Chemtrails or Contrails?

Truther Girl interviewed me on her syndicated radio show, yesterday and the main focus was chemtrails and ‘Morgellons’ so I was walking on thin ice [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think I pulled it off. I see that a whole lot of attention on the web is suddenly being spent on ‘Morgellons’ lately. I thought that one had died and gone the way with MMS, by now.

Truther Girl knows a couple of folks who had it and I suggested that this may be nanotech, which people get subjected to individually in our experience, rather than somethng sprayed from a high altitude. I told her that I’ve heard of a half dozen or so poison sprayings on people from small planes (mostly) at a very low altitude. I didn’t mention that the first one I was aware of happened to a naturopath in Missouri who was one of our early Terminator zapper distributors and in that case she was personally dosed by a C-130 Hercules (four engine transport plane) belonging to the US Air Force. Dooney was dosed by an equally large ‘firefighting’ airplane when she was standing outside at their place in Montana, several years ago. The rest I’m aware of were dosed by small planes flying right over their properties. All but Dooney’s case happened in the first couple of years that orgonite was on the web and those were probably biological weapons; not nanotech. Dooney’s dose happened a few minutes before the start of our Sunday scheduled chat and we managed to fix her in a few minutes while she wore a zapper. Dr Steve, her mate, was in the house and was not affected.

The ‘Morgellons’ sufferers who get well by using our Termnator zappers probably got to zapping before the nanotech (?) had a chance to do much damage to the vital organs but the ones who only partially recover from zapping perhaps need to get their organs working right before they can completely heal. I suggested this on the program. Untold millions of people suddenly became chronically sick in 1999 after the chemtrails had time to do their work by repeated exposure. After people stopped being sickened by chemtrails sometime in middle to late 2002, due to the sufficient distribution of orgonite cloudbusters, several other bioweaponry campaigns were conducted, probably including ‘Morgellons,’ but it’s obvious from my correspondence with many thousands of sick people through the years, that these are usually very isolated cases, which is to say ‘individually applied’ or people in institutions were dosed, such as happened in the 70s in the case of ‘Legionnaires’ Disease’ and several other examples, before and since. We all know (hopefully) that the sewer rat agencies dose individuals who are threats or potential threats to their parasitic masters.

Miguel has been visiting us for a few days and he cured his chronic sickness with some strong herbs that David Wolfe promotes: chaga mushroom, shizandra, catsclaw and pao d’arco. Carol and I have met a few people at David’s weekend seminars who also cured themselves this way but they were on a strict diet and I had never determined (for myself, of course) whether the diet change was needed so I was quite intrigued that Miguel did this without particularly changing his diet and I’ve started also using these herbs because they’re powerfully vitalizing and balancing. I like the results that I experienced in a short time with chaga and shizandra. I’ll be doing a long range experiment with catsclaw and pao d’arco, soon.

Most people who are sick will use the shotgun (scattergun) approach to healing and will apply a variety of products and regimens so of course they have no clue which is doing what for them, even if they get well, nor which approach might not even apply to their condition. I’ve always taken a more objective approach so that I can know which is doing what. One reason is so I’ll know for myself and the other is that I’ll be able to suggest it to others based on what I’ve personally observed and experienced.

Remember how MMS suddenly appeared and was fanatically promoted for a couple of years by people who experienced no benefits from using it? They also didn’t personally know about any success stories, either (at least the hundreds of people who were preaching to me about it didn’t). I’ll be surprised if they resurrect that scam, again but I see that NESARA has lately raised it’s cretinous head again, so 'never say, “Never,” right? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Things like zappers, which actually are miraculous cures, never get promoted this way because that sort of promotion is capitalized and highly coordinated. In the case of MMS there was evidently an underlay of very powerful manipulation, too. The agencies rely on large numbers of unstable characters to promote these things, which is one way you can profile a scam. This is also how all the hippies in the 60s suddenly believed in all the tenets of Theosophy, for instance though in that case it wasn’t such a chore because the marijuana made the especially gullible.

After one of the callers was pimping a popular disinformant I suggested that anyone with the proper backing can produce ‘scientific’ evidence and a bunch of convincing fake testimonials, so one has to be discerning and watch for corroboration before broadcasting that data. I keep a boatload of disinformation in my ‘wait and see’ file because one of the characteristics of disinfo is that there’s usually a grain of truth in there so it’s foolish to discount all of it just because some CIA mouthpiece is regurgitating it all.

I had the opportunity to say, on the show, for the first tine on the air that discernment and accountability are becoming fashionable.

The chemtrail disinformants are probably terrified that their subscribers will start watching chemtrails for more than a moment so that they can easily see that chemtrails don’t come down, any more; they drift horizontally until they dissipate like any other cloud. I didn’t get an opportunity to say that when someone has flipped all the death towers in an area, even the chemtrail-seeded clouds disappear much faster. Nor did I mention that the spew that disappears very fast when other chemtrail-seeded clouds remain in the sky for a bit may be the really toxic stuff. The rest might be kind of innoucous.

