Chemtrails are NOT harmless!

Hi Don,

I just wanted to get rid of some thoughts…

First of all, you said that the chemtrails are relatively harmless. Well, I’m afraid that is not true here in Germany. They partly lost control, but they try hard to regain it. Sometimes they manage a whiteout for some hours. but the effort necessary for this is really unbelievable! They fly nonstop for days, they establish “DOR-centers” in the sky (many chemtrails go through this center) and then expand it, they support it with massive HAARP (You can see the rainbowcolours, sign of very strong HAARP), they attack sylphs directly through HAARP and there are many strange planes every minute.

After those attacks the bloddpressure of my mum goes into dangerous territory, many people are sick, don’t feel well or have got a headache. There are many cases of people coming into hospital, because the nosebleeding didn’t stop. And all this despite the presence of 4 CBs in a very well busted environment. And I can see nanostuff in my own eye, because I am very shortsighted. I suspect that they use new stuff and they changed their weapondry while there was this vulcanoeruption last year. So to make a long story short, chemtrails here are not harmless, I think they are very dangerous. Maybe they concentrate their main effort in other parts of the world?

So please to all busters out there, don not slow down gifting, it is still critical.

Then something else, I read about poisoning. I think I am psychic, but it is not very strong or say, it’s surpressed. So everybody should take my observations with a grain of salt. I think that I have been poisoned at least one time, probably two times. I won’t tell any names, this would not be just, I might be wrong. I met someone who wanted to come in contact with me in a way that should seem coincidential. He was a joung man, very egocentric with a lot of problems, but he knew a lot and talked about revolution against the NWO, so I decided to meet him sometimes. What I found out pretty soon was that he tried to distract me from the orgonite to whatever.

One day he left for half a year and late in the evening at the last day of him being in the region, he went somewhere under a pretext and left me alone where there was a lot of garbage, old furniture…
He proposed that I could have a look whether I would find something suitable for my. What I found was quite shocking, a laptop-like part like from a plane with buttons on it, written on it (in English) “radar”, “drop bomb” and other stuff and it didn’t look like a toy! I showed it to him and he said he wanted to have it for research.

Well, when I drove off I had a very bitter, strong metallic taste on my lips. This is where the lucid dreaming sets in, 'cause I could suddenly remember this dream where exactly this had happened. Maybe the information or warning from this dream saved my life. I stopped several times to get rid of all poison, a whashed my lips and my hands (like I did in the dream) and nothing happened to me.

The other poisoning was a Chinese also young woman who put poison in food. She didn’t want to eat from it (I am not hungry). In this case probably out of sympathy for me she gave me natural detox afterwards. So probably she fulfilled her task but actually she did not want to kill me. The same story with her, she came to me (not directly, but with the help of a friend of mine) and she left one day later. Some days afterwards she admitted that she had done a mistake. Here I was more lucky, the day after the poisoning I felt very sick.

The nice part of the story is that a gave orgonite to both of them (which they accepted), it will give them a better chance for healing and some orgonite came into the center of China! But I really should be more careful with my friends!

Then, intuition and busting…

At two unimportant masts (as one might think) which I had busted I had the strong feeling to look for them again. Everytime they dig out an earthpipe and you could see many holes where they had searched desperately. Later I learned that at one of them a team of 5 with some sort of metall (orgon?)-detactor had looked for them. Of course I rebusted them and made the task for anybody who wants to search hopefully more difficult.

Lucid dreaming and busting…

Some spots which I had busted, I had already done it in my dreams. I could remember when I did it. Two times the bells of a church did their work (how do you say? My English is not sufficient sometimes) just after busting and it was like a whole city was celebrating the victory over the evil. At least for me it was exactly like that.

The red beam…

I use it to defend myself. I just imagine a red beam of energy coming out of my third eye to anybody who attacks me. You should visualize it. It worked every time! I hope it is not harmful, I really do not want to do anything bad. Please let the real psychics have a look into this, for a am just a beginner…

I hope this is interesting and not too long. I share all this to give some input. What we need is information, and I want to give something back.

