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Hi guys,

I have a friend who posseses the ability to view the energy. He’s doing this professionaly (healing, drawing human auras, chakras and so on). As he admits he’s not briliant at art, but still it can give some idea how it really looks like.

I asked him to make a drawing of my Don Croft’s Chembuster. The Chembuster was a brand new build, classical by Don Croft design, around 2 days old, I’ve only added a big chunk of amethyst inside the base.

Please note that this is not in the perspective, which means that the energy shooting up was not included in the drawing, you can only see the ‘flame’ close to the pipes. On the side of drawing you can see spirals, as he said they were quite big. The red colour as he desribled was the grounding process as we just picked a spot for it in the garden. The ‘flames’ on top was the energy shooting up into the sky. He said he can’t really measure how far it goes into the sky, but it was just going up and up and really high.

I hope this post and his drawing can give some insight on how Chembuster is working in the energy realm.


Another energy drawing is a big piece of orgonite with pipes, not a classical chembuster, although it was meant to be one, but due to the lack of funds it was growing in size over time and doesn’t really look like a classical one. This piece is around 50kg, more then 40 short or even shorter pipes (now covered with earth as it was in the ground), copper, brass, aluminium, bronze shavings, powdered hematite and magnetite, piryte, quartz, pink quartz, amethyst, some spirals, and already made orgonites encasted within. We were looking for a spot for it in the garden and after many places we found one where it made sort of connection with the plants and this is how its energy looks like.


And this is how it looks from above.


This is my first post so please go gentle on me.


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Welcome Michal and congratulations on your first post!

We don’t usually have people describing how energy looks like coming out of orgonite, maybe because it’s been done before. Nevertheless, it’s great to get extra perspectives, and the illustrations really enrich things by adding another dimension. Please, thank your friend for his beautiful drawings – I couldn’t do better even if I did see the energy


Welcome, Michal and that’s a valuable post for the record, thanks!

From time to time it’s worthwhile, as Carlos noted, to tell about the energy observations because stuff like that tends to get lost in the shuffle, otherwise. More new people are probably visiting this forum every day, too, so all of this is fresh info for them.

Dr Reich made a series of paintings that convinced me that he had the ability to see subtle energy. We also call it ‘orgone,’ here but it’s probably a good idea to post reminders, now and then, that this is just Reich’s name for ch’i, prana, life force, ether, etc.

On the subject of names, we call our invention the orgonite cloudbuster but this is a small matter. Someone who was promoting them made up the name ‘chembuster,’ because Trevor Constable had personally complained to to that person about our use of ‘cloudbuster.’ But we always made the distinction that ours is not like Dr Reich’s original by adding ‘orgonite’ before it. Our term rather honors Reich, I think, and there’s been been much more public awareness of Reich’s work on account of our later work. The sewer rats did their best to erase and misrepresent him after they finally murdered him in 57.

On this forum, when people use the abbreviation, ‘CB,’ it’s generally understood that we’re talking about orgonite cloudbusters. I don’t think I even have the necessary skill to operate one of Dr Reich’s cloudbusters safely. One really needs to sense or see subtle energy effectively to use one in a way that produces desired results.

Neutralizing the poisons in the stratosphere was a happy secondary effect of orgonite CBs that a friend noticed overead a few months after we made the first one. The main purpose of an orgonite cloudbuster is to balance the local weather, which it does very well and safely. It’s good that it’s safe, since there are many thousands of them, now .

Not all psychics see subtle energy as well as your friend does, Michal, and not all psychics who see the energy will see exactly the same things but what your friend illustrated is certainly in line with what other reputable psychics have seen.

No two people will see anything exactly the same way but this isn’t a problem at all, as far as I can tell, and it can be an encouragement to engage in genuine consultation, which can produce a broader view for everyone. I’ve encountered scores of skilled psychics over the years and the ones we end up working with are the few who are happy to engage in consultation with other psychics. A whole lot of good has come from this process an other groups are also discovering this so I think it’s just a timely development, sort of like the internet and the ongoing failure of false flag assaults to turn PJ folks into weapons of mass destruction, which would have made WWIII possible after the feds blew up the World Trade Center.

In the earliest days the only other psychic we worked with was Don Bradley, who sees energy about the same way that Carol does. We visited him often in those days and it was always productive. They both tracked a spiral, helix-shaped energy field around the CB, narrow at the bottom as in your illustration but expanding out to several hundred km diameter in the stratosphere, like a cyclonic storm. They saw the funnel between the ground and the stratosphere moving in a way similar to tornadoes. They also saw an egg-shaped positive energy field around the base, extending out a few feet. It’s not necessary to ground a CB, by the way. Some disinformants have insisted otherwise but remember that one of the many purposes of disinformation in this case is always to make this work seem to complicated to be worthwhile. Carol and I played around with grounding them after someone we knew insisted on it but we found that it really doesn’t matter. It’s a human tendency to institutionalize and organize everything and Dr Reich warned that ‘Organization is death,’ which has inspired me to do my best to prevent this effort from being institutionalized. I think that by now most of the people who fling orgonite at death towers don’t even know or care who we are and that’s good news.