Sure, spewing aluminum particles every day in the sky probably makes it possible for someone to see a higher aluminum content in teh water table but those are not unstable aluminum compounds, as far as I know. One really should never drink from teh public water supply, of cousre, and ‘fluoridation’ is just a way for industry to dispose of toxic waste from aluminum smelting in a convenient way–too toxic to bury so they put it in nearly all of the public water supplies.

The CIA shill who called in order to enthusiastically pimp the popular disinformant said that he sees stuff dropping down from chemtrails and I did get a chance to answer back on that one: some chemtrails evidently have heavier material and you see some of the cloud drooping in bits but even those stop, then spread out a bit and eventually dissipate downwind.

One of the callers was dismayed that chemtrails were obvious to him but that nobody he talked to in 3D would acknowledge it. They all said that they’re contrails. I told him that my heart goes out to him because anyone who is curious about the world will be isolated by the Pajama People that he/she is invariably surrounded by. I told him that the only way any of us are likely to find like-minded souls is to get online; we can all network, now.

I also suggested that contrails happen above 25,000’ generally, and that means that we can’t see the features of the aircraft except through powerful binoculars; they’re just too far away. Chemtrail jets work between 12,000 and 20,000, rather, so we can clearly see most of them and can tell what type of aircraft they are, without needing binoculars.

Another telling feature of chemtrail jets is that they’re all white and unmarked. I think that after people started talking about this online in the early part of this millenium they started painting a lot of the tail sections red, sort of like this:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

There’s an old chemtrail jet ‘assembly line’ at Mojave Airfield in Southern California and you can clearly see it all with binoculars if you stop at the area along the perimeter fence. There’s an auto parts store in town where we stopped a couple of times to scrutinize it. The parking lot butts up to the fence, there. American and British passenger jets of all types are turned into white chemtrail jets in stages, there. Another place where you always see a bunch of chemtrail jets on the ground is Evergreen Air’s facility that’s easy to see from I-10 not far from Tucson. My brother-in-law actually got a guided tour of their spew-tech installation facility in a hangar when he went there to try to sell them fire extinguishers in 2002 [Image Can Not Be Found]

I saw a cluster of white chemtrail jets at the Miami airport in 1999 when on the way to the Bahamas. When Carol and I went to the Bahamas in 2001 some locals told us that chemtrails were spewed there a few times but that the public outcry was so strong (they paid attention) that the gov’t was forced to prohibit the spewing after that. We never saw a chemtrail in the Bahamas. I think that the CIA can’t brainwash that country because the needed infrastructure and cadre just are not present, there.

A lot of people have gotten furious at me for claiming that nobody has been harmed by chemtrails since 2002 and I think I just figured out why they get angry. Most of us want certainty; when people see chemtrails and have read the disinformation websites they arrive at a sort of certainty and it’s something they guard ferociously because in most cases it’s the first time in their lives that they’ve ever been certain of anything. I hasten to assure them that I’m not denyng the existence of chemtrails and I also tell them that people who recognied chemtrails between 1998 and 2003, when they were keeping the hospitals full of respiratory distress sufferers, remember that in those days chemtrails very quickly whited out the sky, then a few minutes later destroyed all the pretty cumulus clouds below them on their way to the ground. That’s not happening, any more.

There are Sylphs almost everywhere in teh skies of North America, too, and that wasn’t the case ten years ago. It evidently takes comparatively orgonite to cause an irreversibly positive shift in teh energy balance of the upper atmosphere where Sylphs mostly live but I think the orgonite needs to have been intelligently distributed.

I think I covered all the points in this post but I don’t mind restating it all in other ways if what I’m saying sounds like gibberish to someone.


I’d better add this caveat:

Back when we first started discussing the effect of orgonite cloudbusters on chemtrails in 2001 it wasn’t long before I got a lot of emails from people showing spewing equipment on passenger jets. Later, I saw a couple of passenger jets within that altitude range that were spewing chemtrails, which are brown when seen from above, by the way. I could see them far below me when I was a traveling on airliners and the ones I remember were not far from where they were taking off or landing. I think they account for a very tiny percentage of the number of chemtrail flights but it’s convenient for the CIA to constantly point them out in order to confuse people. See how it works?

Discernment is fun, really, and if one will commit to reading real books instead of staring at a monitor like a drone, then you’ll find that the appropriate books will literally fall into your hand at the right time. It’s pretty astonishing and I think it’s a birthright for anyone who will exercise genuine curiosity about creation; it’s not a measure of ‘distinction.’


Hey Don,

I wasn’t too concerned until I read ‘Nor did I mention that the spew that disappears very fast when other chemtrail-seeded clouds remain in the sky for a bit may be the really toxic stuff’ just now. About two hours ago I gifted an area with the most tech in one spot than I have ever seen before including a large ball shaped piece. I noticed a suspect vehicle when I went to get to the other side of the monstrosities, a guy on a cell phone in a pimped out large SUV who put his head down when I stared at him. Also two minutes after leaving the site a funny looking white plane or more likley a UAV launched out of nowhere and was quickly unseen. Three minutes after that a small red plane of some kind was also launched both traveling the direction I was headed. When I arrived home I went out back for a smoke and noticed a jet flying directly overhead spraying some stuff. I asked the Ops to turn the stuff into nothing which is why I thought it disappeared after maybe 30 seconds of being spewed. Think I should take any precautions at this time?