Talk to you later,


R*****, the key to knowing if chemtrails are responsible for any sickness is that the first symptoms are always respiratory. Most folks who are psychologically affected by the sight of chemtrailsl, now, didn’t notice them when they were sickening millions of people that way and filling the hospitals to overflowing.

The corporate world order absolutely are still poisoning people and probably using a lot of electronic weaponry to exacerbate the syptoms. Who do you suippose stands to gain if people only blame chemtrails for all that?

Carol and I get poisoned just about once per week, usually when we go to town to do our errands. We’ve caught the rats donig it and attempting it, a few times but most of the time they’re pretty good at hiding. Also, the food products from corporations are probably full of weaponry, as are many water supplies by now, even bottled water in America.

I think you’re plenty observant and are doing very well, following through with hyour intuitive hunches in a productive way. In addition to all the stationary weaponr the fart hammers drive around in trucks and vans with broadcasting equimpment to get close to us, probably because the orgonite makes it ineffective from a distance. Tney might be botheing your mom to discourage you from gifting, too, and if you’re feeling that chemtrails are responsible they can capitalize on that. They’re ol;y parasites, after all, and all of us have fears, misconceptions and prejudices that they can exploit. YOui’ve done a lot of gifting, so they spend a lot of effort on you, no doubt. HOpefully, having more public profile, even thoughwe’re not telling your name, will make them back off a bit.

The red beam thing may be fine–not up to me to say–but some years ago we started going after these felons with our hearts and that’s been very productive, also feels pretty good to the sender. They’re masters at manipulating the mind and, if I"m not mistaken, third eye connects with the mind. They can’t get to our hearts unless we consciously let them in.

Every weapon can be neutralized. I think the corporate world order is relying mainly on concealment now, though, along with distractions. This is probably one of the payoffs for the still-massive chemtrail program.

We’re each challenged to get out and do more and more gifting if we want to make the skies perpetually pretty but I think we’re fortunate to be able to see the results of our efforts, this way. The death towers have a lot of uses, so that’s why we encourage people to bust those, first. All of that technology, unlike the chemtrails, is a better-kept secret than the Manhattan Project was in WWII. All we have to know is that simple orgonite turns these weapons into healing instruments, though. It will be fun to eventually find out what they’re doing, specifically, but it’s clear enough to many people that they’re etheric energy weapons, mainly, not merely ‘EMF’ weapons. EMF is surely a secondary effect since the freq. and amperage doesn’t chane after a tower has been flipped but the quality of the energy sure does [Image Can Not Be Found]

On top of that, all the slick, CIA-ponsored disinformation websites on the web that discuss chemtrails are aggressively ignoring what we’ve all done (including you) and are doing, except they occasionally attack us, of course. Europeans are less willing to acknowledge disinformation because it’s so alien to civilized culture but we in the Americas understand that disinformants overwhelm all of the media, including the internet. The same folks own and operate Hollywood, so of course they’re consummate, charismatic and masterful liars.

Getting poisoned that way is a mark of distinction, so you ought to be proud of it, I think. The vast majority of gifters are not poisoned that severely or frequently. WE initially sought a public profile in early 2001 when it became apparent tha the corporate $#!+birds intended to erase us or tos us into the American Gulag Archipelago. It really seems to help.

I’m proud of my battle scars [Image Can Not Be Found] and can display some pretty distinctive evidence of several aggressive poisonings. The kicker for me is that I"m healthier, now, than I was ten years ago when we started this stuff. So is Carol. I doubt I’d still be breathing without the timely help of DocStevo and Doc von Peters, though.
metallic taste always indicates radioactive poison, I think. Orgonite seems to neutralize it in the body, pretty well, but these are metals, so it’s a good idea to get help to get them out. Doc von Peters does a masterful job and in the short term, I think PCA Rx is efficient enogh for the milder doses of all kinds of metal-based poisons.