Putting a pipe in orgonite produces positive effects at a distance in the direction that the pipe is pointing. This is something that nobody has explored very much beyond using the standard tools (CBs, earthpipes, etc). The parameters for all of our devices are pretty broad in terms of effectiveness, which is why nobody has institutionalized this work, which would turn it all into a dogmatic exercise for sycophants.

Dogma destroys positive spirit so I’m grateful that this movement has remained so inclusive over the years. My ‘karma runs over other people’s dogmas,’ and I’m living proof that personal liabilities can turn into assets. Before the internet, that personality trait made me a pariah but one can live one’s entire life without ever meeting more than two or three discerning people and the internet is where discerning people can finally meet in large numbers. This dynamic is turning discernment into something fashionable, apparently.

In the early years some lazy folks felt that it would be better to make a huge piece of orgonite instead of just getting around and flipping all the new death towers but that never panned out. It might be that sticking a bunch of short pipes out of a large piece of orgonite would vastly increase it’s range of influence for one purpose or another. Maybe your post will stimulate that enquiry, Michal. Georg Ritschl makes and sells ‘orgonite howitzers’ which are along that line.

Chemtrails are typically spewed in the stratosphere between two and five miles high. This is easy to determine by noticing the relative size of the spewplanes, which are all evidently converted passenger liners, according to what we saw on several trips at the Mojave Airport, where those British and American jets were being turned into chemtrail spewers. Next time we drive past there I’ll check it again. It’s close to Edwards Air Force Base, were a lot of secret creepy aviation stuff happens.

Passenger and military jets that produce contrails fly 8 miles high, typically, so they’re a lot harder to distinguish with the naked eye than chemtrail jets are.

Last time we drove past the CIA’s airfield north of Tucson on Interstate Highway 10 there were still a lot of chemtrail jets on the ground. That was only three months ago. This is one of the places where the spew equipment is installed in the jets. I know that because my brother-in-law was given a guided tour of the facility on a sales visit in early 2002. He sold fire extinguishers and systems to large companies and the CIA certainly is a large company .

There’s are armed sentries at a gate at the entrance to the CIA’s airfield, which is legally for public use and I noticed on the air charts that it’s not controlled airspace, so I can legally fly my aircraft there to take some photos, films and happy gifts up close–next year? I need to get more proficient with the paramotor and doodlebug, first (very portable aircraft, deployed just about anywhere). I’ll let the CIA $#!+birds chew on this until then.

The first time I saw a lot of chemtrail jets on the ground was in early 1999 in Miami. This was soon after millions of people started getting sick from the spew, filling the hospitals with respiratory distress sufferers. I never saw the chemtrail jets in Miami again. I think most of those airfields are now hidden in remote areas because unmarked, white jets on the ground in groups may attract too much attention. Another one was the Kingman, Arizona, airport. Those are also gone.

Seeing chemtrails shouldn’t discourage anyone, by the way, and I’ve heard from tens of thousands of sick people around the world and haven’t found a new case of chemtrail-induced sickness since 2002. The Morgellons endemic, in spite of those sites’ strident claims, is obviously not from the air because every sufferer I’ve heard from over the years since it showed up (around 2004) are quite isolated and I have the impression that they’re each profiled before they’re subjected to the pathogens, which I think are a combination of nanotech and living tissue. So far, the Terminator zapper has been curing these folks but I don’t have enough feedback to know whether it’s just the magnet in the zapper that’s doing it. I know that strong magnets disable the injected, unshielded implants, so I assume it also works on nanoweaponry.

Zappers won’t likely cure someone who has been damaged by repeated exposure to aerial bioweaponry. Those millions who were damaged between 1998 and 2003 are mainly still sick, though it looks like they’re typically not getting cancer or any other degenerative disease. ChemBuster, which is a homeopathic/herbal remedy developed by our associate, Dr Wm von Peters, in late 2002, cures about half of them and when that won’t work for a zapper customer I refer him/her to the Doc, who most often can cure them after getting hair samples in the mail. His product site is and when Carol and I were severely poisoned with beryllium and other toxic metals by the FBI in 2004 he found it in our hair samples and his proprietary chelation product quickly got it all out.

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