'Chemtrails' below the clouds--a growing phenomenon

In the past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of reports from people who say they’re getting sick from chemtrails.

The problem I’m having, sorting these out in categories of ‘genuine,’ and ‘paranoia-induced’ is that it’s apparent that some cities and individuals are being sprayed below cloud level but most of those reports apparently come from people who read the disinfo sites (rense and carnicom, mostly) and have just now noticced the chemtrail remnants in their skies.

I’m getting writer cramp having to explain to the latter category folks the history of how the chemtrails had made countless millions of people chronically ill between 1998 and mid-2002 but that there have been only rare cases of these chronic illnesses showing up on my radar screen since mid-2002, when thousands of orgonite cloudbusters had been set up in time to essentially end the chemtrail threat.

A third category of emails re: chemtrails is from folks who just started noticing the remnants but are mad at me for saying,’ There are no more chemtrails.’ Of course I never said that and, in fact, I often post about the presence, over our town, of up to ten chemtrail jets at a time, trying mightily to make their spew stick longer than a few seconds or minutes.

When one has sorted out the real chemtrail claims from the false ones on the iternet (the real info is a small voice; the false, Chicken Little silliness is a cacaphony), the fast disappearance of chemspew, even when there are ten jets in view, busily laying it out in all directions up above the clouds, the presence of disappearing spew is encouraging.

One has to do quite a bit of gifting in order to achieve this happy result, though.

Dooney and Stevo get hit with the low-flying spew dumpers more than anyone we know. In fact, lately we and they have been having private boosting sessions together, also have been getting together at our house and theirs, regularly just to handle the increasing levels of NSA and alien psionic and psychic interference and poisonings, directed at we four. We do it on our own time so that other etheric warriors around the planet can have our undivided attention when they’re similarly under the gun. Thank God the sewer rats are only directing that level of malevolence at a few of us!

I’ve chosen two accounts from fellow warriors which more or less describe the below-cloud visits and I hope you’ll email me if you see something similar happening where you live because I want to both catalog and expose this new agenda, which is obviously an act of desperation by the world odor, due to the failure of their chemtrail agenda, several years ago.

This one is from Maine (US norteast region)–I had asked for details:

As to recent spew, yes, below clouds, white planes near as I could tell,
though did not have binocs handy to check for markings. Spew seemed a
different fromulation, as mentioned – oily sheen, viscous broad
swaths. Do not know if slower dispersal was an expression of altitude,
or a new witches brew. Onset of respiratory symptoms swift, and
sudden. Eyes burned, acrid smell in the air. I had a metallic taste in
mouth; strange smelling pee, slightly greenish. Shirt I was wearing
still smelled chemico-weird after wash; could not bear to put it on.

The following account, in response to my enquiry from a gifter in Southeast Asia, is even more specific:

For now the problem isn’t too serious; the chemical dusting (if that’s what it was) is very occasional and for the most part even the chem-spraying seems to have eased off recently (although I attribute this more to the monsoon season [that never happened] coming to an end).

The first spray-plane I saw was a small unmarked twin-engined prop-plane with a bright red sprayer under the left wing.

This was replaced by a larger unmarked twin-engined prop-plane with a grey external sprayer under the right wing.

Just recently these have been replaced again by larger unmarked prop planes apparently with internal sprayers and I’ve observed two; one twin-engine and one with four engines.

You mention that ‘dusting’ is done from very low altitude and although I’ve definitely noticed the acrid chemical thick in the air, I didn’t notice any low-level flight preceding it and this suggests that the chemical has some other source.

Both of these gifters use zappers whenever the spew causes sickness symptoms to appear. Another gifter, a brand new one in Texas, also reported the ‘green-pee’ symptom, which probably indicates chemical weaponry. The mix that’s dumped on the gifter in Maine apparently includes radiological, biological and chemical weaponry. I think the sewer rats really hate that gal and are probably frustrated that this has only increased her resolve and gifting efforts

The first ‘dusting’ report I ever got was from a prospective zapper customer in Oklahoma, about five years ago, who was deatlhy ill after a Cessna flew directly over his property at a few hundred feet elevation, while he was standing outside, and dropped spew on him for a few seconds before flying away. You might know that cropdusters are very, very careful to only spew on crops and at a much lower altitude; that was an intentional poison attempt. I got two or three similar reports in email until I started getting a rash of them a few months ago, indicating a radical shift in teh chemtrail agenda.

I doubt any of the below-cloudlevel spew will be effective if a cloudbuster is present, unless it’s dropped at a very, very low altitude while one is standing outside, as was the case with Dooney and STevo a couple of times. Both times, we managed to cure/heal them in a chat session, right afterward, thankfully.

By the way, the lake gifting we did in the region last fall has done more to disappear the spew, fast, than all of our towerbusting had done, previously.