HAARP whiteouts occur higher than the chemtrails, I discovered during a plane ride nine years ago. HAARP ones are a paper-thin layer of manufactured cloud that can persist for months over an area, as it did over Toronto until Becca tossed enough orgoniyte into the NorethAtlantic and stopped it. DB had suggested it nad Becca did it immediately.

I think that for any clouds to form there needs to be sufficient water in the atymosphere. This is probably why the only time they can get chemtrail-seeded clouds to last more than a few minutes is when the relative humidity is high at that altitude.

I absolutely guarantee that if someone will do a through enough gifting job in any area, the chemtrail-seeded clouds will disappear faster than now. The fact that Raschid is seeing Sylphs indicates, to some of us, that the alance in his atmosphere is at least decisively positive. I’ve never heard of a Sylph being harmed by HAARP or other weaponry but people who frequent disinfo websites have convinced themselves that the corporate world order is more than just parasitic, I think. Maybe it takes a lot of exploration and contemplation to reach the certainty that these people are just parasites; essentyially powerless but with a whole lot of money [Image Can Not Be Found]


In our experience, the colors in the clouds don’t show up until a lot of gifting has been done. I think it happens quite awhile after the Sylphs start to show up because I saw Sylphs over our area a couple of years before I noticed the colors in teh clouds on some days. I did start to see colors in healthy clouds nine years ago, though. On days when the energy is especially vibrant the colors are more evident, especially magenta and light green. I was thrilled to discover that actually going up to the clouds gives a better view: the colors are brighter and the bands of color are much wider. It’s quite thrilling to witness that up close! Hopefully, my saying this will inspire more folks to participate in the Etheric Air Corps to increase their gifting range and capabil;ity, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

When Carol and I started flipping those tyowers there was an air of desperation. It was right after the feds blew up the World Trade Center and we had a sense that genocide and martial law was eminenyt. It was a few years before that anxdous feeling faded and was replaced with deep confidence that the bad guys have already lost and that we’re just ‘mopping up’ to preven them from taking a lot of people down with them in coming years.


They sure try their best in Greece too, have been spewing for days now, starting with the brown stuff.

I could see, due to the lucid moon, that they tried to keep it up at night

Heads swelling, dizziness etc

It was not sticking to the sky though, for some reason [Image Can Not Be Found];

Harpy clouds abundant all over but yesterday sylphs were very active

Also, yesterday the local medical asssociation made a hurried and ‘urgent’ announcement for airborne particles, advising the old and the sick to stay indoors

funny…yesterday was a sparkly day [Image Can Not Be Found] , guess it was a pre-programmed announcement and the system is probably too rigid to make timely adjustments

The local air measuring agency mentioned that they were not measuring any dangerous levels…so somebody is not talking to somebody, thank Grin

We woke up to rain today

I noticed coloured cloud here for the first time ever, about a week ago. [Image Can Not Be Found]; Went before I could get a picture. Only time I can ever recall seeing that was last year when in Italy (nr Slovenia border) at top of skiing mountain.
We do get absolutely sublime days here, often. Nice blue sky, puffy white clouds and cool breeze. None of those week, 2 week long throat slitting whiteouts anymore.

we get plenty of chemtrails but they go in no time at all.

Over the house we also often get amazing whispy clouds that makes me think slyphs are overhead.

Hi everyone,
This is quite a subject. what are chemtrails, what are they for, and are they harmful? How does HAARP create a white out?
Any answers that someone gives must be speculation because the money for research just isn’t there.
My speculation is that the trails vary in composition around the world, and as time goes by. i think people do get anxious from them some times in the recent past. people that don’t even look up in the sky. the speculation has to be mentioned that exo-politics may enter into the equation as well.

this video is from a month ago roughly and is in my neighborhood. what ever that spray is, it can’t be good.
speculations welcome.

