of note is not included in the public record because there’s a chance that it will be lost to history. We’re ALL making history right now, after all. I hope the psychics all have good memories and will someday compile their first hand accounts of all that has transpired in the sessions for the past six years Wink . Maybe all the chatters can create an anthology at some point.


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