For the past two days, our sky has been literally filled with Sylphs, all the way out to almost the horizoin. Today, there are no spewplanes, so far, but yesterday a big aerial armada of spewplanes challenged the Sylphs, who apparenly had a grand time eating up the stuff and even turning denatured spewtrails into gorgeous Sylph sculptures. It was the most dramatic display of non-warfare (at least on the Sylphs’ part) we’ve ever seen.

I hope more and more folks, this year, will discover the power that’s unleashed by gifting inland waterways and lakes. This might do more to improve climates than anything we’ve found, so far.


Talking of flying death spray, just been doing Essiac and came across this herbal doc http://www.whale.to/a/mccain1.html

Dr. McCain: “My life’s been threatened already. I was nearly killed—let’s see, it was December, three years ago. I was very actively involved in the chemtrail situation when it came out because it really, really upset me. I was really furious because here I am a doctor and I’m trying to save people and what the hell is this crap that they’re spraying on everybody and I know it’s making us sick. I was very actively involved on the internet. I was actively involved with an organization in Houston. About 11:00 at night a chopper came over my house and hovered over the house and sprayed the house and almost killed my son and myself. I had complete kidney failure. My lungs filled up with fluid. I couldn’t breathe. I had to be put on oxygen. I was sick at least ten days—life and death—and so was my son. I lost my teeth over it. My teeth—I had really great teeth—but the enamel just literally came off my teeth and the inside of my teeth fell out. And that was within four months of being sprayed. And I still have the teeth to this day because at some point in time if this ever does become public, I’m going to sue the ass off them. But at any rate, I lost my teeth about—let’s see, from the time I was sprayed to the time I had my teeth done—it was approximately six months.”

John, if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep this thread on topic. It might be more appropriate for you to move your posted subject to the Miscellaneous or Research and Development forum sections and start a thread with it.

Thx. ~D

I just got this from an active, observant gifter in the Eastern Mediterranean:

Hi Don,
I just read your ‘Chemtrails below the clouds–a growing phenomenon’
thread and saw that others also had this green piss.

In my case the pee was very green and it went on for 2-3 days.It
smelled very bad and so did my sweat.
My eyes did not burn so much when the plane sprayed but my face did.I
exprienced the nasty taste in my mouth also.

I have pics of this trail.I will email you them once i get a fast
internet connection.

Here’s another ‘green pee’ account. Note that some of these don’t coincide with low-level dusting. I think this fellow would have noticed a lowflying plane, dropping chemicals or dust on his property, Disappearing chemtrails should be considered neutralized, of course, and as I mentioned, it’s been hard to winnow the substantive reports from the terrified reports from people who are just now noticing chemtraiol remnants and blaiming them for stuff like ordinary seasonal mold or food poisoning:

Hi Don,

Jeff here in Seattle.

I too had the green pee, the nasty air-pollution taste in my mouth and
generally low energy for a few days last week. I thought those windy couple
of days were blowing a lot of auto exhaust into my area. I thought it
strange because the last time I could actually taste this stuff in the air
was in 2001 during the height of the spraying. I also suspected I was losing
a lot of copper; causing the greenish pee, but figured my diet was to blame.
Imagine my ah-hah! moment reading about others’ identical symptoms on your
forum today.

Furtunately I too use a zapper and didn’t get sick. My dad, who doesn’t
believe in zappers, has been coughing up a storm. Well, more so than usual.
His comment Thursday evening was that if the atmosphere isn’t quite right,
he coughs his head off. Now I think I can offer an explanation for his
problem. (he first told me about chemtrails back in '01 when he read rense,
which he’s since dismissed as disinfo and anything else pertaining to the
subject, so wish me luck).

By the way I recently did see a lot of smaller sky writing-like trails in
the sky. About ten distinct trails one clear morning. All thin and less
soupy than the big ones in '01, but still had the oil sheen I can recall
from back then. Just four days ago there was one casting a shadow on the
clouds. The position of the shadow seemed weird for a trail above the clouds
because the sun wasn’t very high in the sky. I didn’t look at it for long,
and I could be wrong, but it struck me as odd looking at the time. I need to
pay more attention to these things.