Don mentions a phrase “the feds blew up the World Trade Center”. First, what is meant by feds? It seems to me a cabal did it that may have headquarters in various places around the world. sept. 11 was an outside job……ha ha Second, if you check the evidence on the site drjudywood .com it seems the towers were turned to dust rather than blown up. Blown up towers would have resulted incite a large pile of rubble that just wasn’t there. she speculates that directed energy weaponry was used, and there is also a new book out by her called something like “where did the towers go?” She reckons around 1500 people jumped out of the towers. many of them took their clothes off first. she thinks they exploded in the air on they way down. there is all kinds of evidence of directed energy weaponry shown on the site.

we would all do well to learn the information on this site and it’s links:
it seeks to teach the art of critical thinking. it seems the trivium is only taught in the ivy league schools these days, at least in the states. public education teaches confusion and primes us to accept the many logical fallacies that are presented to us by advertisers from Madison ave. for example.

Speaking of “critical thinking” I just think its funny that a post that is about Chemtrails ended up with the promotion of one of the most ridiculous 911 disinfo jobs you can find (Judy Wood) I mean really, her story and “evidence” is beyond retarded, just a bunch of wrongly-interpreted photos. I won´t get into the details of this, but the BS factor in her story should be self-evident. I find this video interview of J. Wood quite hilarious [Image Can Not Be Found] … 694803017# (always fun to see the disinfo artists squirm [Image Can Not Be Found] Why do so many people want to find exotic explanations to something was was quite clearly a controlled demolition? Maybe its “human nature” not wanting to accept the more simple (and more easily provable) explanations.

David, I think that HAARP creates a white out by provoking water condensation (cloud formation) on a very specific layer of the atmosphere. Since the technology is known as atmospheric and ionospheric heaters, its likely that they can heat up a specific layer of the atmosphere to create that effect. How they do that exactly I don´t know, its probably more complicated than that, but you can probably find some info in the official published information about the HAARP program and other atmospheric heaters. At this point I don´t really care how they work since I´m not trying to convince anyone of that, but I know many of these “comunication” arrays are up to no good and need to be gifted in order to return the climate to “normal”.

About chemtrails, Je in Spain has some pretty interesting ideas of what they were spraying. He speculated that some inert water-absorbing substance (such as diatomite) was being used for weather modification, namely to prevent precipitation by creating seeded clouds just at the right altitudes to prevent rainfall by moving the moisture to a higher altitude. Of course they could be spraying urine for all I know, obviously you can use the same delivery tech to spray whatever you want. I´ve noticed that HAARP white-outs tend to do the same thing, move the moisture condensation to a higher altitude and dissolving cumulus clouds below. At least here in Chile that seems to be the case too, chemtrails seem to be sprayed to prevent rains, which doesn´t really work in a well gifted area. The Chinese publicized their use of diatomite, sprayed from airplanes to prevent rain durring the opening ceremony of the olympics. To me it seems kind of silly to try to poison people by spraying toxins at 6,000 meters altitude, that would be pretty inefficient.



That interview with J. Wood IS absolutely hilarious. it’s really cool to listen with your heart for a while to see the complete silliness of it all… I find the Chinese far more subtle and "masterful’ than that.

I’d like to share a personal experience and wow the Chinese Triads really got my respect with this one for sure. In order to relate it properly I will need to reveal a bit of my lifestyle in order to put it in the proper context:

My boosting partner and I have what you would call an “open relationship” where all of the people invovlved keep no screts, tell no lies and there is no BS. It’s the way we enjoy living and it’s our choice…certainly not for everyone, but defintely for us. Anyway…last week she was in Bali, boarding the plane and decided to give me a call on my landline in Hong Kong…she called 4 times and got this Chinese woman on the line who wouldn’t let her talk to me and on the last phone conversation called her a “beach” (Chinese pronunciation). On the fifth call she finally got through and I picked up the phone. My boosting partner was somewhat distraught…and me …well I was just outside hanging my wet laundry on a sunny Saturday morn and didn’t have a clue about what just transpired. Eventually over time we were both roaring with laughter and realized what just happened. I’ll tell ya I got a whole new level of respect for the subtle mastery of these triad folks. I thought that blocking the Chinese TB site in China 30 minutes after it was posted was masterful…this is indeed a whole new level of subtle energy manipulation and knowing when to act…

Then again I could be wrong and the phone company malfunctioned 4 times?

