Chamonix And Saanen Giftings

After an article sent by Silvio

thanks to him , I was incited to go to Chamonix at the feet of the Mont Blanc the highest peak in western Europe (4800 and some more meters high).

There are a lot of crossing ley lines in that region. We focused Marco and I only on three in the vicinity of Chamonix at Les Houches more precisely. If you look at the map you will see a triangle composed of three yellow, green and magenta lines .

We first went near the river Arve ( that joins the Rhone in Geneva by the way) where one of the crossing is located. Planted an ep with a triangular config with 3 tbs.Then went up to the other crossings which are situated in a very slopy area even one is on a cliff. So we decided to put the second ep between these two crossings.

I must say for the anecdot that when we left our place the weather was awfull due to huge sprayings the last days and humid front together. all the area was covered and continuous rain was pouring down. When we arrived near Chamonix the sky began opening and a huge sylph was waiting for us right in the middle of the valley just above the place we wanted to gift. And when we had finished the sky began whitening with chempuff pushed by high winds coming from West.

The other place is a center data located in Saanen thanks to Braikar’s article: Marco and I went there last thursday where we could pick up nice and delicious mushrooms (this region is well known by mushrooms pickers far at the round).

We surrounded the place with the same triang config: one ep at the center of 3 tbs also in a triangular mode around the airport plus some more tbs in the small rivers that are running downward the mountain.

Now the difficult part will be posting the pics Marco took with his I phone.

Sorry I would be better at that stuff

Congratulations Laurent and Marco,

Have you read about this? Now they can feel some energy!
Les Houches Accords a protocol for high energy experiments done is Les Houches Mont Blanc.

The swiis fort knox gold bunker guarded by air-force is bang on the money. Did you made any friends over there?

The sylph waiting for you maybe is a confirmation that the various off-topics you experienced lately served also for something, maybe it was an important on-topic mission arranged that it could be done before the weather becomes snowy.

For sure Silvio we had to make it before the winter season.

No friends in the gold bunker;–O and I was’nt aware of these accords neither.

Laurent maybe in Busalla near Genoa you can make friends. Enjoy Symbol of Busalla. he he he!

I hope so Silvio! ;–)