Chemtrail Plane Up Close And Personal

I put together this short video of the Battelle lab chemtrail plane photos I had just now.

I figured youtube was another good place to reveal them to the public. [Image Can Not Be Found];

This my first video production, so please keep the applause to a minimum. [Image Can Not Be Found];

This is priceless!
A chemtrail is considered by many people to be a pretty good piece of evidence of deliberate chemical spraying, but typical PJ folks are often quick to claim these are just normal contrails and that’s all. Seeing the actual planes in the sky spraying chemtrails is also another good piece of evidence but the PJ folks are even quicker to claim these are only everyday passenger airliners making contrails due to the weather or other atmospheric conditions (no problem-ski).
But seeing a spew plane on the ground and being able to view the details of the internal and external chemical spray equipment deserves serious consideration by even our most skeptical pajama geniuses. The sheer amount equipment on the interior of this plane leaves next to no room for any passengers. No stewardesses or little bags of peanuts on this flight!
This means these planes are very well designed scientific devices specifically being used for non-conventional purposes. The typical commercial features of the exterior would allow this plane to blend in at many airports somewhat inconspicuously. Also the fact this plane is the property Battelle Labs a defense contractor, speaks volumes to me. (A well funded defense contractor would have the resources to carry out extensive global operations). You can take this to the bank, defense contractors do not believe in peace or they would be out of a job!
Great work Eric, this short film would make a wonderful television commercial to indoctrinate
the public.


Thanks Louis .

I’m going to redo the voice on the video, so it comes over a lot smoother.

Keep in mind this plane is not your typical spewplane. This one has props for one and is limited in altitude. It also doesn’t have the fuel capacity of the larger wing spanned jets, that we see more often spewing the chemcrud.

When I first posted the pictures on the old hack ridden ew, there was talk that this aircraft was more for monitoring
air quality, but I still think it’s spewing stuff rather than just taking readings.

If it wasn’t spewing why would the container behind the plane be hooked up to it with those orange hoses ?

Something is being moved onto the aircraft by them and you can see the orange hoses again on the inside of the plane
attached to where the jets are located on the outside of the craft.

Battelle Labs is also the company that made the anthrax strain that was mailed to the senators and killed the
photo editor of the national enquirer just after Sept 11, 2001 .

So, whatever they are involved in is NEFARIOUS in nature. [Image Can Not Be Found]

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