Enjoy the ride and happy gifting and boosting…hkj

Life’s a beach….

Sometimes the fear of Chemtrails can however provoke positive action:

here goes:

End of July the [AMA-Wellness Center/url:2g1vcvw8 in Kortrijk, Belgium, asked us to organise a group order of 30 CB.bases at cost price. As we were busy, that grew to 42 CB bases, (The got their own cuper tubes and cut them themselves) more than 500 TBs und varipus other orgone tools.
The AMA-Wellness Center is in conection with the Belgian [Belfort-Group/url:2g1vcvw8, an organisation that campaigns amongst other issues against forced vaccination, the Codex Alimentarius and Chemtrails.

I am normally rather sceptical of political activism and especially of some of the recently emerging “anti-chemtrail-initiatives”.
Like the Don-man says: where were all these people when chemtrails were a real danger to humans about 10 years ago?
So most probably a lot of the impressive display in our skies may be psychological warfare against the newly awakened ex-PJs.
Luckily the massive population reduction for which the original yellow-brown-dirty ones were meant to be a cornerstone did not fly, just like so many of these sick narratives of our loving and caring global elite…
But the Belfort-Group seems to be serious and matter of factly in their reporting and they have shown – by participating in this happening – that they are willing to go beyond the useless wailing of the “Chicken Little” alarmists (The Don-man again, he’s just too good with words) and do something constructive.

Above the urban centres of Holland and Belgium the spraying is still quite hectic as Friederike confirmed just a few days ago when travelling to see her mother in Germany, routing via Amsterdam. Perhaps it’s being used in order keep certain HAARP-like energy fields in place over the “staegically so important” Channel.

How nice to know then that 42 CBs went to work in Belgien und Holland with a bang in order to clear the skies over the channel. Of course they are not the first ones in the region, but an addition of 42 should give the whole situation a big boost. I can virtually feel the air bristling with energy now.

And it will become more…

[TV was also there/url:2g1vcvw8

and lots of newspaper reporting.

Long live the atlantic (Orgone-) High!

And thanks to the Ama Wellness Center and the Belfort-Groop!


“where were all these people when chemtrails were a real danger to humans about 10 years ago?”

Why, they were sleeping, of course…walking around the metaphorical house in their PJ’s.

I have to remind myself, often, that there was a time, oh, twenty or more years ago, when I was not hip to things I now see clearly. At that time, I was perusing what was then one of the more comprehensive catalogs of arcane books I could find, “Adventures Unlimited”. I was into Cryptozoology, ‘UFO’s’…but when I got to the section called ‘Conspiracy’, I thought ‘a whole SECTION on this subject? Wow, those people are paranoid. I have no interest in reading any of that.’ I didn’t think the subject matter was utterly untrue, but rather that they were ‘making too much of it’. That ‘it couldn’t be as bad as they were suggesting.’

Needless to say, I’ve gained what I feel is a ‘broader perspective’. My father, and best friend, both brilliant, progressive individuals, could not ‘see’ chemtrails (this was in 2001,2), or, when pressed, admit they might be unwholesome. They now DO see them, in part because of my efforts to assist them. And what they can now see, they will never again ‘unsee’.

I’m quicker on the uptake than some, slower, doubtless, than others, even though many times I feel I’ve just SO got it all figured out. But this whole six billion person pile of humanity is evolving, seeing more, and it’s a process for each one.

Believe me, I think that we’re in a ‘lead, follow, or get out of the way’ moment in history. And I hear you, re: ‘where were they?’ I’m saying ‘be of good cheer, they’re coming along.’ And it’s good to have them marching behind us, rather than it just being us, marching by ourselves.

‘You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire. When the flame begins to catch, the wind will blow it higher.’

I think everyone has the right to wake up in their own time. Nobody should be judged by that. Many people have great human qualities, but are just not ready to acknowledge certain things that may seem obvious to most of us.
The Sangomas know that past present and future exist simultaneously anyways. So what’s the big deal.