This time of year is when pollen alergies kick in hard for me. Itchy watery
eyes, lots of sneezing, runny nose etc. However since giving up microwave
cooking in late 2002/early 2003, I stopped getting sick at random intervals
and the alergy symptoms have been less severe since then. Of course '02-'03
coincides with the distribution of CBs everywhere. Now the only time I get
sick anymore is in the spring. What better time to try a new chemical
spraying agenda, and pass it off as seasonal allergies, than this time of

I got a mosquito bite on my back the other day that swelled up and itched
but then disappeared in a few hours. I scratched around on my back but
couldn’t find it. They used to take days to stop itching. I’m glad I use a


Reading this thread made me remember that last weekend, when Ale and I went gifting a copper refinery (will report on that as soon as I have the pictures), we experienced a methalic and bitter taste in our mouths. The ambient there was really nasty, highly toxic skies, visible nastiness coming out of the factory’s chimnies. At one point, when we got to the end of our walk surrounding the facility, we felt drops of liquid falling on our skin, which was an allarm to get out of there fast… but then we saw a body of in-land water and decided it was crucial to gift it… After 5 minutes we felt the bitterness in our mouths (it took us about 10-15 minutes to gift the water… it’s a great thing we both have our terminators, to zapp out the toxins). The next day we gifted the place some more, took pictures, and saw that the area were we felt the taste in our mouths was a sulfuric acid plant… so it is pretty heavy stuff. It creeps me that people are experiencing similar things just by being in their houses, home delivery of chemicals… it also shows me the relevance of the efforts we are making, and motivates me to keep on going.
So keep gifting!

Please excuse me, JOhn–I was a little hasty with the comment. Of course that relates to the topic and shows how specific the below-the-clouds spraying at activists usually is. I would have deleted my comment but I think a public apology to you is more appropriate.

My hope is that we can stop that agenda by posting about it. We’ve had similar successes in the past, including stopping the firing of implants from a sort of rail gun from some distance. Those implants were quite painful but the attacks stopped shortly after we started posting about them. This probably shows how desperately the parasitic world odor relies on secrecy.

Javi, if you go back to taht area you’ll likely find that the chemicals are no longer present in the atmosphere. This is a good sort of gifting confirmation and it’s why we advise returning to the scene after a short time.

Carol and I similarlty stopped the massive-scale pollution from a huge pulp mill outside of Lewiston, Idaho, five years ago with a single cloudbuster in town, a couple of miles from the plant. We got rid of the residual, up close stink by gifting the settling ponds at the plant itself, the following summer.

The reason we do these gifting runs with a miminum of orgonite is so that we can demonstrate how little it takes to get the big jobs done. People who overgift are denied that level of confirmation and certainty… Also, when Carol’s not with me I dowse for the amount of orgonite required at each major target and the resulting confirmations also apply to my dowsing, which is a wonderful benefit. Since I’m no more psychic than anyone else, I can say that anyhone can dowse successfully. I certainly advise using a Succor Punch as an aid, though, which is how I started getting consistnetly good results. Also, I don’t use my dowsing for other people’s personal questions unless I"m part of a ‘blind dowsing’ group in each case. Even then, I don’t advise anyone based on my results. This is an important distinction, I think, and saves me from a lot of trouble.

Dooney and Stevo got dusted a couple of times but they were huge planes, flying very, very low. I think the world odor wanted to be sure to overcome the effects of their CB and the orgonite on their property [Image Can Not Be Found] Otherwise, the reports I"m getting, mostly from non-gifting people, are of small planes and helicopters, as in Dr McCain’s case.

I got a report from a gifter in California of bugs showing up, including a big mosquito, after similar plane visits so maybe they’re dropping disease-infested biting insects in some cases, perhaps complete with remote control tech. The first gig dusting over Dooney and STevo’s property apparently included nanobots. I bet most of these low-altitude events are experimental and, again, probably demonstrates teh world odor’s desperation on account of their failed genocide attempt via chemtrails.

That insect infestation after a low-altitude plane visit happened to the gal I mentioned in the middle of winter at a high altitude where there’s deep snow all around, so it’s obvious that nature didn’t intend that attack [Image Can Not Be Found]. Also, she was hospitalized after the attack but bounced back, thanks to zapping. That was in January but I just heard about it.

This might relate: Morgellon’s Disease, which is being promoted by Carnicom as the latest Chicken Little terror, is apparently just another bioweapon experiment on the populace of San Francisco. There are very few actual cases, though the tireless, tiring disinformants want us to believe that half the planet has it . Reminds me of the bird flu and SARS scams. I’m not complaining, though, because every time these parasites cause paranoi about fake epidemics I sell a lot of zappers.


Don hey,

> Last night ~9:30, well into the start of the snow storm (and perhaps
> after EW whale post re Maine gifter?) was walking home, only person out
> and about on foot.
> 1) Visibility essentially nil.
> 2) No wind.
> 3) Sounds muffled by heavily falling snow.

> I was using T-Z; had SP in rucksack. In the 10 min. walk, 2x a very
> loud, low-flying plane went overhead. (WHAT? thought I.) May have been
> same plane ~2 min. apart; have no way of knowing. Was not a copter.

> Today, have return of difficulty drawing full breath, and return of
> green pee “marker.”

> Co-inkydink maybe.

> Mary-Anne

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