Wow, hot topic! This thread is golden, at least to me, because it exposes the lie that EW is the Don Croft Show. I’d be annoyed if everyone, here, agreed with everything I say and believe.

I keep forgetting that most folks are not privy to the hard data I get in email every day. I’ve been able to track all kinds of endemics just by reading the email from tens of thousands of prospective zapper customers. Most of them seem to think I’m a physician instead of a sign painter becuase they tell me all their symptoms and when I ask them when they started getting a chronic sickness, I rarely hear of a new case that began after 2002.

Between 1999 and the middle of 2002 I was hearing from new chronic sufferers every day, literally. That’s what prompted me to ask Doc von Peters to come up with a good general remedy for the new sickness. I say ‘sickness’ because even though the symptoms vary and just about every MD and naturopath misdiagnoses it, the source was almost always repeated exposure to bioweaponry, obviously–damages specific vital organs.

I remember when chemtrails suddenly became full time assaults: January 1, 1999. I was sickened by chemtrails in San Bernardino, California in November, 1995 but in those days there were certain areas where chemtrails’ weaponry were bein deployed experimentally, of course. SoCal is always a favored test bed. In those days, the chemtrails were being spewed by very old US Air Force cargo planes at a fairly low altitude over the city–the ones that got me were done in big circles [Image Can Not Be Found]

I say that the feds blew it up simply becuase on American soil these are the primary terrorists, though the mercenaries of Blackhawk, Wackenhut, etc., are technically feds, too. Mossadomites were evidently caught filming the demolition of the buildings but the US, Britain and Israel gov’ts are essentially one terrorist organization, after all. It doesn’t take a lot of work to find all the facts around this but I think it does take a lot of work to avoid seeing the evidence all around us.

Busting up ALL of the death towers and weather weapons takes away their capability to give you headaches, high blood pressure attacks, etc., which I presume often happen when chemtrails show up just to put gifters off track and discourage them. This level of thoroughness also bnightens the atymosphere enough that the chemtrail-seeded clouds disappear a lot faster than before. Am I repeating myself?

I once heard a story about a teacher who often repeated himself. A pupil asked him, ‘Why do you repeat yourself so much?’ and the teacher asked, ‘What did I just repeat?’ The pupil said, ‘I don’t remember.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m not the teacher and nobody is my pupil but it’s a good lesson. We’re all very thoroughly programmed to avoid trusting our own instincts and hunches and the $#!+birds who run the various psi corps and exploit the death towers’ mind control capabilitles find it easy to manipulate us when we’re not aware that we’re programmed this way.

Another prolific European gifter sent me the following, which I sincerely hope Rachid will find heartening:

Now, I have seen many interesting and intelligent performances of the sylphs, but I guess what I saw that day is beyond reality. Once I asked a talented psychic about this event and he told me that it was a “hole”, a sort of thing happening on another level or something like that.

The sky was quite blue with some sylphs here and there, very very white sylphs. All of sudden I saw a plane with no chemtrail going towards one of the sylphs. I saw it spray a chemtrail on its way to the sylph and suddenly turn on its left. I mean the plane was spraying the sylph, intentionally. It can be a normal thing if not that the more the plane approached the sylph the more the sylph vibrated with the greatest rage it had. I mean that cloud was expressing a feeling of rage like: “don’t do that because you make me angry, I’m not scared, can you see how powerful I am?”. That was what I perceived from the whole scene, a sort of battle. This means that the plane was intentionally spraying that cloud because it knew that it was not a cloud. I was extremely amazed for what I had just seen and went away in a mood that I can’t explain, really. That cloud was alive, I saw it, it was expressing rage and it was absolutely real.

I have told that to very few people because I know no one would believe me, but this is the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my life.

Congrats on that big order to Belgium, Georg! I’m very happy for you and you made a good point. I don’t wake folks up, of course–that’s an individual’s responsiblity only for him/herself. More and more people are holding themselves accountable this way, now and it seems to be a growing trend. All I do, most of the time, is to answer back when someone expresses ungrounded fear about the corporate world order and their capability to do harm.

Most of my zapper customers who end up gifting were already mad as hell about chemtrails, probably due to reading the Chicken Little websites and forums. Most of those eventually figure out that they’re not breathing the chemtrails stuff because they’re not that tall (3,000-8,000 meters tall) and they get busy busting the towers.

Carol and I are driving ome from another David Wolfe Do in Los Angeles. We’ve been going to those about twice a year to sell our stuff. The first time, almost nobody ws interested in orgonite but this time Carol sold a boatload of it and a whole lot of those folks expressed a commitment to start flipping the death towers where they live. Lots of them had already heard about towerbusting, by the way. Remember that these events are set up by DW to promote superfoods, etc., and he doesn’t mention orgonite on stage, though he’s got one of Carol’s pyramids on his desk and several TBs around his home. He came to our table when I wasn’t there and talked to Carol a long time. As soon as he left, the folks around him bought almost all the orgonite that was on display [Image Can Not Be Found]

I have to say that our health has improved dramatically since we started following his diet recommendations (finally) early this year. He’s not a food nazi, so this information is accessible, practical and the stuff tastes good. Hong Kong Johnny is the fellow who told me that DW was promoting our zappers, years ago, and suggested that we try some of his recommendations. We always come away from those things in Gomorrah with more information and goods to improve our health. If we didn’t, we’d both probably have expired because we get poisoned by the feds a whole lot. Recovery from each episode gets faster and faster as we progress. If you want to be healthy instead of just survive the corporate world order, DW’s stuff is well worth looking at and experimenting with. He mainly promotes other folks’ goods and information, by the way.


The following really isn’t off-topic:

We left Gomorrah yesterday morning, full of good spirit from the weekend, and as we were travelling north on the freeway toward San Bernardino I clearly say a line of dark energy emitting rom the top of a death tower on a mountain ridge–aimed down toward some spot in the valley on the opposite side of the mountain.

The federal parasites obviously threw this one up after their deathray array was turned into a healing array. I bet the jerks never turned down the energy of that array, too [Image Can Not Be Found] . The huge tower was a half mile from a mountain-ridge deathray array that Carol said had been well-gifted/busted (probably by Don Bradley). I think she was surprised that I saw it, too. I joked, ‘Yeah, they’re probably aiming it at Andy!’ [Image Can Not Be Found] Andy Schwarm of, who is one of the front-row would-be victims of the feds among our friends. Andy sold his basic zappers at our table, again.

A little later a black helicopter flew over us and off in the same direction that we were travelling. I clearly saw dark energy emanating from the bottom of it and Carol confirmed that the chopper had tried to goose us with DOR (failed, of course).

Last night, we stayed at a nice hotel in Tonopah, Nevada, where the death towers are still fully operational. MOst of them are in an array on a tall peak on the edge of town. I want to nail that from an aircraft, one of these days. We usually bust all the towers in town before trying to sleep in a new place. Neither of us slept well on account of it and in the middle of the night I could feel the pulsing transmissions of one or several of those towers that were being aimed at us. Earlier, in the middle of the night, I felt the energy of my T-Rx, twice: once it vibrated my entire body (in a nice way) when I was lying on it and the other time it vibrated my entire arm when I held it in my palm.

New experiences for me—five of them!

If it’s so easy for them to bother us, this way, imagine what’s brought to bear on Rachid and every other good gifter who lives within range of un-busted death towers! The corporate/military fart hammers’ real advantage is gained when the victim is unaware of the source of the assaults, of course, or mistakenly believes the source is something else. I know gifters who were literally driven to extreme states on account of this. ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’ is one of my favorite Bible quotes.

When Carol and I experience implanted dreams we just sit back and enjoy them, like we enjoy a good sci-fi or horror flick. The implanted thoughts and emotions are not as much fun but as soon as we recognize them they usually just go away. Imagine what difficulties one might experience if he assumes that he is the origin of these bizarre thoughts and emotions, though!

I asked Carol why this amazing, uncharacteristic psi stuff happened to me and she reckons it’s because she had a good psi weekend, reading several of those nice folks at the DW Do at our table. She loves reading people in person and is not fond of doing it over the phone or through email, so this was good fun for her–she didn’t charge any of them and a nice New York lawyer, who was irresistably drawn to our table a dozen times, insisted that she call on him if the feds came after us. She had read the fellow and was pretty impressed with his ingtegrity–I now feel bad about saying that all lawyers are parasites [Image Can Not Be Found] and of course another good lawyer, who lives in another country, posts wonderful and inspiring gifting reports on EW.

When I see stuff it’s partly or mostly a bleedthrough effect of being married to a psychic. It almost always happens when I’m with her and about the only time we get to spend any time together is on trips, these days.

thanks for clearing up the situation with lawyers / attorneys / solicitors [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

the minority is sadly too much of a minority

Yes this is an awesome thread… I have learned that a person’s chosen vocation does not necessarily reflect the beauty of their heart…I try to remind myself to SEE the true energy of a person on a regular basis and not simply look at their title…I fail very often at this…the programming runs deep.

Yes…so often I have felt sylphs to be alive and interdimensional and so much more…and also clouds too. Yesterday I witnessed a chemtrail jet fly into some sylphs and beautiful blue sky too and it was a JOKE…just a tiny little sputter of chem-dust over Hong Kong Harbour with these very potent sylphs all around.

Awsome that many of us are tapping into the health wisdom of David Wolfe and others like Daniel Vitalis and Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Doc Von Peters, Dr Stevo etc etc. So many different ways and ideas and levels of depth but in the end a real buffet of empowerment so you can find what really works for YOU…and perhaps your loved ones.

love love…hkj

Now, I have seen many interesting and intelligent performances of the sylphs, but I guess what I saw that day is beyond reality. Once I asked a talented psychic about this event and he told me that it was a “hole”, a sort of thing happening on another level or something like that.

The sky was quite blue with some sylphs here and there, very very white sylphs. All of sudden I saw a plane with no chemtrail going towards one of the sylphs. I saw it spray a chemtrail on its way to the sylph and suddenly turn on its left. I mean the plane was spraying the sylph, intentionally. It can be a normal thing if not that the more the plane approached the sylph the more the sylph vibrated with the greatest rage it had. I mean that cloud was expressing a feeling of rage like: “don’t do that because you make me angry, I’m not scared, can you see how powerful I am?”. That was what I perceived from the whole scene, a sort of battle. This means that the plane was intentionally spraying that cloud because it knew that it was not a cloud. I was extremely amazed for what I had just seen and went away in a mood that I can’t explain, really. That cloud was alive, I saw it, it was expressing rage and it was absolutely real.

I have told that to very few people because I know no one would believe me, but this is the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my life.

Thanks for posting that, Don.

I saw that battle over Vesuvius in 2006 and I will never forget it. Never. I must say that after this supernatural experience my life hasn’t been the same as before because a new consciousness has grown in me, something beyond what I’ve always been taught , my beliefs or my normal way of viewing at the world. I experienced another leap in consciousness after the gifting of Pompeii, btw, something that opened my mind on the value of gifting and how my life can be helpful for the others and the land I live.

I believe nothing can stop our awareness, they can make our mind as busy as possible with useless things, but once you understand that a new approach to reality based on simplicity, peace and love for life is just around the corner.

The battle I saw that day with the sylph expressing a tremendous fury and power is not the only supernatural experience I’ve had along the years, though. Sylphs can be observed performing the most intelligent things, but sometimes it takes them hours which is their way to work in the sky.

Another interesting experience occurred to me a couple of years ago, I saw it from my balcony and I would like to report it because it is just another amazing thing!

It happened on a Sunday morning, I remember. The sky was extremely blue, with no other cloud around, only a big white sylph and three strange clouds close to it. What I saw is exactly this: three little pieces of sylph separated from the bigger one, approached the three clouds, destroyed them and then rejoined the big sylph. It took them half an hour to do that. Amazing and extremely intelligent, isn’t it? [Image Can Not Be Found]